Oblivion Still in the Top 10


I love MajorNelson’s top Xbox Live activity top ten lists. They do a great job illustrating Oblivion’s viagra-like staying power.

Here are the current top 10 played Xbox 360 games from the week of 7/30. The additional release dates in italics were added by me; bolded dates from 2006 also my emphasis.

Xbox 360 Top Live Titles
1 Gears of War – 11/07/2006
2 Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Vegas – 11/21/2006
3 Guitar Hero II – 4/3/2007
4 Forza Motorsport 2 – 5/24/2007
5 Call Of Duty 3 – 11/07/2006
6 Bomberman LIVE – 07/18/2007
7 Oblivion – 03/20/2006
8 NCAA 08 – 07/17/2007
9 GRAW 2 – 03/06/2007
10 Saints Row – 8/29/2006

Oblivion is the only game on the list that has been out longer than a year and is a single player only game. That just blows my mind. To this day, tens of thousands of people play Oblivion. And these are just the ones who are logged onto Xbox Live while they play. We could conservatively add an extra 30-50% to include everyone who is not logged onto Live.

The other titles from 2006 — Gears of War, Vegas, GRAW 2 and Saints Row — have multiplayer to keep them chugging. Though to be fair, Saints Row’s single player content is more than the average game. Also, it sells for $30 which may also explain its bump back onto top 10 list, though I’m only speculating.

Oblivion’s popularity is clearly because of how big the game is and our awesome fans. I wonder if most people keep playing their same characters or if they’ve gone back and started new ones. I wish there were a way for people to upload their characters so we could check them out – imagine if we all had a Facebook/Myspace page for our Oblivion characters that had its own google map section so we could track where our characters have been, and a twitter-like widget to log what our characters actually did.

Reader Comments

  1. Seriously, Oblivion is the most fun I’ve had playing a video game in a long long time. It is also one of the most re-playable games, due to the huge MOD community formed around it, and the open-ended nature of the quests, side quests, artifacts and characters.

    I really hope that Bethesda is able to keep that “magic” alive when forging ahead on other products. Know that people love the formula you crafted for Oblivion, and can’t wait to see what’s next.

  2. It’s still going strong, like Morrowind did. I’m sure with the popularity of XBox 360, even mores than TES III could have ever realized. It’s a shame we’ll not see more content for Oblivion made, to help ensure that longevity.

  3. I was actually just about to buy the expansion for oblivion and play through it when the announcement came out for the GOTY edition. So now I’m waiting to see if when the GOTY edition ships the price on the expansion stuff drops.

  4. I’ve logged close to 200 hours since it was released this year on PS3 and I still play it religiously. I honestly cannot wait for Shivering Isles and all the other DLC to finally come out for it. I just hope that any future Elder Scrolls games that come to Playstation 3 make use of the hard drive and allow user mods to be compatible on it. Epic is allowing this with Unreal so I hope you guys can pull it off for Elder Scrolls V!

  5. I’ve logged 160+ hours in it on the 360 so far (which is more than any game I’ve ever played!). So far, the best game experience I’ve had on the Xbox 360. Once the Game of the Year Edition is released for the PS3, I’ll be picking it up too! Great job on getting us addicted!

  6. I’m with Mike, bring on the Playstation 3 DLC and make Elder Scrolls V allow PC user mods like UT3. I’m feverishly anticipating the Game of the Year Edition guys! Keep up the great work!

  7. Who knows how many thousands of hours I’ve spent playing Morrowind… I really have to get it done by the end of this month. I’m almost done with the mainland, then I still have to do Tribunal and Bloodmoon. 😛

    I hope Oblivion can keep me hooked like MW did! That’ll be challenging, especially with all the other great games coming out for the 360 this fall.

  8. I have spent over 250 Hours on Oblivion, and still find quests I never thought existed. The thing is, when you do play as a character for 200 hours, you would like to do all those quests you have done before again, but with another character. Thats what kinda keeps Oblivion a game that you always want to play plus all the mods.

    I just wish Bethesda could release another expansion to Oblivion, because I just love that game!!!!

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  11. Curently I’am playing Oblivion for the third time, the fist time I Got to the 250 Hours gaming, but the charater was not to my liking, the second time i passed the 300 hours gaming (obliveon and s. isles exp.) but i’ stopped becouse the game frozed (near the end) each time i tried to enter sheogorath palace courtyard. Presently I i’am about 200 Hours of game.