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Sliver Rose Studios, a community devoted to modding for Oblivion, put up an interview with Lead Level Designer Joel Burgess. For the interview, community members on the site compiled questions for Joel to field. In the interview, among other things, Joel discusses modding, downloadable content and Bethesda office culture. Here’s an excerpt:

What advice do you have to people that want to get into game design or want to work for bethesda? (Logam)

If you’re in the mod community – that’s a great start. Hone you skills, because this industry is a meritocracy, and technology and techniques are constantly changing. There’s a lot of advice out there about networking and advertising yourself, which is good advice, and important to follow, but all of that is secondary to your ability to produce original, creative, technically sound work. The second most important thing – and I believe this is often overlooked – is having a good personality. Game development is a contact sport, and if you’re friendly, humble, and easy to get along with, a studio is much more likely to see you fitting in with their team dynamic.

For Oblivion, Joel was a Level Designer. Currently he’s working as a Lead Level Designer on Fallout 3. To read the interview, visit here

Reader Comments

  1. So Joel is not the highly imaginative designer that came up with the other stuff, hes the really evil designer that came up withe the deadly stuff. Got ya.

    And now its time for some pay back, i think i’ll have my kvatch mod guards go on a joel hunt in a future version muhaaaaaa 😀

    How does an Evil Thief caught breaking in to the castle sound as a reason for impaling him 😀

    Seriously, good work Joel, done a lot of modding and ive become a big fan of Beths work during this last year.