Meet the Iron Man!



So Monday morning when I got to the office, I immediately went into the blog’s mailbox to see who would become the winner of our contest. When I left on Friday, we had a couple guys with game times around 600 hours, but it turned out our winner would best these impressive efforts. There were also a few folks sending in multiple screen shots showing total game time across different players, but as the rules noted, this contest was for one game save.

Without further ado, I’d like to congratulate Krisztián Kovács of Hungary as becoming the “Oblivion Iron Man.” With a gameplay time of 700:48:55, he was the official winner by nearly 50 hours. If you think about that, that’s like playing for the entire month of February — even if it’s leap year! To quote Pete on the accomplishment, “Da-yum!”

Krisztián, 33, has been playing Oblivion since the game’s release — replacing Morrowind as his favorite game. He claims that he doesn’t have much spare time, but when he’s taking a break from his job as a tinsmith, Oblivion is his favorite break from the real world.

Congrats to Krisztián! We’ll be sending out his copy of Oblivion, signed by Sean Bean and Terrence Stamp.

Reader Comments

  1. Congratulations to Krisztián.
    I now have ~920 hours on my original guy (Level 40) but did not know how to enter the contest, how to send a screenshot or whatever…
    But the game is still lots of fun – and there is still lots to do!
    A most excellent program,

  2. dotz, it doesn’t stink to be the only guy on the planet — outside of this company — to have a boxed copy of a game he played for 700+ hours with signatures from Sean Bean and Terrence Stamp on it.

  3. Congrats, Krisztián. That is quite a bit of spare time spent. I suppose that perhaps your March/April in 2006 were somewhat similar to what I experienced, perhaps? (I got 300 of my 410 hours by the end of April)

    It’s impressive indeed when there’s a game addictive and enjoyable enough that you’ve spent 5.5% of your time since you got it playing it. I honestly don’t care what a few whining detractors say, ’tis an impressively made game indeed, and the mods only take it farther.

  4. How do you manage to play ONE character for that long and keep it interesting? My record is around 200 hours, but I usually only play around 100 hours before making a new character with another race/class/playstyle combination.

    Congratulations, by the way, I’m impressed.

  5. Fantastic effort! I have been going for a month now and clocked 120 hours and thought that was impressive.

    God Bless Bethesda, they have saved me a fortune from not spending all my hard earned cash on beer….

  6. Yeah I would just like to agree with everyone else in saying that playing Oblivion for over 700h is an incredible feat of endurence, strength and quite possibly Intelligence.

    Keep up the great work (that is if you can stand to even look at a screen again! lol!)

  7. Da-yum indeed! to think he spent over 700 hours playing oblivion is insane! but to play it on the crappy monitor! thats even worse!

  8. How did he get that awesome black backround on his inventory? Mine is a dingy white/yellow backround.

    Over 700 hours…Do you have any idea how many goblins that man must have killed?

  9. Jeaaah…Congratulations Krisztián, I’m so happy, that a Hungarian won this, because I am also Hungarian ^-^ That 700 ours…amazing 😀 I think I only played umm…lesser than 80 ours, but I only had the game this summer, and I started playing with it in October, so…and anyway, I am a girl, and I’m not so good in it XD

  10. hey to think that a 33 year old man would skip his job to play a game…
    i do like the game but i’m only 12 year old so (duuhh) it is pretty good though to play 700h.i myself once played an orc and i gamed for an estimated 650 hours and he only was lvl eight isn’t that weird!?

  11. hey guy, is it really worth it to throw away all of those hours on a computer game? Isn’t that bit excessive? At one point it becomes an addiciton, and no addiction is a good addiction.