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  1. I LOVE IT. Out of all the gaming-related tats I’ve seen recently, that one looks the most like it *might not* be from a game. At least it looks less nerdy than all the Mario/Zelda/Nintendo tats…

  2. I take it you haven’t seen the Planescape: Torment (another old cRPG, a favorite amoung the Fallout community) tattoo collection? It must be an interesting decision, branding yourself with the symbol of torment.

    There have been plenty of Fallout tattoos, though most of them have nothing to do with Bethesda’s Fallout.

  3. I’ve been thinking about getting pesisely that tatoo for a while now (the original mark not the half beaten sword one up there) ^

  4. Wow… 😛
    I love this game and i’m not surprised… 😀
    i play this game (near) 4 years!

    When I had eight years old, i obtain this game.
    Today I’m 13 years old and …Unfortunately, I have lost Fallout tactics…
    ech… 🙁

  5. the REALLY funny bit is that its wrong…
    when you finish BOS the logo displyed on a black background shows that the sword goes behind the cogs…personally id get the FOT version if i was gonna get a BOS tattoo…but it’s his tattoo in the end