Reader Comments

  1. oh dear beth what have you done? the game “WAS” looking great in the trailer but youve decided to give the next gen effect by adding the 3B’s

    yes thats right, Brown, Bloom (and lots of it) and Blur.

    It doesnt make the game look good, nor does it look real, it just blinds you and stops you seeing the true beauty of the game. Im not a previous fallout fan (never played it) but dont ruin it for them! very dissapointed, cos it looks great apart from that detail 🙁

  2. re: “Brown, Bloom (and lots of it) and Blur.”

    Bethesda’s works are nothing if not customizable; I don’t doubt for a second that the Bloom and Blur will be easy to get rid of in the options or INI.

    My peeve effect is HDR, so I’m glad Oblivion makes it easy to disable. I call it “Hurts Da Retinas.” :^)