It’s a Mod, Mod World


With the poll question relating to Elder Scrolls mods, I thought I’d mention some notable mods I’ve come across this week.

The Elder Scrolls IV Oblivion Files have uploaded a new mod, Martigen’s Monster Mod 3.0. The mod offers plenty of new stuff to fans, including:

“Over 800M in 150+ brand new creatures and NPCs, 1900+ variant creatures and NPCs, unique encounters, advanced behaviour AI, advanced combat AI, tailored loot drops and more!”

Sounds like a really impressive mod. For more details on all the features of MMM 3.0 (and there’s plenty), visit here.

Another cool mod comes from Planet Elder Scrolls member Coleen. This mod adds the ability to cook food and brew drinks, and it even adds a farmer’s market to the game. As noted, the mod combines food items from the Salmo the Baker from Tarnsman and Ravida’s hungry scripts.

Thanks to Coleen for making this (and making me hungry)…LUNCH TIME!

Reader Comments

  1. @Daniel:

    It’s certainly wishful thinking… Microsoft is going to want monies for distributing mods, and that means there will be legal problems with licenses and stuff, which won’t work out so well considering the creators are just fans, sometimes underage kids.

  2. @Last 2 posts.
    I suppose your right but couldn’t those legal problems be avoided if you downloaded the mod onto your computer, and then transferred it to your xbox 360/PS3’s hard drive?

  3. Hm, that is an interesting thought. I know it’s possible to transfer an oblivion save from comp to 360 with certain Datel hardware….I wonder if the mods would go with that? I’m curious if anyone has tried it before…

  4. Ha is this stuff for xbox360 or for the nooby comp/ps3 because i have a lvl 45 on the 360 and i wanted to know also if you know where to talk to the people whom made this game to ask them questions plz tell me…

  5. Sargeras is right, but why dosent Bethesda just make there own mods and distribute them on the xbox it surely cannot be that difficult for a proffesional development team when average people make some pretty sweet stuff every day. I mean im not asking for another expansion pack (though it would be awsome) but at least some new quest or houses or something. Poeple will pay for it if they would just make it.

  6. i agree with most comments fan made mods for elder scrolls 5 on 360 and ps3 would most deffinantly add life to it plus the makers would get a little bit of monie from it so yeah let it happen