Continued Leipzig Coverage


Thought I’d share a few links to some Leipzig coverage of Fallout 3 from the past week.

Spanish gaming site seems to have enjoyed their screening of the demo at GC. The game walked away with their award for “Best RPG” on PS3, Xbox 360 and PC. The game also captured their “Best Xbox” game award, as well as the “2nd Absolute Best Game in the Show” behind Mafia II. If you’re fluent in Spanish, you can also read Roberto Hidalgo Burgos’ preview that’s on their site. We’ve got a bit of it translated below:

“Even if at E3 it was barely shown, at GC we enjoyed an in-game demo of more than an hour, where Bethesda left us completely stunned in the same way they do about a year ago with Oblivion. Fallout 3 unites again in a title a wide and diverse gaming experience, with top-notch graphics, all wrapped with a rich and highly immersive background, promising dozens of gaming hours.”

In other international coverage, Scandinavian game site Game Reactor is hosting an interview up with Emil Pagliarulo in which Emil talks about his favorite elements of Fallout, some of the creatures that will appear in the game, and more.

Finally, back here in the states, GamePro writer Vicious Sid has put up his preview that covers some of the basics about the game:

“Just before the war, many sought refuge is massive underground bunkers called Vaults. Once sealed, the Vaults are sealed permanently — nobody enters, nobody leaves. This is the dark world of Fallout, a cult hit on the PC in the late 90’s and now an upcoming action-RPG from Bethesda Softworks, creator of The Elder Scrolls series.”

Update: Looks like there’s another Spanish preview up on Meristation. Time to head over to Babelfish.

Reader Comments

  1. so, it’s going to be an “action RPG” ?

    … I hope there won’t be missions such as in Oblivion: go to a cave, kill everything that moves until you get to the bottom of the cave, survive the traps on the boxes, retrieve object, return object to quest giver, redo from start.

    I guess it’s up to the fans to make the real Fallout 3.

  2. Awesome! I cannot wait for this to come out on PS3! Will the multi-platform release of this possibly be simultaneous? That would be splendid … but as a PS3 owner I have quickly learned patience … 😉

  3. Yeah, they had those on the fallout games too, it’s more important to see how they are going to create the others more complex quests.

    Gstaff I always credit this blog, you could credit mine from time to time when you find something on it, like Meristation.

  4. Briosa, our PR firm is constantly e-mailing us links to articles, copies of coverage, etc., along with press guys themselves, who drop us a line when articles go up. It’s very well possible that for some of these updates your site was actually the source of information, but they didn’t say.