This Week in Modding – KHAAAAAAN Edition!

Shifting gears from our normal Elder Scrolls modding news, I thought I’d share the above video which comes from the Star Trek: Legacy Ultimate Universe Mod team. The video shows the lead up to the beginning of a Wrath of Khan-inspired mission they’re working on for Legacy created using the scripting tools we released a few weeks back.

Speaking with Mindwipe from the UUM mod team, he explains:

“Amongst other aspects of UUM in development, the team has been currently recreating the Wrath of Kahn mission to be a fully-scripted mission with in-game cinematics, audio, etc using the modding tools recently created by Bethesda. In the finished draft of the mission, you will be able to fly the historic surprise attack, with a goal of driving off the Reliant, while surviving long enough to hail, then scan Kahn’s ship to force them to drop their shields and retreat. Following this, you will fly over to Regular 1 and send an away team to the station. You must avoid the Reliant and survive until you can beam your team back to the Enterprise. The final segment will be the historic Mutara Nebula battle.

The whole idea to give the gamer the complete Wrath Of Khan battle experience, recreated totally within the Legacy scripting tools and the game engine.”

Hopefully we’ll hear more about this project over time…I’m sure Ricardo Montalban cannot contain his excitement.

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