Shivering Isles for 360 Coming to a Store Near You


We announced today that we will be shipping a Shivering Isles disc to retail stores next month. This disc will allow 360 gamers who don’t have access to Live to play the full Shivering Isles expansion as well as the content of the Knights of the Nine faction as well as .

Retail price will be $29.99. No word yet on what we might be able to do on PS3. It’s still being looked into as we speak.

Reader Comments

  1. Hey is the Game of the Year edition still being released next week? I’ve seen a few places change the release date to sometime in early October. Just wondering so I know whether or not I should bother heading to the store next week.

    If it IS delayed, I hope its because you guys changed your minds and decided to add all of the remaining DLC 🙂

  2. I REALLY don’t want to have to trade in my Oblivion copy to buy the GotY Edition… 🙁

    ….I also don’t want to have to buy another disc for the expansions….I would much rather a PSN download.

  3. I’ve already traded in my original PS3 version of Oblivion. I did this with the intention of purchasing the new version. If the GOTY is cancelled or “delayed indefinitely” or something…I doubt I’ll be a happy camper.

  4. is there some sort of problem with the ps3 and shivering isles? or something with the psn? we’ve been waiting since oblivion was released and bethesda never gives us a straight answer.

    all i receive for asking is the standard “shut up and wait” response.

  5. I’ll simply say that there are issues involved in getting it out for PS3 and that is what we are working on. I don’t really have an interest in discussing what those issues are publicly. It doesn’t solve anything or change anything. The problem has to be resolved by people on the team who understand how all this works.

    Simply put, it doesn’t work the same on PS3 as it does for 360. Different consoles, different online services, different issues to be resolved and we’ll let you know when we have.

  6. Thanks for the response. I’ll be content just knowing that you guys are working on it and attempting to resolve whatever issues there are. I’m definitely disappointed that this wasn’t made public alot sooner though considering I only traded in my original copy last week under the assumption that I would be buying the GOTY edition in the near future. If this had been made known, I obviously would have hung on to the original a little longer. Now I can look forward to an extended withdrawal 🙂

    Regardless, I have no problem being patient for the PS3 version so long as it DOES eventually come…

  7. amen, mike.

    i can be patient as well. just wish it was made public earlier as well. i’ve still kept my original in the hopes that october will see a ps3 shivering isles disc as well as a goty edition. it would be nice to have it on a separate disc or psn download, but i’ll do anything short of switching to 360 or pc for the expansion. just glad it’s coming out.

  8. Yay! I haven’t had chance to play any of the DLC or the expansion yet so this will be great when it comes out. I used to play OB on PC but now switched to 360. I just bought a new copy of OB cus my last one got scratched *cries*, and I didn’t know about the GotY, so I was peeved with myself.

    Now I feel better ^_^

  9. Chris:

    As far as we know it only includes the Knights of the Nine and Shivering Isles expansion in all three versions. But now that you mention it I guess it would be kinda nice for them to at least throw in the Horse Armor for PS3 whenever it comes out…

  10. I have never played Obilivion before, what is this Horse Armor you guys talk about? If anything I would probably want more Guilds and Quest over armour.

  11. Its nice to hear that you are trying to bring SI to us Ps3 gamers as well. I also want to thank you for relasing a really good version of Oblivion for ps3 it has given me over 150h of enjoyable play time and not to mention, even tho I finished the quest there are still a lot to explore.

    I surely hope bethesda gets SI for Ps3 relased sooner or later. And I also hope that if sony hasnt relased their PSN fund cards to EU and NA by that time,
    it would be available for disc as well.
    I am also looking foward for Fallout since I cant wait to see my 2 of my faivorite game series to “combine”

    Best of luck

  12. Thanks Pete. If you guys are having a hard time with the PSN and add-ons etc. I would suggest that you do what you can to let Sony know that they need to make it easier. I know they get a lot of crap and bad rep in the media etc, but I think giving them constructive criticism would be great.

    Thanks again for the update and I’ll keep cursing and throwing my sixaxis each time I run into a spriggan until I hear from you guys. 🙂

  13. I’m so happy I’ve got a 360 right now. No offense to PS3 owners as I’m not a vindictive person but I did just wet myself a little with joy! Thanks so much guys I’ve been ripping my hair out waiting to get wireless internet but you solved it for me!!!

