Get Your Questions Ready!


So we’ve let the journalists do the talking through their articles, but now we’d like to field some of your questions. That’s right, Todd and Co. are going to be willing to talk about more than Batman and their favorite color. If you’ve got something you’re dying to know about Fallout 3, take your suggestion to the forums here. If you want to send them directly to us via the blog, that’s fine too.

In addition to pulling together a list of questions that covers all the things people want to know about, we’ll keep an eye on other questions that get sent to us and pull in a developer every now and then to answer a few questions. You never know when a dev may stop by to answer a question or two from the mailbag, so send in your questions about Fallout, The Elder Scrolls, Star Trek Conquest, or whatever it is you want to know and we’ll get to work.

Reader Comments

  1. Just one question. Is there going to be a time limit? I’m like a 100% gamer type of guy. I like to get everything i possibly can and beat it 100%. With the time limit you either find yourself rushing the beginning or rushing in the end.

  2. Hi guys! First of all, big big fan going back to the days of terminator: future shock and skynet.

    In regards to Fallout 3, I have to agree with some of the posts about the advanced groin targeting, I think it added a great deal of character to the game by being able to shoot anyting in the balls. Yes women too…in the balls. It’s genius to be frank.

    Would it be possible to have the game copy the map onto the device’s hard-drives and have the missions and story line expand over the course of multiple discs. In the case of the release for the PS3, it can probably fit onto a blu-ray…

    But folks, I think it goes without saying that we trust your judgement. We all love your work.

  3. How about Oblivion? Wouldn’t it be nice if you finished the game before heading on to others. Their are a good number of glitches yet to be fixed for the PS3 and 360 versions. They were fixed on the PC by the modding community. Can’t you just take those fixes and re-write the code for the 360 and PS3?

  4. Will there be dual wielding? That is holding two guns, or two swords, or sword & gun at the same time?

    And speaking of swords, would we use swords in the game?

    Would Fallout have any nudity in the game ala God of War?

  5. Hello…
    Can F3 have a lot of special encounters? And if yes, can it be depend from your luck level? Special encounters a really put a lot of fun in game…

    ps sorry for my poor English..

  6. Have you lot given any consideration to releasing The Elder Scrolls : Arena or(if your license allows) Fallout 1 for Xbox live arcade or Playstation Network? I think there are plenty of fans who would be happy to buy any of these and it would be neat for new fans. Thanks keep up the amazing work!

  7. Hey Bethesda! I’ve got a question I’ve been wanting to ask. You see, Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion has been the best RPG ever. With a period, by the way. Now, there are some RPG’s that are been going to be released such as The Witcher, and Mass Effect and those RPG’s look FANTASTIC! Almost as good as Oblivion, and that’s where the question sparks.

    On your next Elder Scrolls game, if you make one that is, do you believe that you will be able to top the action that Mass Effect and The Witcher has, while keeping the quality of the original Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion but at the same time adding more spice to it? (Such as, adding more NPC’s at once, even better AI, more weapons, bigger environments, etc. I could go into detail, trust me.)

    And if you do add more stuff, what will you do about the space and capacity of a DVD? The Blu-Ray can hold a lot of space, however the DVD is a different story. Will you have an extra disc to install the extra things you put in the game on the 360, and PC, harddrive, or something like that?

  8. Hey devs, greetings from Lithuania 🙂

    I’ve heard a rumour (?) that there won’t be any drugs or sex in the game (correct me if I’m wrong), and the motivation behind not adding these gameplay elements to FO3 was that the ability to use drugs and have sex in in-game is immature and stupid.

    This brings me to a question that’s been grinding my gears for the past several weeks. Namely: how are drugs and sex less mature the than over-the-top level of violence already displayed in the demo?

    I wouldn’t be asking this question if I wouldn’t have known that hundreds of millions of people aren’t having sex every day, and that they (me included) do not consider it to be immature. By far.

    The usage of drugs (or alcohol), on the other hand, should be one of the main means of escaping the horrors of a post-apoc world for the average survivor, especially in a wasteland with no government whatsoever.

    Frankly, I cannot imagine a drug-free, abstinent virgin raider. Can you?

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  10. To the developers of Fallout 3,

    Hi, I wanted to share my opinion with you being a huge fan of the Fallout series.

