Oblivion: Game of the Year ships (on PC/360!)


The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion Game of the Year (GOTY) edition ships today for PC and Xbox 360. In GOTY, you’ll find the entire original, award-winning game, Oblivion, plus Knights of the Nine and the official expansion pack, Shivering Isles. We also include the title update so all the latest fixes and optimizations are included.

I’m particularly proud of this version, even more so than the Morrowind Game of the Year for Xbox, which also let you play Morrowind’s expansions on your Xbox. That was not an easy implementation for us. It also required you to import your original Morrowind saves to Game of the Year.

For Oblivion’s GOTY implementation, we wanted to make the process easier – both for us and for our fans. We’ve been working on this version since late last year. The main challenge was figuring out how to include content from Xbox Live on a disk. We asked Microsoft to keep it as simple and intuitive as possible. We wanted the experience of playing Knights and Isles to be exactly the same whether you downloaded them off Xbox Live or purchased them on a disk. What Microsoft came up with was exactly what we needed.

When you open up GOTY for Xbox 360, you’ll see two disks. The first disk is the original game, Oblivion – in fact, its the same disk as what is currently at stores now. The second disk has Knights of the Nine, Shivering Isles, and Oblivion’s title update. When you insert the second disk, it asks to install the title update first. Afterwards, you have the choice of copying Knights and/or Isles onto your hard drive – as if you purchased them off Xbox Live. Once they are copied, you insert Oblivion and play. We also use this same functionality for the Shivering Isles for Xbox 360 retail disc.

I hope more publishers and developers take advantage of this functionality to offer expansion packs and downloadable content on disk. I think that Microsoft says 50% of Xbox owners are off line, so that’s a pretty big audience there.

As for the PC version, it works the same way. Two disks. The first disk installs Oblivion. The second disk installs Knights, Isles, and updates your game to the latest version.

Some fun facts:

  • Your original saves will work fine with GOTY. This is the primary reason why we wanted to ship the original game in the box – so you can continue to play with your old characters right away. No wacky importing necessary.
  • The title update is mandatory. You won’t be able to install Knights or Isles without it since they both require it.
  • Oblivion GOTY will retail for $50 (PC) and $60 (360) — a pretty good deal when you consider it includes Knights and Isles, which cost $10 and $30 on their own, respectively.
  • What about the Playstation 3 version? We’re working on it.

The Xbox 360 version was developed jointly by Bethesda and Microsoft. I’d like to thank the following people at Microsoft: Momin Al-Ghosien, Dennis Mooney, Dave Aronson, Moses Mwangi, Richard Moore, Amy Suter, Robert Craig, Michael Maston, Rich Dalton, Kelly Tofte, David Tapang, and Chenelle Bremont. Special thanks to Clifford Garrett, who — after hearing on a podcast last year that we wanted to put downloadable content on a disk — emailed us brainstorming ideas on some possible ways we could do it, unsolicited, out of the blue. In the end, he ended up putting it all together for us, anyway 🙂

On our end, Chris Krietz, GOTY’s QA Lead, has done an incredible job testing and tracking all the versions of GOTY (and the Japanese versions, too!). Other props go to Guy Carver, Mike Lipari, Craig Lafferty and all our GOTY testers: Aaron Mitschelen, Chris Steidel, Dan Geske, Dan Ross, Jared Angus, Jason Hammett, Jason Little, Matt Weil, Michael McGinn, Mike Mazzuca, Philip Georgatos, and Robert Clark.

Reader Comments

  1. This is kind of an odd question, but being a “new game” sort of compared to the original, does this mean you earn the achievements all over again? As in, will this be a boost to your gamerscore if you buy it and play through everything again?

  2. Nope, you don’t get new gamerscore points. Playing Shivering Isles via the GOTY disk is the same as if you’d purchased it off Xbox Live. And Oblivion is the same title – so we could make sure your prior saves remained compatible.

  3. When the game gets updated to ‘the latest version’, is this a newer patch then version 1.2.0416? If so will it be released seperately on the elderscrolls website?

