Are you the Oblivion Iron Man?



Ash and I got to wondering after reading Oblivion fan Victor Hedenberg’s comment about playing Oblivion for 250 hours. We asked, “I wonder who has put the most time into playing Oblivion?”

I’d venture to say that someone’s gotten close to playing the game* for more than 1000 hours somewhere. Since I’m so curious about it, I think it’s time to run our blog’s first ever contest!! Let’s call it “The Oblivion Iron Man Contest.” The rules are as follows:

So what does the Oblivion Iron Man win?

Well, Pete emailed from vacation and told me to send one of my trusty droids into his office to pull a signed copy of the game from his office…and not just any signed copy. This PC copy of Oblivion is signed by renowned actors, Terrence Stamp (Mankar Camoran) and Sean Bean (Martin Septim)!

*I’m sure some of the modders out there have probably spent at least that much time doing mods for the game, but we’re only accounting for gameplay time. That said, modders are welcome to enter.

Reader Comments

  1. this sucks. like karelam i had a lvl 53 char max atributes max skills all quests and had found and collected one of everything in the game. had about 1200 hours and that was my third character(yea i got it day one) but i also got the form ID bug so i erased and started over. now i have about 500 hours again. so i coulda possibly had a chance. but shit happens right?

  2. Here’s my times…
    almost 439 hours myself. That’s based off my eight different characters.

  3. FAQ writing is a time consuming process (follow my link to read it). At 449 hours on reaching level 38 I started the game again. Now my Level 54 character has 493 hours but even combined that isn’t 1000 hours in total. I still haven’t finished the main quest and have lots more to add to my FAQ. My FAQ so far is a massive 511485 bytes and I have 6496 saves.

  4. Of course I would see this now. 2 months after I sold my 360. I had put over 300 hours into the game the first run through, then sold my 360 the first time. Then I couldn’t handle the withdrawal symptoms from Oblivion, so I bought a NEW 360 and put 350 hours into it. Then after it was released on the PS3, I bought it AGAIN and put a whole separate 274 hours into the game on that platform. So that is close to 1000 hours, but it would not have counted because it was 3 different files. And I can’t prove that it actually happened. When ES5 comes out, I will play 1000+ on a single game file. That is an absolute promise. I am obsessed with Oblivion to the point of getting the logo tatooed on my arm. I’m such a dork, but I don’t regret it at all.

  5. Awww, wish I actually played the game more. Can we have a contest on modding hours? I’d say I’ve reached well over 1000 by now. 🙂

  6. I just did the math. I have 503 hours, 16 minutes, and 15 seconds grand total on all my characters.

    my top five were:
    Dood The Dud(first char): 96hr,1min,0sec
    Bob The Strange(stealth char tied for fav.): 85hr,20min,5sec
    Andrew(2nd char, named after me): 76hr,40min,33sec
    Crazy Joe(Melee char tied for fav.): 74hr,24min,36sec
    Happy The High Elf(mage char tied for fav.): 57hr,52min,36sec

    this is all provided that the format on save games is h:m:s
    I also had 9 minor characters.
    Calculating this has made me feel depressed. I have used nearly 3 weeks of my life on this game.

  7. I think 1000 is easily within an Oblivion addict’s reach. Maybe 2000 should be the holy grail?

    Thank you, Bethesda, for this great game.

  8. Oh my god my 100000000 hours save game is lost! What a waste. Guys you are ridiculous. Everyone complaining about his lost save or for doing 6 characters instead of one. That’s so tottally unnecesarry.

  9. I don’t mean to brag, but I have got 7000+ hours on just one save file. I have never turned of my computer since they day that I got oblivon, I just keep the game running all the time.

  10. Oh damn, trust me to get it for the 360, I’ve made 350 hours and can get 400 easy-peasy. Too bad I’m also 15 and therefore incapable of thinking for myself and/or entering this contest.

    I am not a happy sponge.

  11. Honestly, if you don’t have over 500+ I’d say don’t enter… there’s going to easily be people with much higher hours. And to repeat Davell, no one cares about how many crappy level 8 characters you made or that fact that your fat girlfriend deleted your game save from her oversized fingers.

    For myself, I have a character with roughly 600 hours, but I can see people easily in the 1000s

  12. Man, my computer has crashed many times, and so has my oblvion saves. But if I do my homework and eat my vegetables, then maybe one day.

  13. The Bugs are also my problem currently I’am on my 3rd charecter ( the first I had about 250 hours, the second was over the 400 hours) and I just crossed the 300 hours.

  14. Sweet I think I have a good chance, I’m playing hardcore everyday and I have 836 hours right now. By August 26th I should have plenty. I play at least 9 hours a day.

  15. its funny that all of a sudden everyone seems to have just lost saves with at least 250+ hours of gameplay on them !!!

  16. Man, I had almost 300 hours and accidentally deleted my own game a few months back. I have about 175 on my new character though. Good Luck!

  17. I created 3 profiles on my XBOX 360.
    I spent 452 hours with the first profile.
    367 hours with the second.
    309 hours with the third.

  18. As noted in the rules…by memory card. We’ll send the memory cards back. If we have a finalist that doesn’t happen to have a memory card, we’ll figure something out.

  19. LOL man i dont have a camera but my guy on oblivion is 100 on every skill lol
    minor and major been working on him since i got the game
    no training either lol just went out and battle A LOT

  20. 889 hrs.58 min. and counting :^)
    I believe my guy “Gryphon” is ~Level 39 and almost Level 40.
    This is of course the greatest game ever!
    Thanks Bethesda people.
    Oh – and you don’t mess with my guy either… he’ll kill you quick.

