Oblivion Theme Gets Power Metal Treatment


Working at Bethesda, every so often, I find myself getting Jeremy Soule’s theme for Oblivion caught in my head. After today though, I’m hearing the tune in a new light.

Today one of our moderators for the Bethesda Game Studios Forums pointed me to a thread discussing a cover version of the theme music by the band Epinikion. The band, who consider themselves a “Power Metal Guild,” crank the music to 11. Too bad this won’t be in the tracklist for Guitar Hero III or Rock Band. 🙂

Check out their rendition on their MySpace page or on their official site.

Reader Comments

  1. These guys(and a girl ;)) deffinitely have my full support.They are a refreshingly original power metal band.They have some really heavy stuff on their promo album, and I certanly hope they will make a breakthrough to the ears of a lot of people all around the world…