Legacy Mission Editor Updated


Two weeks ago, a small team from the office released scripting tools that allows modders to create their own missions for the game. After releasing the tools, I had Shannon Bailey, the project lead, sit in on a Teamspeak meeting with Legacy modders.

During the meeting, some requests and suggestions were made that Shannon thought could be added. Today, we’ve uploaded amended scripting tools for the Mission Editor as Shannon explains below:

“After talking to members of the mod community, the need for a couple of small additions became apparent. Included in the newest version of the archive is the source of the four non-campaign missions that ship with Legacy — Vanguard, Escort, Raider, and CoopWave — as well as the ability to edit their script and rule files from the front-end. Also, when creating a new mission you are no longer limited to using STL12 as your template; any existing mission (including those four, which make excellent templates) can be cloned and modified.”

Special thanks to the team for such a quick turnaround on the amended changes. To download the new Legacy Mission Editor, visit here. For those just getting started with the tools, we’ve created a Wiki to help out. You might also want to check out the following screencasts created by Chris “ChessMess” Koerner, who worked on the game. They can be found here and here.

Reader Comments

  1. We legacy owners are still waiting for a PC patch to fix the controls and the other bugs and flaws in the game. Why can’t that happen?

  2. @Frankie – Shannon was not on the development team that made Legacy; he is putting in his own personal time to make and update this mission editor. I think he’s done an awesome job putting this tool together, and we’re making sure the source is freely available for anyone to continue further development on/open source.

  3. Shannon’s work is greatly appreaciated. The mod teams are really working with the tools, and I think once they get up to full speed we the players will be seeing some great addtions to Legacy.

    I won’t say there aren’t issues I want fixed (nacelle damage for 1), or that I don’t want a real .m3d exporter (Moonraker’s isn’t 100%). But that’s for another forum so to speak, and no reflection on how great it is to have the Mission Scripting tools.