  4. I’ve purchased Xbox 360 recently. My family likes it very much. My husband has never played RPG and I want show him Oblivion. Suppose buying GotY is a good choice. Where can I read about changes/enhancements in GotY edition?

  5. This is for North America right? So when will the X360 GotY version be shipped to other parts of the country like Asia? I’m from Singapore in South East Asia.

  6. Yes, both the PC and 360 versions of Oblivion have gotten a price drop.

    The latest version is the one already available, it simply hasn’t been made available before to folks who are offline because there was no way to provide Updates off a disc previously.

    You can find out more about Oblivion GotY here:

    And obviously check the section on Shiv Isles for more complete info on the expansion.

    Not sure yet when it will be available in Singapore.

    GotY only includes Oblivion, Knights, and Shivering Isles. No other DLC.

    Hope I answered all the questions.

  7. Sounds great, can’t wait to buy it!

    Could anyone give so much as a hint as to when the game will become available to purchase in the UK? – will we have to wait a few more days, or a few more weeks?


  8. Cheers, gameplay.co.uk say 14 September 2007, guess we will see.

    Would be worth at least mentioning it’s release outside of the US surely, even if it means just passing the buck to the distributor’s, that would at least give the impression of considered equality! 😉

  9. it’s stupid of Bethestda of saying when it will be Released in the United States only.
    No Word of Europe. Bad. but still i love this game and i can’t wait to buy it.

  10. I recently bought Oblivion GOTY. I followed the instructions to
    install the the expansion packs for Knights of the Nine and the Shivering
    Isles. However, the Shivering Isles did not appear on the list of expansion
    packs to install on Disc 2. What am I suppose to do in order to install the
    Shivering Isles expansion pack? if I cant do anything can I at least recieve
    a disc to install onto my Xbox so that I can get the Shivering Isles

  11. I recently bought Oblivion Goty Edition for pc today. but everytime the beginning Video the game shuts down and i get an error messege saying the program needed to shut down any ideas on why its doing it or how to fix it would be appreciated.

  12. A couple questions that everyone seems to avoid. Will there be DLC on the Playstation Store for the PS3 version by the end of this year? Will there be the option of downloading Shivering Isles via the PS Store for the one who already purchased that game earlier this year? It seems unfair to the ones who already forked out $60 and Bethesda wants us to fork out another $60 for GOTY which only has the Shivering Isles upgrade, not worth $60. It seems that everyone is focusing on the 360 version and not the PS3 version. I know what all the 360 fans say that PS3 owners wine too much. This is not a whining session, it’s legitament questions. I own both systems and know how good each one is. Yes the 360 has the edge now, but as soon as the developers take full control of the PS3’s potential all the 360 will be good for is Xbox Live which Sony can’t compete with. It’s all in the specs. Thanks

  13. I have bought Oblivion GOTY for XBOX 360 and installed the Shivering Isles and Knights of the Nine expansions. When I load the game, nothing new appears (No Knights of the Nine quests, no Shivering Isles quests, no new achievements). What’s wrong with me?

  14. Giuliano,

    About 24-48 hours in game hours after installing SI, you should be prompted with a new quest message, suggesting that you investigate rumors concerning an island in the Niben Bay. Follow the quest marker to a small island south east Bravil.

    If it didnt install, follow Ash’s steps mentioned below…

    The second disk has Knights of the Nine, Shivering Isles, and Oblivion’s title update. When you insert the second disk, it asks to install the title update first. Afterwards, you have the choice of copying Knights and/or Isles onto your hard drive – as if you purchased them off Xbox Live. Once they are copied, you insert Oblivion and play. We also use this same functionality for the Shivering Isles for Xbox 360 retail disc.

  15. I recently bought Oblivion GOTY for the 360. I installed everything on disc 2. all the achievments appeared for shivering isles but i have not yet recieved a new quest leading me to the shivering isle. I have already done the knights of the nine quest line through to its end. what do i need to do in order to get the shivering isle quest line?

  16. Hi guys. So when’s it going to be released for PS3 in the UK? I want to play Oblivion but I’m not going to pay for the original when there’s a better edition coming out.

