Fallout Community Q&A Arrives


As many of you know, we announced a community Q&A for Fallout 3 a couple of weeks ago. Since Blinzler was so eager to see a community Q&A, I put him in charge of compiling questions that YOU wanted to know about. Not an easy task, considering he (with the help of some folks he selected) had to filter through pages of suggestions in the forums, as well as look at stuff I forwarded from our inbox, and of course, this blog. Did I mention he did all of this while living through a hurricane? Big props to Blinzler!

So head on over to our Fallout forums and take a look at the answers that Todd came up with. Here’s a sample:

14. You have talked a lot about choices and consequences in the quest design. Are you aiming for immediate feedback, or long term (and possibly unforeseeable) consequences? In addition to moral choices, will different characters be able to tackle tasks using their different skill sets? [GhanBuriG]

It’s a bit of both, overall I think the player needs something immediate, or they don’t know if they actually accomplished anything, or felt what they just did had any meaning whatsoever. The longer term stuff is great to surprise the player with, whether it’s positive or negative, but if it’s a surprise, you need to be careful, because that can be frustrating, so you give the player another route, or simply treat the consequence as a flavor thing, and not a game-changing thing.

In regards to using different skills, most definitely, yes. We’re really pushing on that, and I think that’s the crux of the game – what skills you use, so each quest or goal of the player’s can be accomplished in different ways using different skills. Even in dialogue we’re using a lot of different skills, depending on who you’re talking to So if you’re talking to a scientist, your Science skill may give you an extra dialogue option.

Reader Comments

  1. From reading the above comments it seems a lot of people really need to get over to the official website and check it out 🙂 Everything I have seen so far looks like this will be one of the biggest and best titles to be released next year and i for one cant wait. I have not been so excited about a game being released for a very long time! I am wondering when the more vidz and pics will be realeased, so far I have seen some really good pics but I have only seen one vid (apart from the excellent interview vid) and would love to know when we will be feed more. Also does anyone know if you will be able to drive the odd vechile and how will you travel between cities? I loved how you could Fix the car in Fallout 2 which not only made travel easier but the trunk space was awesome for hoarders like me 🙂

  2. Actually if Fallout 3 is not same as Fallout 1 and 2 in terms of way it is played I dont think it will interest me much. What I liked with Fallout 1/2 is the story and the way it was played. It would defeat the purpose to propose me a fallout 3 played like final fantasy for example. I will not be tempted at all. I would enjoy fallout 3 as a continuation of fallout 1/2 in a similar style of game. Maybe just more complex but surely not if it is different.

  3. im wondering, you sead thet these fallout3 well be first or third pirson view, buth well theat be third person like oblivion or like old fallou stile??

  4. So if you can win a Xbox 360 Pro…and it even says under it that you name will be in the game if you win the contest…that means the game will be for 360 too!!!1 I knew it if this is true I love Bethesda….I knew I didn’t buy a 360 for nothing.

  5. quote from Daimyo 9.18.07 “80ish hours into Oblivion I have to say that I am even more excited about Fallout 3 now”

    WOW, ain’t he gonna be impressed when the Oblivion Abomb that kills most of the animation (read ‘game’) strikes.

    I wish I could be as excited about Fallout3 as I was in buying Oblivion collectors edition (and an xbox360 at the same time, JUST to play THAT game), but the idea that Fallout3 could well have the same animation glitch, and that Bethesda will do NOTHING about it while still selling copies as quickly as possible (as per Oblivion), makes me sick.

    Someone or group should take these guys to court after about 12months knowing of this glitch and doing nothing.

  6. My comment is awaiting moderation.

    Well, there’s no swearing, no typographical errors, no LIES

    … so i should be able to read my post in your column after it’s ‘moderated’ hey!

  7. We have moderation turned on because of the huge amount of spam posts we get from bots that would completely clog the comments section if we didn’t filter them out through moderation.

  8. Everything i want to know is this. Are you as free in f3 as you were in f1 and 2 everybody in here knows the essence of fallout is that you are free to move around the world finding random encounters being a do gooder or an evil prick. not like doom 3 where you finish one level after another until you meet the final boss. and will you use some of the old weapons ? btw beshida has done alot of good work so i have faith. dont tell me its ill placed 🙂

  9. 1 major and critical question that everyone want to know….
    when fallout 3 will be released? at least give us some hint like 3-4 months later…

  10. one thing that i loved about f2 was the fact that you could go into gun shops and completely destroy the owners and merchants selling their goods and take all their stuff.. are we gonna be able to do that in f3? and also are we going to have the ability to upgrade weapons like in f2?

