Raise a Glass for These New Mods


Thought I’d share some interesting mods for Morrowind and Oblivion while surfing Planet Elder Scrolls today.

Above is an image from Rougetet’s Lore Friendly Libations mod. This mod is intended to help modders looking to fill up “shelves, bars, etc. within the tavern/bar mods that have been created by other modders with some more colorful and lore-friendly beverages.” S0unds like a great mod to come home to after a tough day at the office.

Also new, here’s a couple cool “cosmetic mods” to check out. Oblivion brings dark times to Cyrodiil, so it makes sense that characters should look like they’ve had a hellish day. Using Djangos Unique Features mod, you can add details like, “scars, stubble, tattoos – even acne” to the NPCs in the game. If scars and acne aren’t bleak enough for you, maybe PrinceofNothing’s Amputations Mod for Morrowind will be. With this mod, you’ll easily be able to “equip” amputations to your character. Let’s start seeing some reenactments of Monty Python and the Holy Grail.

Last but not least, here’s a shout out to Galuf’s Imperial Texture replacer for Morrowind. With this mod, you can make Imperial structures look a little more homely by giving the textures a more wooden look. Check out the screens here…pretty cool!

Reader Comments

  1. Hey… I don’t see any mention of Qarl’s Texture Pack III on your site…

    Have you guys seen this?

    It is by far the most visually impressive mod I’ve ever seen! Maybe for any game! I just downloaded it a couple days ago, and it makes the game look absolutely amazing… No, I don’t work for him or anything, lol, its just amazing. Check it out at:

    (My comment doesn’t seem to be working so I took the link out… google it pls, its the planetelderscrolls at gamespy one with the screens)

    You gotta see the screenies… the proper ones are at the bottom of the mod info (the ones on the right don’t work correctly)

    Other than when first loading an area, it only drops my FPS by 2-5 frames. It’s definitely worth it. I just spin my view around to let everything load and then it’s all pretty smooth. And my system isn’t killer or anything… p4 3.0ghz, 2gb ram, ati x1950pro 256mb, at 1280×720 with HDR with almost everything at max detail.

    Some of the normalmap and bump stuff textures look a little weird up close (like the rocks and some outdoor stuff) but the walls and ground textures are jaw dropping.

    Check it out! Just make sure you back up your files cuz some people get bad performance and can’t uninstall it.

    You guys should add them as an “ultra” texture quality setting… hehe.