New Community Content for The Elder Scrolls


So far this week, I’ve seen several cool mod additions over at Planet Elder Scrolls. Here’s are a few of my favorites for the week…

The Nazarian Library: Repeal19 has created a mod that builds a library just south of Arcane University. So what makes this library so special? Well, it actually houses EVERY book that can be found within the original quest of Oblivion. So if you’re spending too much time playing the game in the coming weeks when school starts back up, you can at least tell your parents that you’re studying at the library :).

Chargen Diseases: When generating your character, Marbred’s disease mod allows you to make your character suffer from Werewolf disease, Vampire clan disease, or simply no disease at all. Perfect for folks who can’t get enough of Teen Wolf.

Mostly-Mini Todd Howard: Last but not least, and destined to be a favorite around our office, this new Morrowind mod from Fliggerty & Friends adds a “Mini Me” Todd Howard to the game. I’m sure Todd is honored to have his likeness in the game. Now can we just get a new weapon called the “Gstaff” (I’m imagining some sort of staff that has a “G” at the top of it).

Reader Comments

  1. No one’s going to comment on Mini-Todd?


    That has to be one of the few mods I didn’t see that enticed Hilarity to Ensue in Vvardenfell.

  2. This is a must have for my game. I have a drunk Julan and a Mini Todd. What fun can’t you have with that combination.

    Not to mention the the todd head replacers for mising meshes. These are to good not to make the hall of fame.

  3. Hey! I made the blog! I sure hope Todd is honored…it was intended more as a homage than anything else. I’ll see what I can get done about introducing a GStaff…