    In order for FO3 to be as realistic as possible it must have:

    1. Armor, ammo, fuel, sex, alcohol, drugs, foul language, violence, love (like in FO2), reputation, barter if have no money, weight, gambling, jeolousy, books, computers, day/night cycle, outdoors skills, sleep (maybe incl. being sick and developing immunity, having weird rad disease)

    2. HUNGER, THIRST (important survival theme): different types of food like rations, meat jerky, rotten pie, gecko skewer, rat burger, nuke cola etc.

    3. Tons of guns and armor, different ammo and weapon specific, detailed info (also for armor & items)

    4. Gender oriented (male would be treated different than female). Depends on location

    5. From ignorant & naive to knowlegdable & mature (true feeling of character development)

    6. Civilized and barbaric

    7. Join organizations: gangs, slavers, brotherhood, religious cult

    8. Environment, night time, physical being affect combat effectiveness. Superhuman moves due to drugs or adrenaline or vice versa due to e.g. alcohol.

    9. (Rat) Groin attacks

    I hope you consider the above and make Fallout 3 a truly unique experience.


  11. Hi! A few Questions from Polland, here they go:

    1. Althoug I’m a fan of both Fallout series and TES series, I noticed that in Oblivion you get really less dialogues because all of them are recorded. Will this affect the amount of dialogues in F3 (how much will they all take if you put’em in a txt editor)?

    2.Will there be a vast amount of allusions like in the previous Fallout games? Will they refer to Bethesda’s games like TES?

    3.In Fallout (1) you end the game without even one fight (if you played a negociator). Will this be possible in F3?

    4.How do You guys at Bethesda feel about Fallout fans that find F3 not likely to be the long expected Fallout3?

    5.What reference to F1&F2 (in the game fable) will there be?

    I hope the game will satisfy you as much as the gamers? (Or will it not?)

  12. Will the console versions of the game support the pc interface? eg. Will it be possible, fx. to play the ps3 version with af keyboard and a mouse rather than with the ps3 controller?

  13. would it be possible to create a 1v1 or 2v2 online arena expansion/mod for oblivian. with limitatios like in game area where everyone has to where the same armor or somthing. that would be awsome

  14. Hi i was just wondering a couple of things…

    1. Why did you make the game too use some sort of time manipulator with aim assistance instead of just stopping the time in the usual way and just hit em in special spots? (eye and groin is needed for the game’s sake)

    2. will the game have experience or will it use the “use your skills to gain” thing like in Oblivion?

    3. Please tell me if your going too have humor in those ways as fun dialoges and special apperances and special encounters, and will there be like the same amount?

    4. will it have some use of the i don’t know it’s name (sorry really) that they used in i think it’s name was fear, so that you actions could come upon you really far in the game? and i don’t mean like “ohh…i should’nt killed that ass in the beginning, now i can’t take this quest :(” i mean like some guy appear at particular places just because your path….hmm, a example: let’s say you slayed every brahmin in a guy’s brahmin farm, and because of that “misson” it will cause…let’s say some other brahmin farm that was the rival too gain power and in some wicked way take control of the hole town…in just 3 months (game time)… i know i know one of your most ridiciolus questions ever but whatteheck…i gotta make myself clear in some way ;

    and i would be pleased if you answered as many questions possible…and i hope you do well with this game “with big powers, comes great responsibilty” xD

  15. I play the xbox 360 version of oblivion and I think it would be great if there was a muliplayer for elder scrolls 4. Just a local multiplayer not online wise.

  16. 1) Will there be eye shot/ the famous blowing of the mans pride(groan shots)?

    2) PLZ PLZ PLZ have gore, drugs, alcohal.

    3) What types of creatures will there be?

    4) Will u get to go mad and kill every woman, farm animal, child, man, dog in towns and just keep playing.

    5)Can u continue the game after the main Quest like in fallout 1 and 2

    6) Can people join u like the famous buddy Ian in Fallout 1

    7) Will you get to blow the peoples ribs apart, melt them, blow there leg off, blind them

    8) If it’s all possible plz add lan play for comp (i have 3 gaming comps and 2 bros)

    P.S. I’M a hardcore Fallout fan plz don’t let me down

  17. Hi,
    Im sure someone covered this somewhere deep within the mountain of questions above, but I would like to find out anything regarding a possible Elder Scrolls 5. Will there be one? And if so, what can you tell me about it?