  11. I am a big fan of all the previous PC games, I still own and play all of them in diffrent ways each time. Bestheda did the best job I’ve ever seen as far as Options in a game(Oblivion). But still the player feels limited in a way because you only have six or so Mission brackets(fighters guild Ect..)

    Will you be able to recruit people as you did in 1&2. And if so will the recruited charecters have thier own missions come with them.You know, thier own personal agenda that the player can help with. Does many, not a few, but Many NPC’s have problems the player can solve with his attributes. I want a fallout 3, that doesn’t feel like a remake but an improvement. Is this it.

  12. One more thing, Read these comments and Questions. Its good stuff and its what will make a good game. I’ve read them and I think a large portion of these things should be in the game. If you want it to be a big seller listen to the franchise fans.

  13. Is the perk and traits from fallout 1 & 2 will be continue in fallout 3? Is the leveling system same as previous fallout:->3 level per perk?

  14. Fallout 1&2 are my favourites games ever.I hope Fallout 3 to have the same graphic (2d), atmosphere, ironic dialogues, characters, way of playing….in fact I praise for that.What`s the point to make another 3d good looking RPG when there are a lot on the market.
    Fallout 1&2 are unique and I hope Fallout 3 will be the same.Otherwise why even bother to buy it.Guys I wait for Fallout 3 for years like other fans so please don`t let us down developing a fresh, good looking and politicaly corect game.


  15. Will the designers work on separate GUIs for the PC, xBox and PS3 versions? I was very disappointed with the GUI in Oblivion (it was obviously tailored to the xBox) and I’m hoping that mistake won’t be repeated.

  16. This game will suck…hard! If any of you are hoping for something similar to the originals, you’re just kidding yourselves. Beth sold out the franchise and most importantly, the fans.

    RTwP/FPS for a fallout game? Removing half of the things that made the original great? Adding nukes and the ability to drink out of toilets? Robotic dialogue? Remember that lively party you have in the first two games? Well forget it, cause they took that out too.
    This is worst than Oblivion with guns. This is Uber FOPOS. I’d rather play a Disney game. Save your money for SC2 guys. Don’t support a company that sold out one of the best RPG because they want to make a few extra bucks.

  17. So ummm… question. Not necessarily about fallout 3… more about one of the other less popular fallout titals. What happened to Fallout: Tactics. The game had an amazing concept behind it. The gameplay was kinda rough. And in some senses didnt quite match up to Fallout par, especialy in the story line department; but I was mildly curious to see if you guys planned on ever going back to the CTB and STB modes in another Fallout: Tactics kinda way. It was really really fun being able to control and customize more than one character… really cool.

  18. Shawn,

    Fallout 3 is the first Fallout title we’ve worked on. For the time being, our focus is really about getting this game ready for next year.

  19. After searching through all the hype and lies that critics have came up with I have come to the conclusion that this game will rock. I really only want to know four things, (1) Will I be able to buy/steal/take a vault for my own? (2)Will there be random encounters/attackers on my own vualt? (3)when can I get my hands on the demo. (4) do you need a beta tester?

    Thank you for continuing a Fallout legacy

  20. why does nobody answer my question? DO or DO NOT all supermutants in the game look like the one in the screenshot section of fallout3 website? Cause I wouln’d call him a supermutant if you paid me for it. Looks more like some sort of orc. I hope your ghouls won’t just look like some futuristic zombies.

  21. A: I’m really excited about fallout 3. But I’m not really expecting it to be like the first two at all.
    B: Even if this does turn out to be Oblivion with guns, I’ll still buy it.
    C: Now for my actual question; comedy. The random/rediculous comedy of the first two games made them awesome. Are you guys even trying to make anything funny in this one?

  22. Well.. hard to describe the passion all fallout fans still have for the series. Most of my friends still play fallout 1 2 and tactics once in a while and they miss the feeling and ambience fallout had on the previous versions. Bringing the game to a 3d fps stylish enviroment will be a great chalange i sure hope it will be done properly.

