The Real World: Oblivion

This has nothing to do with the MTV Show (you won’t find a Cuhutta here), but it’s fun nonetheless. Posted by VBFilms, these guys do a really good job spoofing gameplay from Oblivion, but obviously, they’re using real people.

My favorite parts are when they dub in voices from the game.They also nail the chair sitting animation.

If you like it, they’ve done a few Morrowind videos, including this one.

Reader Comments

  1. I didn’t like the beginning battle that much, but after that it really picked up. The animations were flawless, made me laugh out loud. Excellent job. 🙂

  2. Great job… they recreated a lot of the little nuances (the sudden camera changes when sitting, passing NPC’s turning their heads and greeting the player, dropping an item causes it to appear directly in the line-of-sight and then fall.)

    One-handed weapons are held in the right hand though and… there are no children in Oblivion! 😀

  3. hey bethesda, are u going to make a new game to carry on the elder scrolls?? i think you should, something the leads after you save cyrodill from the oblivion crisis in oblivion, and why do u start off in jail?? by the way i was laughing through the whole video it was great!! 🙂

  4. They even got the lack of proper lip sync from the new CS down pat too!

    I remember there Morrowind ones. Fun times.

  5. I loved the equipment changes and the rice-harvesting action!The chair-sit part was excellent- I thought it was impossible to aim so accurately….it was as though strong magnets were involved! Ho,ho,ho. 🙂

  6. Hahaa I Know Who Does These Videos it´s my cousin Hehee. My Cousin Has Done Many MANY Films short films they are Finland Is OUR country

  7. Haha 😀 . I’m really impressed that the Bethesda staff added this video on the Bethblog. Of course you can never know if I really am the VBFilms

    But I had been thinking for a while that what if the ppl at Bethesda sees my vid? What would they think of it?

    I really appreciate that you added that on this blog ^^