Melon Madness!

Todd sent me this hilarious video that he found over on Destructoid that I figured I’d share on the blog. The video, created by Elgiggidy, shows him dropping 10,000 watermelons at high-res quality upon a unfortunate “Adoring Fan.” Hilarious.

It should be noted that this isn’t the first “watermelon glitch” video to hit the internets. Previously, other videos have been uploaded showing the wrath of 5,000 watermelons. You can take a look at some of the other fan-made videos over at YouTube.

Reader Comments

  1. This reminds me of a video I saw for HL2 called “Melonacalypse”, available here:

    I must say, Elgiggidy’s video was far more enjoyable. It doesn’t feature annoying music or incessant editing, and it does have the Adoring Fan getting pummeled for almost 6 minutes straight. Huzzah.

    Makes me wonder what kind of a system Elgiggidy was running. Because of the resolution, I’d assume a laptop, but that’s quite the setup for that resolution.

  2. The fact that the physics could handle it is really impressive. Though he does say it was sped up – I imagine it was running a tad slow.

    The avalanche at the end was amazing. Ingame repercussions would be cool, though: being able to create an avalanche to wipe out villages in the mountains. Or an avalanche spell, perhaps.

    This is such a deeply visually cool bug, and such a visually impressive way of showing off the engine, that I hope it is included in future games, perhaps as a console command.

  3. Wow! That’s incredible- both the frame rate and the melonfest! *tumbles from stool and wrestles with mirth*…I love seeing this kind of thing.Bravo!

  4. I figured as much, but that’s not quite as fun as going round harvesting all the watermelons 😛

    Plus, a character that could carry 10k WM would be pretty handy to haul loot out of dungeons. Think of all the daedric stuff you could carry out of Oblivion Gates!! ^_^

  5. Awww, I wish I could do this… It won’t let me. Bethesda, why did you make it so if I drop 10000 watermelons, it says “Watermelon (10,000)”?

    If I wanna crash my computer that’s my prerogative 😛

    That or make an option to allow one to disable/enable it…

  6. well it looks like watermelons are inviding cyrodiil. damn mages with heir fireballs and fruits. only problem is that the adoring fan is immune to 10,000 water melons hitting his head from like half mile above him…