    Turn base was important in fallout.. gave the game an awesome feeling in tactical terms and thinking.. something that nowadays games miss.

    Would be nice to keep at least a turn based option available. Will that be implemented? Cos tbh.. most fallout fans like turn based games..

  23. Through both Fallout 1 & 2 there is only one gun that i’ve used, please tell me for the love of sanity that the .223 pistol will be in fallout 3!

  24. Agreed with Dago from above. It was an awsome handgun and deffinetly a favorite.

    One other question though, is the karma system gonna be more like kotr or the old fallout games? Or is it going to be something unique that none of us have ever really seen before.

    Also, are there any plans for a map editor open to the public?

  25. Fallout Tactics…best game ever.

    I like the squad-based action, with the OPTION for real-time/turn based.

    I just hope to not be let down…I also am hopefull for realistic weapon/combat physics, I am in the military and I pay attention to these sorts of things.

    Can you tell me about the physics?

    I do look forward to the release though.

  26. Yea… what kind of engine is this going to be running on. Is it going to use the same as Oblivion or, again, is it going to be something new. Or, yet again, will we not know until later.

  27. Add multiplayer to it. online through xbox live or something like that. The one thing that I have always wish about the fallout games as well as the elder scroll games was that you could play multiplayer, through lanning would also be great.

  28. People, why do you ask questions asnwered about 20 times before? The engine is an upgraded oblivion engine. No multiplayer and as far as I know Black Isle still has the rights to do a Fallout MMORPG. And of course there is not going to be a turn-based combat. How do you expect that to look in an oblivion-like post-nulear fpp/tpp? And for the third time I return to my question: are those supermutants in the game gonna look like oblivion orcs or not?

  29. I can see that this will not be a faithful rendition of Fallout. I have purchased Morrowind & Oblivion which were fine in their own right, but even those had elements that changed from one to the other, the lack of flying ability, for example.

    According to the interviews given to magazines this is basically Bethesda’s Version of Fallout. Also that they aren’t interested in resurrecting the ‘Old Fallout’ fan base.

    I will remain vigilant for a true sequel to the old
    fallouts. I guess I’ll have to wait another 5 years for someone to get nostalgic enough to want to do it right. I may buy this version later after it gets conscripted to the bargain barrels.

  30. So, will the VATS system be one way only, or will enemies have an aimed shot system too? Also, I know that how well you do in combat relies heavily on your SPECIAL stats, but what about the enemies? Will it be more like Oblivion where a clear visual hit means a CLEAR VISUAL HIT, or will enemies have stats and armor that will dictate things like hit or miss chances kind of like Morrowind. And will better armor and stats give you the same advantage over them? Basically, will enemies be built just like you, or will they just be intelligent target dummies.

  31. Things that really made F1&2 great (from my POW):

    1. humor
    2. travel & random encounters
    3. textbox
    4. turn-based combat
    5. the car
    6. endless possibilities (you can finish the story line in so many ways)
    7. soundtrack

    I hope I’ll see all of them in F3.

  32. Hi,

    I’ve a couple of suggestions, and I realise I’m WAY down the bottom of the page, but I hope the right person somehow reads this –

    – F1+2 dialogues always had one option that let you scathingly (and very amusingly) insult whoever you were talking to, I think this was one of the real beauties of the games

    – I understand why you don’t want textual descriptions of objects. Sometimes, though, it’s nice to be able to read a bit more detail about objects, people, and the world. It just adds extra flavour.

    – The VATS system is excellent, and in fact is nearly identical to an idea I had a few years ago. Have you been stealing my notebooks? Anyways, the idea of significantly reducing player damage whilst the camera is watching other stuff, seems like it might detract from realism (in a purely geeky role-playing sense). Instead (and I know this is tricky) how about zooming the camera to a position where BOTH events are visibile; for instance, an aerial view, or an over-the-shoulder view that shows both the near-by event and the other in the distance?