  14. Not withstanding that Elder Scrolls: Oblivion has alot of ups compared to the downs. Do Bethesda plan to refine Elder Scrolls even further? As enjoying as it has been for me it’s frustrating in equal measures!! And no I don’t mean ‘easier’. Anyway lads a fine accomplisment. As big an impact as Final Fantasy 7, and that’s a fine measure 😉

  15. Brilliant!! I’d give a kidney to play this, I thought I’d see a console launch of Shivering Isles! I haven’t smoked for nine weeks now and I nearly have enough to upgrade my console to a 360. Huzzah!

  16. No word yet on what we might be able to do on PS3. It’s still being looked into as we speak.

    looks like the ps3 owners got screwed!

  17. I was wondering if you knew weather or not the SI 360 Retail expansion will include the patches from XBOX Live to fix bugs with the original OB IV Collectors edition I purchased a wile back. ie: Lag bug, and constant locking up until you clear the cash… Just wondering because I know the PC version SI Expansion says that it requires the 1.5 patch in order to run correctly.

    Also wile I am on the subject of Patches and DLC, I was wondering if you may know weather or not they plan on making the DLC available for Vista 64. I purchased the PC version also before I knew about the DLC not working with Windows 64 bit, and now I have spent a lot of money on this game for two systems and can’t get DLC on my XBOX360 because I don’t have broadband and the PC version because I have Vista 64.

    Please tell me there is something planned. Thanks!

  18. It should include the latest patches and optimizations that we had for Oblivion/SI over Xbox Live title updates.

    In terms of Vista, if we make any updates for Vista 64, we’ll definitely let you guys know.

  19. I doubt this will actually get answered in any definitive way, but is there anyone who can actually confirm that the PS3 is or isn’t getting downloadable content? I’ve been dying for the Wizard’s Tower (and others as well) for months and I’d like to know if I ought to just give up hope.

  20. why cant bethesda give us a straight answer about s.i….are we going to get it or not….and why are ps3 owners always ripped off with dlc…its no wonder ps3 is not selling well..its seems developers just dont care about it

  21. Horse armor and Frostcrag Spire? come on people if your going through the entire process of manufacturing and distributing a GOTY edition disc throw in a couple of the cooler smaller plugins as well no ?!? dont get me wrong tho kudos on finally doing it.

  22. The REALLY big question is.. What Does It Include?
    Ofcourse, it includes Shivering Isles and Knights Of The Nine.
    Well, in the PC version on Knights, it will include all DCL (Orrey, Horse armor and those) Well, since Shivering (360) includes Knight’s it would include all DCL.. but does IT?

  23. Hey everyone I just bought this for 360 and all i did was insert the disc it updated somethign teh took 5 minutes to install the updates so It doesnt look liek i need this disc anymore kinda sad for 40 bucks but can i use this disc now on other xboxes? or will ti take away my expansioN?

  24. ok so i installed the expansion on to my hard drive but im not able to get the horse armor or frost crag spire like on the pc version, or they just not there or something?

  25. This disc does not include content beyond Knights of the Nine and Shivering Isles. Any other content would need to be downloaded from the Xbox Live marketplace.

  26. ok ive brought shivering isles and oblivion when i install it and everything. when i go to play my 360 super lags and when i go into the shivering isles it lags super bad and when i went out it happened to what should i do?

  27. Reply too:

    ok ive brought shivering isles and oblivion when i install it and everything. when i go to play my 360 super lags and when i go into the shivering isles it lags super bad and when i went out it happened to what should i do?

    when oblivion starts hold a on the xbox controler it should clear the harddrive cache (dont worry it does not affect any saves) hold a before the bethesda thing comes on.

    i have not tested it i just found this on several sites.

  28. dudes i got a weird problem here. I got oblivion on 360 a while back, and got shivering isles (and KoTN with it) and I install it and everything and I ticked the download boxes thingy for what content i want to download (theres only 2 choices- S.i and KoTN) and i follow all the steps and stuff and then i says to insert my oblivion disc and i do and at the main menu it says loading content or whatever then i load my game and…….. Nothing. Theres no quest message after waiting 24 hours or longer and theres no mention of the anvil chapel wreck and theres no prophet. Im getting real pissed off someone help please.

  29. Ive got the same problem! ive bought S.I and done everything reguested to play still.. Nothing after 24 hours!!! PLeeeeeeeeease i beg you! make my fukcn. game work—–

    Ps.deleting profile is no solution what so ever.. thnx