  18. i want a real answer when will the fighters stronghold be coming out for ps3 im tired of waiting and its not fair to us ps3 owners u gave it to xbox and PC for free and nothing for ps3 WTF!!!!!!!!!

  19. I was estatic when i heard that Fallout 3 was bought by bethesda, fallout was my first rpg and i am still playing it after 6 of having it. The backbone of every fps is advanced weapons. with bethesda i have no doubt the storyline will be incredibly captivating, however the news surfaced as yet in regards to weapnons is limited, screens or concepts of weapons should be released, ond fans should be allowed to submit some to bethesda. Also there is no news as to a possible sdk as with TES III, TES IV ???

  20. Hi, BlackAdder from Oz here,

    I’m sure these are questions that the Elder Scrolls fans will want answered so here goes:

    #1. What province will The Elder Scrolls V be set in?

    #2. When will it roughly be released?

    #3. Will the weapons, armour, plants, NPCs, etc be different from Oblivion & Morrowind?

    #4. What new main characters will be involved?

    #5. What will the main plot involve?

    #6. Will there be any new races?

    #7. & Will it be better than the last Elder Scrolls games?

    Cheers, and I hope The Elder Scrolls V is gonna blow us away!


  21. Does anyone know why my copy of Shivering Isles for Playstation 3 won’t work? And by the way, yes i do have oblivion and it is already installed. The problem is when i put Shivering Isles in and it says to insert the original Oblivion disc, and when i do it freezes.

  22. Patman

    I’ve tested this several times. After inserting Oblivion, it should ask you to re-insert Oblivion…almost instantly.

    Are you using a version of the disc that’s from the same region as your Oblivion disc? For instance…if you’re in the US, you need a US PS3, a US copy of Oblivion, and an US copy of Shivering Isles. A US copy of Shivering Isles would not work with a EU version of Oblivion.

  23. So you are going to release a European version of shivering isles?! I mean on the PSN or a retail disc. I live in Sweden and think it’s a wased of money to buy GOTY just to get Shivering Isles! Please hurry! I have completed all the quests! Need new ones!!!

  24. What this game really needs is a multiplayer addition to it. Yes Oblivion was awesome, but a lot of my friends and I were always saying “Damn that dungeon was hard, would’ve been better if I had your bow with me, or your sneak, why the hell isn’t this a Co-op game???!!!!” So…with that in mind, will Fallout 3 have any sort of Multiplayer, I dont’ want a MMO, just a co-op edition where friends can join in up to four and have some fun in the Fallout world together.

  25. just wondering… im a big fallout fanatic and ive liked the elder scrolls… so how does the fallout stand out from oblivion? and is the AI bether in fallout cos in oblivion they werent so bright at all =D… how many weapons u got in the F3? could u ad M14 i would be so glad!? thanks for making the world a bether place =D oh and make coop play to it!

  26. Hey it’s me again lol just wondering how my homies were doin at Bethseda that would be cool if u could carry more stuff but o well i love this game but my favorite thing is that u can shoot teddy at people and blow their heads off and thats cool that u can eat them that would be cool if u could turninto a zombie and never die but i guess i’ll leave another comment when i do something cool

  27. i played fallout is the best game every in the history of history.but jusy one littel thing i wanted but it didnt have.Why did you leave out the coolest song for fallout game 1 2 and three.why dint you have what a wonderful world? THAT SUCKS!!!!!

  28. Ok, so I love what you guys did with fallout. Great game, got into it in the Tactics phase of the game and have thoroughly enjoyed taking the trip back in time to vist the two games before. Fallout 3 has begome a personal favorite; just the thing to relax to after a hard days work. Bought the expansions in joyful frenzy, thinking there would be some kind of notification like in TES4:Oblivion, ie. the referance to the screaming door to madness. No such luck. Am I the only one feeling screwed here? I mean, if I have to play through the whole game again to find it, it’s cool. Just… where do you find these expansions in the game? A little heads up would be lovely, as I just saw the new expansion for mothership zeta, and am not willing to blow more money if it’s bogus, no matter how cool it looks.

  29. in the fallout quest the nuka-cola chalange if you give her all 30 nuka-cola quantoms can you steal them from her vending machine or fridge i heard the fridge requires a key if so were is the key