    – In regards to the Oblivion fast travel system, I felt this disconnected me from the game world. The original Fallouts had it about right, you could travel quickly across the map, but you still got a sense of the time passing. I’d kinda prefer it if, rather than the entire world being modelled in painstaking detail (a la Oblivion), you guys just spent the time on the more significant locations and stories, have them strewn across a HUGE map, and build a few generic scenery sandboxes to randomly throw in for wasteland encounters. It sounds nice to be able to walk right across the game world in first person, but most of the time the only bits that matter are the main destinations, and by having to build ALL that scenery in between, you’re massively limiting the size of the world you can create. Fallout created the illusion of an enormous game, with really only a handful of relatively small locations to visit. Of course, you’re the developers, so I won’t try to tell you how manage your priorities. (If it were up to me, games would be using flat polygon stickmen, so ALL the development could go into the story…)

    – Also for random encounters, there should be an option to skip encounters (only if you have a high enough level compared to the levels of the creatures you’re encountering).

    All that aside, from what Todd has written, this looks like it’s going to be a GREAT game. Please ignore the various illiterate responses of “what! you’ve gone and CHANGED stuff, that’s suxxor” (these people generally seemed like they hadn’t even bothered to properly read the article).

    The Fallout series is seriously high in my top games of all time, and you guys seem to recognise all the reasons why! Yes, I’m looking forward to it. I hope Bethesda realise how popular this title’s going to be; this post is still “number one most popular” a month and a half after it was posted.

    (On the above point, take heed of 2K’s palava with the Bioshock activation servers, if you plan on using any similarly draconian kind of copyright system 😉

  33. Good morning, just a quick question, i read somewhere that the leveling system from Oblivion would also be applied to Fallout 3, just wondered if this was true, hope not because the although Oblivion was a very very good game which i personally ranked up nearly 200 hours on (over a few months) without playing the expansions, the leveling system makes it pointless in leveling up, i agree with the thing about some enemies should always be more powerfull like bosses etc, that makes it more intersting, but having all the enemies level up around you makes it pointless in leveling up really as you can complete the game on a very low level, just wondered for some insight, i am a huge fallout fan and even though its straying from the original genre i am really looking forward to the new one, keep up the good work guys

  34. Good morning,
    Nice to see that my question was removed without an answer, take it that you agree the leveling system is a load of toss and didnt work, hope this isnt put into the new fallout, because despite going away from the original genre, taking away the levelling system (which worked really well) would be a shame, i only hope that you do make an actual fallout game and not oblivion with guns

  35. I hear alot of complaining about the handling of the Fallout license, but I was blown away by Oblivion. I definitely look forward to Fallout 3. I’ve been keeping up with interviews and postings, and I feel that the game will be true to the memory of the original Fallout universe. Good luck and I’m waiting for preorder availability!

  36. fallout 3 better not be some censored, watered-down piece of crap. i liked everything about fallout 2 and i may be dissapointed if 3 isnt as involving, i could care less about action if game & character depth are sacrificed. i also liked the drugs hookers and text boxes of the first 2 games. why change something that was great?

  37. i have beaten fallout 1,2 and tactics for the PC and loved them but i was really disappointed when i played fallout brotherhood of steel for xbox1.that game was an embarrassment. so i hope bethesda brings fallout 3 to a whole new level of RPG fun and excitement.

  38. I was just wondering if there would be NPC companions, and if so how many? I am replaying the original Fallout in anticipation for Fallout 3 and it is pretty awesome having all those characters following you around

  39. oh, yes another question: will we have the possibility to have dogs or any other animals from the wasteland with us to fight hard and bloody?

  40. I realise this isnt going to be read for a very long time and im not sure im not repeating someone so if i am sorry.
    Personaly i would like fallout 3 to not have quests decissions to just add flavour.You might very well be killing off an orphanage in that quest.I think the general reaction of all ‘good’ NPCs is gona be somewhat dubious.And even raiders wouldnt treat you as a friend.Basicaly something like that could make you an outcast.
    And just in general fallout games were challenging.Having your enemies level along with you is no offense but the dumbest idea for fallout.Having a rat be as powerfull as a minigun armed power armor wearing trained member of the BOS has as much logic and believability in it as a fairy tale book.Fallout should be a hard game.There should be places where going in blasting is just a garuante for one extra bullet(in your head).Think something like the early resident evil games.They tried to get rid of the player.Not help him on his way.And that was the most fun.

    Well ive said more than i needed.Good luck with the project Bethesda.Were all counting on you.