1Up Chats with Emil


Joe Rybicki did a 10 question interview with Emil, which is now up 1Up. Here’s a sample…

1UP: The “Vault-Tec Assisted Targeting System” allows for very methodical combat. But you’ve mentioned that you don’t need to use VATS at all. How viable an option is run-n-gun? EP: You can play the entire game in first- or third-person without ever going into VATS. We never actually force you into VATS for combat. So if you just want to point your weapon and pull the trigger, go for it. That said, the game is very much an RPG and not a straight FPS, so your effectiveness with any weapon is dictated by your skills, as well as the condition of the weapon. If you find a crappy laser pistol and you’ve completely ignored the Energy Weapons skill, don’t expect to pull a Han Solo anytime soon, in or out of VATS. Personally, I use the run-n-gun method to take care of the weaker opponents, like Radroaches, and VATS for just about everything else; mostly because I’ve become addicted to the gory cinematic playback stuff.

Reader Comments

  1. I wonder where did the Fast Shot perk went to… -_- And where the “relevant” dialogs went, for that matter… I just found out now:

    We went back and forth with the impact of dialogue on the character, and ultimately decided we didn’t want to penalize or reward the player for carrying on a conversation.

    Great news for all the kids who are enjoying how the game is turning out to be. Christ, this is surreal… -_-

  2. We can all hope the feedback from the fanbase at this moment is enough for Beth to reconsider if what is said is true.
    It is obvious that is highly unlikely to happen though…

  3. What an excellent last line to end the blog post with really got me salivating! 😀

    As for the speech thing: what that quote means in context is covered in a more recent blog, but for those who haven’t read it: it just means that the *endgame choice* is not determined by whether you happen to have said the right thing to the right person.