New Official Fallout Site; Todd Howard Team Diary


So after, oh, 4 1/2 months of work, we finally got the official Fallout 3 site done and out the door. Todd, Lindsay, Istvan, and I have been working on this thing since March, and finally got it just the way we wanted.

I think it’s a really cool site, probably the best one we’ve ever done. Many thanks to Lindsay for the 10,000 revisions she had to do until everyone was happy, to Istvan for making sure the look and feel was just right, and Natalia for pulling together all the Vault Boy images we needed.

You’ll find lots of links to all the coverage that’s come out so far, screens you’ve probably seen, new wallpapers you probably haven’t, the teaser trailer, etc. The usual stuff, but lots more to come over the coming months.

We wanted Todd to kick off the Diary section with his thoughts on undertaking the task of making Fallout 3 and what that means to him, and us. Here’s a snippit:

The massive expectations of what this game means to everyone who loved Fallout, RPGs, and gaming-in-general is not lost on us. It’s impossible to discuss the game with anyone without them referencing Oblivion and/or the Fallout legacy. In many ways, it’s the sequel to both games. It’s our “next” RPG after Oblivion while also being the sequel to one the greatest games in the history of electronics. No pressure.

Head over to the new site to read the rest. Drop us a line when you’re done and let us know what you think.

Reader Comments

  1. Camoooon, I need the fallout 3, now!,you do´nt need sleep, don´t need eat. Drink?, only the weeken but finish the game. If you need somebody to find the beercheep. Call me!

    Regards from spainish gamers. We love fallout word because is similar to Madrid in a work day.

  2. I thought Fallout was a role playing game, not a simulation game… It’s the innovation and it’s very good. It’s always good to see new things, I hope Fallout 3 is released on Wii…

  3. Dammit, stop being so negative! Website is good, can’t imagine better for looking forward to those diaries, write them more than once a year, thank you!

  4. I WISH I CAN SAY THAT about Fallout 3

    Der Nachfolger zum faszinierenden Spiel Fallout bietet neben einer epischen Story und abgefahrener Optik unter anderem schlauere NPCs (vom Computer gesteuerten Begleiter), ein optimiertes Handelssystem, neue Fähigkeiten und Waffen und eine ausgeprägte Prise schwarzen Humor inkl. einer Vielzahl von Anspielungen auf bekannte Filme und Computerspiele.

    but, its only a dream !!!!!

    I think Betheda dont take the Flair of that best Role-Playing-Game in our 100 Years.

    They cant make that, because they are not Interplay and they cant copy a HumanBrain of those Programmers ! LOOOOL

    MfG Tom

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  6. can u say which month in 208 will thusgame be released ? please dont say late 2008 ive played this game over and over and over…. u get the pic and im tired of this.
    this game for me is the reason i bought a computer its only downside is that u guys dont care as much as the developers of WoW or FF about your international fans.
    please give this game a little more publecity. everyone here plays WoW or FF or whatever game they like while Fallout is tottaly in the dark and no one knows abotut it.
    I don’t wanna be hard on u, afterall you have created the greatest game of all times 🙂 just like the guy on the top sayed …. uyou dont need to eat, drink or sleep heck for all i care please wear dipers instead of going to the bathroom just get this game done do it GOOD and do it FAST.