  17. Installed patch on 2nd disc and installed both expansions waited for 24 hours in game and no message. Can’t play Shivering Isles or Knights of the nine. Whats the deal? What can I do to fix this. I paid for it even after I had the original game disc and I can’t even play it.

  18. I’m having similar issues to Aaron – Xbox, retail version of disc. Installs, start Oblivion and get ‘new content loading’ message, but Oblivion version number does not appear, and content is not enabled. Do not have Xbox Live. I understand this retail disc is meant to upgrade Oblivion to 1.2, why won’t it take effect?

  19. I borrowed the second disc from a friend just to install the expansion packs, but even though the files show in my hard drive’s memory, the expansions don’t work and the game slows down considerably. Do I have to use the GOTY disc for the expansions to work? (on the 360)

  20. So, any word on the DL content for PS3? Will it happen? If so, how soon? If you can download SI why not the other gems? You guys (and Sony) get tired of making money?

  21. Jake on Yahoo! Answers said:
    Okay I got home, inserted the “disc One” of the GOTY edition of Oblivion. I played that for a good 4 hours or so… no problems, even with my old saves.

    I got bored, and decided to see what disc 2 was about. I popped it in, and it went straight to the installations. Here’s the fun part:

    I have Xbox Live, as well as the update for the standard oblivion.

    First thing that happens when the second disc boots, is I get disconnected from XBL and told that I must download the update before I can install the game. I select OK, and it goes straight to the install options… not even like it updated anything, just bypassed it. I’ve cleared my HDD cache, twice, and got the patch from the first disc being booted.

    Nights of the Nine is installed sucessfully, but when I try to install Shivering Isles, it gets about 1/2 and a system blade comes out informing me “one or more items can’t be installed.”

    What can I do?

    This is also my problem, and I can say right now, that KOt9 works, but Isles is the one that is coming up with the “one or more items can’t be installed.”. I’ve already installed KOt9 and beat it, and I went to install Isles and it came up with the same problem as Jake, disconect from live and ask for the update with no means of being able TO DO IT. Thus I’m stuck without being able to play Shivering Isles.

    HALP. ;_;

  22. so yeah the ps3 has trouble running so much in-game add on content at the same time… thats why the DLC hasn’t/won’t came/come out right?

  23. I installed both discs of Oblivion GOTY on my computer but only Oblivion, the kotn main quest and shivering isles works,none of the other plugins work.

  24. i mean i had the original for xbox and i recenly purchased a ps3 and bought oblivion goty and i only have one disk ive been reading these comments and it seem the xbox has two disks help

    p.s reply as soon as possible

  25. every time i try to install shivering isles my xbox just says “cannot install one or more upgrades” or something like that … can any1 help me PLEASE im desperate!!!!!!!!!!

  26. k that is a no brain er video. It didn’t help. I have a bad issue. Not something that is obvious. Ive emailed the tech email. Hope to hear from them soon. When the msg comes up it says 1 or more blah cant be installed. But it installs the Knights of the nine and not SI. There is others here that have the same problem as myself. How did they fix there?

  27. Hello, I was wondering, will bug fixes, patches, or any official plug-ins ever become available to the PS3 players out there?

    I am a proud PS3 owner, and am… Rather disgusted with the Game of the Year edition of Oblivion for the PS3, some object placement, as well as quest glitches and bugs make me cringe. For example, when you have been turned into a vampire, and you no longer want to be a vampire, you can’t complete the vampire cure quest. She doesn’t accept Blood Grass.

    And it just bothers me that none of the incredible looking plug-ins are available to the PS3 players, not even through separate disk.

    If you ever have the time to respond, I’m sure you’ve been asked in the past, I’m just curious.


  28. help it says the update was installed but i check in video options but it isnt there cleared the cache and uninstalled it lots of times but it wont work i have nxe and dont have xbox live

  29. I would like to know if there has been confirmation of whether or not the plug-ins for Oblivion will be available for PS3 owners (ie. wizard’s tower, mahrune’s razor etc)? Thanks.