LEGO Fallout Confirmed!


Following the blockbuster success of Lego Star Wars, we’ve decided to combine the timeless fun of Legos with the Fallout universe.

Okay, not really. But while reading our forums, I found an interesting thread started by DewiMorgan that links to some really cool post-apocalyptic LEGO buiding on the site Brickshelf. Created by the user Legohaulic, you can plenty of effort went into building this disaster area.

To view more examples of Legohaulic’s stuff, check here and also here.

Reader Comments

  1. What Gstaff forgot *cough*neglected*cough* to mention however, was when he was five years old he got one of those transparent red circle-shaped legos lodged in his nose.


  2. and how about some new screenshots from fallout3? :X you take ages to update the official page.. ive seen all your interviews and you always say that you already got this and that, so show those wonderful things to us!! i am excited with fallout3 but i just want to see more action :/

  3. It’s a marathon, not a sprint. We still have a long ways to go in terms of doling out info, assets, etc. Please be patient, or as patient as you can.