It’s a Dance Off!

Late last week, I exchanged a few PMs with one of our active Elder Scrolls modders, princess_stomper, and she let me know that she was working on a video showing a “dance off” featuring our games, Morrowind and Oblivion, as well as some fancy moves from NCsoft’s MMO, Guild Wars.Well, I got to the office this AM and sure enough, Stomper had already sent me the video, and it’s definitely a winner. Featuring mods from more than dozen community members, the videos’ choreography goes great with the selected tune — Gwen Stefani’s “Wind It Up.”

Derek Zoolander and Hansel AM CRY!!

Reader Comments

  1. Just to give credit to my co-conspirators, the Guild Wars participants are otherwise known as Elder Scrolls modders BadKarma, De Fothers, Emma, Fireseed, Gayla, Imrhien, Intrepidacious, Kalikut, Kateri, Lidi, Master Sam, Qarl, Santa Cruz and Tommy Khajiit. The modded animations for Morrowind are by RX31, Lingarn, Qarl and for Oblivion by Keter Sephiroth.

  2. I’d think it would be great if in the next game there were Tamrielic dances already programed for balls and such, then it would be easy to modify their movements for all sorts of things. The video though was quite superb.

  3. No contest! Those Dark Seducers and Golden Saints are by far the best dancers. As the for the emporer…..well, that is just

    Phenomenal work Princess and everyone else who contributed!

  4. Princess Stomper has out-done herself with this video. Many, many hours of work has obviously gone into this video, and the results are hilarious! Thank you to Princess Stomper and to all involved!

  5. OMG I died of laughter!! Best bits were the Golden Saint and Dark Seducer grooving it out around a fire, the High Chancellor doing a wierd little jig on the dock and Uriel Septim dancing like an embarssing dad at a wedding. That was complete brilliance!!

  6. I screamed so loudly with laughter I just woke my husband up…Mind you, it was worth having a finger wagged angrily in my face to see this! Absoloutely priceless.:)