Domino Art Using the Construction Set

A while back before launching the blog, I asked Rob (our IT guy for the blog) about some issues I was having with posting YouTube videos. I was looking to post the Perlman intro from the original Fallout. When Rob finally got videos to embed on our blog, he replaced the Perlman video with this video. Even though the video has been out there a while, it’s still worth mentioning for those that haven’t seen it before.

Pretty funny use of the Construction Set if you have ask me. I especially like how the books speall out “LOL” near the beginning of the video. Secumfex, if you’re out there, I’d love to know how long this took. And if anyone has cool video similar to this, send them over!

Reader Comments

  1. man this is old… should check out II and III, they actually have a cinematic feel to them from the way he positions and moves the camera.

  2. I typed a few paragraphs of how I suck about modding on this game and realized no one really cares. Props to the guy because I sure can’t do it.