What we’re playing this weekend


A quick email survey elicited the following answers. Okay, I admit it, I really wanted to find out who managed to score an early copy of Bioshock. Because if you got it, you’re playing it this weekend (unless you are Craig “The Claff” Lafferty. See, if you’re Claff and you got an early copy of Bioshock by running out to Toys R Us at lunchtime, the first game you play on your Xbox 360 is, of course, Hexic 2.)

Megan Sawyer, associate artist: Finishing up Pokemon Diamond.

Orin Tresnjak, programmer: Elebits, World of Warcraft

Jeff “Living the DREAM!!!!” Browne, level designer: Planetside, Red Orchestra

Mike Dulany, programmer: Pacman CE, Super Paper Mario

Matt Grandstaff, community manager: Oblivion, Madden 2008, Crackdown, Bioshock demo (over and over)

Matt Carofano, artist: Overlord

Clara Struthers, artist: Guitar Hero II

Shannon Bailey, programmer: Persona 3

Emil Pagliarulo, designer: NOT Bioshock. 🙁

Ashley Cheng, producer: Bioshock! (Actually, I’m traveling out of town this weekend so no gaming for me, but I wanted Emil to be thinking of my copy of Bioshock, sitting in my Xbox 360, unused…)

Matthew Ouzounian, qa: City of Heroes, Bioshock

Welter Almeida, qa: Starcraft: Brood War

Aaron Mitschelen, qa: Persona 3

Steve Fraden, qa: Everquest 2, City of Heroes

Justin Sweeney, qa: Parasite Eve, Oblivion

Terry Dunn, Jr, qa: Counterstrike, AVP2, Giant: Citizen Kabuto, World of Warcraft, Dawn of War: Dark Crusade, Defense of the Ancients (Warcraft 3 mod)

Jared Angus, qa: Pokemon Diamond, Neverwinter Nights (first one)

Louis Riley, qa: Guitar Hero 2 (PS2 version), Metal Gear Solid 3, Gladius, Halo 2

Fred Zeleny, designer: Luminous Arc

Tim Lamb, producer: Hexic 2, Guitar Hero 2

Todd Howard, producer: Bioshock

Michael McGinn, qa: Resident Evil 4, Digital Devil Saga 2, Community Pom, Rhythm Tengoku

Mark Lampert, sound: Civilization 4, GTA: San Andreas, Uplink

Rich Lambert, producer: World of Warcraft

Gary Noonan, artist: Mow The Lawn 3: Patch of Green, Weedwacker, Impreza WRX: Fix The Turboback Exhaust, Eve Online

Daryl Brigner, level designer: Red Orchestra, Final Fantasy 12

Dan Teitel, programmer: NCAA Football 2008

Pete Hines: NCAA Football 2008

Ricardo Gonzalez, programmer: Bioshock demo, World of Warcraft

Josh Jones, artist: Dark Messiah of Might and Magic

Craig Lafferty, producer: Bioshock

Gavin Carter, producer: Bioshock

Nathaniel Ellis, qa: World of Warcraft, Civilization 4: Beyond the Sword

Philip Georgatos, qa: Lord of the Rings Online

Garrett Maloney, qa: Madden 2008 (Xbox 360)

Daniel Shook, qa: Shadow of the Colossus, Odin Sphere, Motorstorm

Michael Lattanzia, qa: Civilization 4: Beyond the Sword

Josh Andersen, programmer: Bioshock

Ryan Salvatore, qa: NCAA Football 2008

Jonathan Bilodeau, programmer: Dirt

Chris Esko, programmer: Bioshock

Jonah Lobe, artist: Planetside, Red Orchestra

Angela Browder, producer: NCAA Football 2008

Mike Lipari, programmer: Zelda (Wii), Picross

Dan Lee, artist: Picross, Puyo Puyo 15th Anniversary, Project Sylphee, Chromehounds, Out of thie World (Genesis)

Noah Berry, artist: Sam & Max: Season One, Dead Reefs, Arcanum, Fallout Tactics: Brotherhood of Steel, The Darkness, via DOSBox — DOOM II: Hell on Earth, BioForge, Quest for Glory I: So You Want To Be A Hero (VGA), SkyNET, Wasteland, Battle Chess

Nghi Huynh, qa: Shadow of the Colossus, Madden 2008

Reader Comments

  1. Megan Sawyer, associate artist: Finishing up Pokemon Diamond: All Pokémon or not finished! ¬_¬

    Matt Grandstaff, community manager: Bioshock demo (over and over) : Right there with you.

    Noah Berry, artist: Sam & Max: Season One, Dead Reefs, Arcanum, Fallout Tactics: Brotherhood of Steel, The Darkness, via DOSBox — DOOM II: Hell on Earth, BioForge, Quest for Glory I: So You Want To Be A Hero (VGA), SkyNET, Wasteland, Battle Chess: Battle Chess rocks!
    Well it did.

  2. People still play quest for glory? I loved those games! I was peeved though that my favorite one (Shadows of Darkness) had a glitch so you couldn’t finish the game with any character.

  3. Just to clarify, I played Hexec2 until my kids were in bed because Bioshock is freaky and would scare the crap out of them. After that I surpassed Ashley with my mad skillz. Now I’m going to email him spoilers.

  4. @Nuclear Catapult: If I remember correctly, and Shadows of Darkness was Quest for Glory 4 (it’s been years, whaddya want from me?!), Sierra did in fact patch that bug! Time to dig out DosBox, your disks, and scour the Internet for a patch!

  5. No Bioshock for me and my PC. Where’s my demo dammit! Nice spread of games in that poll. I’ll be giving Oblivion its statutory quota plus some F.E.A.R AND Fable: The lost chapters and maybe a hint of HL2: Episode 1. Man I love gaming.