Oblivion vs. Oblivion vs. Oblivion on YouGamers


YouGamers has an article up about cross-platform gaming and the process of bringing a game to more than one platform, porting…the whole bit.

They talk about a number of games and what did, or didn’t work well, as far as taking them from one platform to another. They talk quite a bit about Oblivion as it’s related to the PC vs. Xbox 360 vs. PS3 versions. Here’s a snippit:

The reason we include Oblivion in this article is the fact that it was ported and released one year after initial launch – for the PlayStation 3. With a cross-platform framework already in place, the porting should have been easy – let’s find what the result is like, look at the differences and value proposition between the different versions, and see where this might lead cross-platform development.

There are some points made in the argument that I don’t necessarily agree with, but thought I’d pass it along just the same. Head over to YouGamers to read the full piece.

Reader Comments

  1. Few things are wrong in this article. Like Oblivion is not the third part, it is the forth. Also, KotN is not free for the PC, it is 9,99$. Nice comparison, and nice conclusion. No thing is better, it depends on the kind of game and configuration.

  2. Would have liked to see more discussion of interface compatibility, screen resolutions, etc: that’s where the big differences in platforms are for the player, not whether they can have AA and HDR on at the same time.

  3. I was also confused by the mention of KotN being free for the PC version :S
    But one thing is true: if you take user-made mods into account, the console versions of Oblivion don’t stand a chance against the PC version. 😀