Are you the Oblivion Iron Man?



Ash and I got to wondering after reading Oblivion fan Victor Hedenberg’s comment about playing Oblivion for 250 hours. We asked, “I wonder who has put the most time into playing Oblivion?”

I’d venture to say that someone’s gotten close to playing the game* for more than 1000 hours somewhere. Since I’m so curious about it, I think it’s time to run our blog’s first ever contest!! Let’s call it “The Oblivion Iron Man Contest.” The rules are as follows:

  • The contest is open to players of the PC, 360, and PS3 versions of the game.
  • Send unaltered photos showing your gameplay time (from the save menu) to [email protected]. The winner selected by us will be required to send us his/her actual game save for verification purposes via e-mail, memory card, or memory stick. If for any reason we are unable to confirm the gameplay time, we’ll pick the next person in line. Winners who send a memory stick or memory card will receive the card back via mail.
  • Please send a photo of yourself that we can post for the blog announcement of the winner.
  • All e-mails must be received by midnight (U.S. EST), Sunday, August 26th (so start playing your game non-stop NOW!) The winner will be announced once we have confirmed the winning game save.
  • Any foul play detected will result in automatic disqualification.
  • All participants must be 18 or older to enter and verification may be required before the winner is announced. Any material sent shall be deemed non-proprietary.

So what does the Oblivion Iron Man win?

Well, Pete emailed from vacation and told me to send one of my trusty droids into his office to pull a signed copy of the game from his office…and not just any signed copy. This PC copy of Oblivion is signed by renowned actors, Terrence Stamp (Mankar Camoran) and Sean Bean (Martin Septim)!

*I’m sure some of the modders out there have probably spent at least that much time doing mods for the game, but we’re only accounting for gameplay time. That said, modders are welcome to enter.

Reader Comments

  1. Hi all. Did anyone win? Today is Monday so was wondering. Wow, I thought I had a lot, but I guess not. 311 hours here. 44 DE Assassin. I’m very close to my last ding, which will be 45. I’ve done all the old world stuff, working on SI and max me last master skill, Blade (92atm). This is the only toon that I played. Love them all, but I still say Dagger was the best. I wish ES would go back to the triple skill system, I liked that better. The instance dungeons and large area were a lot more fun. Good Hunting all. D~

  2. If you want to continue to level your champion up. Kill some guards and spend time in jail. Your skills will drop allowing you to keep leveling up. I just reached level 100. In under 300 hours and I pretty sure my guy would destroy anyone elses.

  3. MCS12, don’t even get me started. I don’t *want* to know how many hours I played Morrowind, but it was a year of my life, and that’s before I played it twice more and both expansions twice. And *then* started modding.

    I’ve only clocked up about 80 hours with an ongoing game, but Oblivion’s a lot more forgiving, so you can just go back to where you made a decision and take the other path, without having to start again from scratch.

  4. Dang – it seems I would’ve won very easily… Oh well.
    Congrats to the Hungarian guy; good job (and he knew how to send a screenshot).

  5. @Naranek Angmar: that sounds like a potentially good idea. I’m still surprised that I’m still finding new places when I play with my main char; I’m at something like 450 last I checked… And I went through every dungeon I saw.

    @Valdarez: Heh, sounds just like how I was when I first got the game. Many people I knew online were noting my conspicuous absence, as I did almost nothing in the following month aside from the things I was REQUIRED to do, and play Oblivion.

    @Viperslayer: Don’t try to kid us to make yourself feel better. Minus the difference in time of day between now (just before 6PM Eastern American) and the time of day the game stores opened, (usually around like 7-8AM Eastern American) Oblivion’s only been out for 526 days, or 12,624 hours. That’s about HALF of the time you claim to have put into that one save.

  6. just hit 300 hours on my first character, but I figure that won’t even be in the top 100 once the entries actually start coming in.

  7. Only Bethesda could come up with a contest, call it Iron Man, base it on the longest playing time, and at the same time know they have a bug they can’t or wont fix (the animation bug) that means a lot of people can’t be a part of the contest because depending on what you’re playing on (PC/Xbox)your game may become unplayable after 250 hrs. or more.
    Great job Bethesda. Real good PR move. Maybe you will get it figured out before the next ES game if there is one.

  8. I probably would have lots of hours racked up by now, but my game’s been collecting dust for months now; ever since Bethesda killed it with the Animation Bug. Thanks Bethesda…

  9. I heard about this contest too and it seems to be pretty interesting. My issue is that so far my computer cannot run Oblivion, so I’ll have to just wait for the final results. Anyway .. don’t think I’d be able to spend so much time playing.

  10. ive got well over 6000 hrs on oblivion on one charicter

    Left by colin on September 3rd, 2007

    Dude, that’s like 1000 days if you played a minimum of 6 hours a day, everyday. That’s, like, over 2 1/2 years playing every single day. And that’s with one character you claim. Not trying to sound insulting, but it does seem a streach.

  11. what a stupid prize !
    I do have the game , why are you sending me another one ?!

    i have played about 88 hours and i can make it 112 hours in 24 hours !

    start the game in some where safe and let it till you see huge numbers -.-

    bethesda should think about changing this stupid dvd of them , who is the HELL is Mankar Camoran ?!

    by the way , this game roxos , way to go bethesda ;)-

  12. Come to think of it: a real iron man contest would be playing hundreds of hours without saving except to quit at the end of the day.

    Now that would be a real contest.

    Unfortunately, there’s no “true” iron man mode in the game.

  13. Wow, i have over 600 hours, but thats on 5 different characters. After i get bored with a char. i wipe him off my HD. could we have a contest on who has the most saves instead, i swear if my xb didn’t get the red ring of death i could look that up. its like save 800000 now.

    And if anyone wants to know how to get rid of the adoring fan, bring him out into oblivion and tell him to wait. lol

  14. Had 235 hours up with one character.
    Windows Vista (got to love them at Microsoft) s*#t itself and I ended up losing the lot.
    Start again, no problem it is one of the best offerings in a game that I have ever played.
    Keep the Elder Scrolls alive and kicking.
    When is the next offering coming up?

  15. Whe are you guys going to start designing and making the storyboards and stuff for tes5? and if you take my perfect ideas then i would expect a little somthin somethin(money) Im Michael from saskatchewan, canada and if you dont take that idea then youd regret it cause i would sell damn good. You guys made a world and thousands of years of history in less time than the famous tolkien. And you made lands that you havent even shown anybody yet
    When will we see akavir (the dragon land),or Atmora(the frozen north),or Altmeri or Pyandorea, yokuda, thras, and all the other lands of nirn. Come on like litterally go and show us all of Nirn. Oh and a good idea would be to let us go in every province, continent, guild, faction, order, be kings, conquer lands, betray tamriel, defeat the akaviri invasion and bring peace to nirn
    show us what happened to atmora and altmeri. Think before you fully design this game.

  16. Oblivion kicks ass.. So shall it be written..

    It took me about two hours to get from Chorrol to Cheydinhal! it was wickid..

    I killed a bear an everything.. then went for a little swim.. Then stabbed vampires.. Ol’ Rolly poley Roland gave me money..

    Then i stabbed him aswell.. and ran away to my hut..

  17. I really wish there was more things in Oblivion to do. I have done everthing possible in the game, plus all the downloadable content. Its still not enough… sad to say that Castle was the last of the downloadable content.(CRY)… And it will probley take another 4 years for the next game to come out… (Sigh)

  18. hehe, i have a character that’s about 220 hours, but I’d say that’s pretty sad.

    Maybe the winner should receive a day in the countryside, coz clearly their not leaving their house often enough:)