  21. I played this game,too. Max. 90 hours. In three months time. But i don’ understand, how could you just sit down and play it from the beginning. 400? 800? Over 1000 hours??? Don’ya have anything else to do? How about homework? Guys, I feel sorry for you. Hope you qiut one day and start livin’. Try out, it’s worth it.

  22. Heh, qualifications, qualifications… I see a lot of apparently very long times get wiped off for some reason or other… Good thing that I keep backups; I ‘only’ lost some 30 hours when I had a hard drive failure. I guess I could try pushing forward again, and send in my character’s save. Back At something like 408 hours now. And yeah, another 700-odd hours among my other characters.

    Plus, add to that the time I’ve spent on the forumz, long enough for >11,500 posts… Dangit, BethSoft, that’s a lot of time of mine you’ve taken. 😛

  23. Well over 400 hours with 4 different characters. I probably have the save games. But, I imagine 400+ hours are not enough to win this one.

  24. I got to 743 hours with my first character, then I accidentally saved over it when I started a new character. I am up to 231 hours with that one.

  25. Wow, you’ve been running Oblivion with that character straight for about 1&1/8 years? Impressive.

    I couldn’t manage to get the game to run longer than about 8 hours straight without a crash. Of course, I’ll admit that perhaps the game has considerably less stability under Win9x. Or maybe it’s just that I have reversed luck; Daggerfall runs almost flawless for me, and I’ve never experienced the “quest items/NPCs/creatures are invisible” bug that seems to plaugue >90% of players.

  26. I know someone that is nearing 500 hours….. or so…..

    All quest completed (No Nights of Nine though) all downloadable content for the 360….. lvl 46 character i think….

  27. Wait, I’m curious. Wouldn’t it be possible to open your file save, then leave the game on while you are away? That would surely give people a chance to rack up time, then save it before the end of the content.

    I’m sure people have been at that since the announcement, but there isn’t enough time to do that now.

    Regardless, I’ve logged 190 hours on my main character, 100 more on my secondary character, and around 20 on my third, which comes to a total of 310 hours.

    However, I suspect this only counts for one character? Good luck to the participants. 🙂

  28. Rallahn
    Level 22

    I’d note that the above is without the benefit of any significant mods, or any of the official plug-ins, or without Shivering Isles. And also with the PC deciding to crash every couple hours at most. :/

  29. Oh, er, and just as a question… The photo of yourself isn’t required with just the screenshot, is it? That can be sent when asked for the save file, right?

  30. Geez…
    How can you play that much?
    After level 30, one character gets unplayably boring.
    I’ve mad about 5 chars, and maybe put up to 300 hours max since march.

  31. I have managed 682 hours now on my current character on the 360. I hope they run another competition like this that you have to work harder for than someone who just left the game running. Stats such as Fame, Places Found (401), Oblivion Gates Shut (31), Creatures Killed (2796), Health with no enchantments (710) (my scores are in brackets).

  32. well, my score was around 600 hours in Morrowind, Tribunal and Bloodmoon (played fair, with no cheat and no mod !)

    With Oblivion, I just … don’t know ! I’m close to have finished ALL the quests with multiple characters so I can’t play here

  33. There’s no way I’m going to win the most hours played, as I only started playing Oblivion a couple of weeks ago on the XBox 360, however I think you’ll be hard-pressed to find someone who put as many hours into the game in such a short period of time. In 14 days I managed to pile up roughly 140 hours of gameplay time (not counting dying) and solve all of the quests that earn you achievement points and a ton of others as well. I pulled at least two 24hr runs while solving the game. When I downloaded the Shivering Isles Quest yesterday, I only had about 5 quests in my quest log.

    ** Quick Stats **
    If you read this quickly, you can verify the dates and points on My XBox 360 Can Blog –

    Start Date: 8/09/2007
    End Date: 8/23/2007
    Total Time: 138:59:52 (Roughly 9hrs and 16 minutes of gaming per day, not including dying).

    Considering I started the game late in the day, and then finished it early, it’s really like 13.5 or 14 days of playing. 🙂

  34. I just realized I’ve been playing for 8 months as of yesterday, and I’ve only got 315 hours of play. Man I feel like I have a life. 🙁

  35. This is unexpected. My one save has over 25,000 Hours of gameplay put into it. Its using unlevel cap mods and unified 100+ attribute mods and a load of other high qualtiy mods from TESsource… Too bad I don’t have any time left lol to enter and besides the save file is completely overloaded and hangs ingame due to the size of it.

  36. I guess I’ve got everyone on this I’m disabled and spend most my time on morrowind and oblivion and the expantion packs for Both games. I had to replace my A8n Asus MB *lol blew it up playing Oblivion* ( I’ve had to restart it over )microsoft informed me to turn one off and not to exelerate the other card Windows XP pro could not handle the cards on full. I have 2 Nvidia Geforce 7800 Video Cards synced together and I have spent many a full day playing and at times for the full week. My 72 year old mother and 30 year old son can vouch that I stay in the game . What else can you do when you have been disabled and can’t work anymore I’m not supposed to lift anything over 10 pounds anymore and still have to pace my self on the computer.So it is the only recreation I have

  37. The competition looks great.But it could have been made better IF bethesda people would have given something much better as a prize rather than a signed copy of the game.
    I did expect something like replicas of swords,instruments,or coins.or maybe a graphic card or something!!!!!