Oblivion Shoutouts for Great Weapons and Hard Work


Here’s two interesting mentions Oblivion received over the long weekend…

Ash pointed me to cool list over on Team Xbox, where they picked their “Top 20 Weapons of All-Time.” Oblivion/Shivering isles made the cut with a mention of the “Dawnfang/Duskfang” blade that becomes available with the Shivering Isles expansion. The sword(s) came in at #5 on the list, and the Team Xbox editors had this to say about its powers:

“…this blade found in the Shivering Isles gives the wielder an almost unfair advantage. It will be imbued with different powers depending on the time of day and, best of all, will be completely recharged when it reappears.”

Too bad we can’t see a battle between a player wielding the Dawnfang and someone using Halo 2’s Energy Sword, which topped the list.

Oblivion also got a shot out on Wired’s Blog Network yesterday in a post titled, “A Labor Day Salute to Hard-Working Videogame Characters.” Mentioned alongside the paperboy from Paperboy and Flo from the time-waster classic, Diner Dash, “You” from Oblivion:

“Whether it’s a quest for the Fighter’s Guild or a turn in the Arena, Oblivion is all about breaking necks and cashing checks.”

Nice to see that all of “you” are getting credit for your character’s long hours “working” in Oblivion 🙂



Reader Comments

  1. well all i have to say is im practically a theif and all i do is loot houses and kill people and such im a listener and finished the dark brotherhood questline im a grand master in the arena and yet i still have found no wonderfull weapons and such all i have is the amped up blade of woe can anyone just tell me the location of some good stuff?