Star Trek: Conquest Coming to Wii, PS2


Maybe this one doesn’t come as a shocker to Trek fans who caught a sneak peek of the game’s box art last week, but today we’ve officially announced Star Trek: Conquest. Our latest Trek game delivers a combination of action and strategy set during the “Next Generation” era. Here’s a snippit from the press release:

“Players take control of Federation, Klingon, Romulan, Cardassian, Dominion, and Breen forces and lead them in a campaign to control the Galaxy, one planet at a time. Build and manage your growing empire in turn-based strategy, fully utilizing the Wii Remoteâ„¢ as you select and maneuver your starships throughout the large, galactic map.”

Conquest marks the first time a Star Trek game will be released on the Nintendo Wii — taking advantage of the console’s unique control scheme. For those still struggling to find a Wii at their local gaming store, fear not, the game will also be available on the Playstation 2.

We’ll have more details on Conquest in the weeks to come. In the meantime, check out the press release and forums.

Reader Comments

  1. I have a Wii and will be expecting a Star Trek game up to Bethesda standards

    lol at the playstation 2 reference for people still unable to get Wii

    When does this game come out anyway? I would hope the Wii shortage issues should sort out by then.

  2. I bet star trek games fansite is going to love this game. As much as they loved the last game and got blacklisted!!Lets see you ..just dont do a dump and pain it as the enterprise