Fallout Community Q&A Arrives


As many of you know, we announced a community Q&A for Fallout 3 a couple of weeks ago. Since Blinzler was so eager to see a community Q&A, I put him in charge of compiling questions that YOU wanted to know about. Not an easy task, considering he (with the help of some folks he selected) had to filter through pages of suggestions in the forums, as well as look at stuff I forwarded from our inbox, and of course, this blog. Did I mention he did all of this while living through a hurricane? Big props to Blinzler!

So head on over to our Fallout forums and take a look at the answers that Todd came up with. Here’s a sample:

14. You have talked a lot about choices and consequences in the quest design. Are you aiming for immediate feedback, or long term (and possibly unforeseeable) consequences? In addition to moral choices, will different characters be able to tackle tasks using their different skill sets? [GhanBuriG]

It’s a bit of both, overall I think the player needs something immediate, or they don’t know if they actually accomplished anything, or felt what they just did had any meaning whatsoever. The longer term stuff is great to surprise the player with, whether it’s positive or negative, but if it’s a surprise, you need to be careful, because that can be frustrating, so you give the player another route, or simply treat the consequence as a flavor thing, and not a game-changing thing.

In regards to using different skills, most definitely, yes. We’re really pushing on that, and I think that’s the crux of the game – what skills you use, so each quest or goal of the player’s can be accomplished in different ways using different skills. Even in dialogue we’re using a lot of different skills, depending on who you’re talking to So if you’re talking to a scientist, your Science skill may give you an extra dialogue option.

Reader Comments

  1. will the Brotherhood of steel use advanced helicopters or VTOLs (like the ones the Enclave used in fallout 2)to transport there soldiers safely across the nuclear wasteland? Because that would certainly make more sense than just walking everywhere…………….

  2. How will your stats and skills affect the character in real time combat? Will i be able to shoot at something in my cross hairs in point blank range and still be able to miss if my skill is low enough? Also wheres melee combat?
    Can you give me some examples of how non-combative skills will be utilized? How many NPCs would be able to join my party? And when you die will you still be dead forever? what im trying to say is will the saving system stay the same? or if you changed it can you tell us how it will work?
    Is there any chance that we can skip over the tutorials? i really feel that they take away from the game. Are you guys gonna put a manual like in the originals? Those were always fun and informative to read through.
    I guess thats it for now. Good luck.

  3. Are there going to be exciting sides quests aside from the main storyline? Like in Oblivion, you had the Mages Guild, the Fighters Guild, Dark Brotherhood, And Knights of the Nine. I’m looking forward some kind of sides quests.

  4. Regarding text issue: How are you planning to make the language translation? Using only spoken (you can only hear it) dialogues would make the game tedious, and with any lil crash or something, you would miss something. Text dialogues simplify and make the storyline much easier to follow. Also, most great adventure/RPG games have this character communication system.

    I also think that as said before music place a huge part on the games atmosphere: It will stay the same style as o F2 or FoT? I mean, i hated those creepy sound like frogs dieng and bats eating their own guts. I wouldn’t say to put any special music (pleaso no techno!), but i think that anything more instrumental than the sound of stepping on some dead monster will beat it!

    Character recruiting will still be available? Missions will stay full-squad, or will be there missions where you are asked to leave some men behind for the moment?

    Any hint on system requirements? I mean, RPG where never hi-tec requierements, as long as you could afford a decent graphic card and some RAM, i guess that taking the 3D gap, will makes things much better for graphics (eye candy!), but much harder for old Pc’s (i could fry an egg on top of mine!).

    In-game specs:
    1. Will the skills be more balance as in F2?
    Huge amount of people have complained that going for melee at FoT:BoS was somehow going naked to a dead-hunger board.
    2. Any new weapon type?
    I mean, we all loved the WWII rifles, the futuristic magnetic field weapons, the manslaughter vindicator and miniguns and also the obsolete rocks and such; but will there be as in F2 solar energy [day-working] weapon only?
    3. new races? I can wait to get my hand on a Besty Squad!

    Thanks for your answers in advance!

  5. Will there be loading screens when entering buildings or subways? Or will it be possible to simply walk through the doorway?

    Are there going to be any horror elements in the game?

    Will the player suffer from injuries to specific body parts, in the same ways that enemies do? (eg. reduced movement speed due to an injured leg)

    Is it possible to ‘own’ land, houses or even your own vault? If so, can you buy decorative, or possibly functional items to add to your property?

    Does the HUD change depending on what armor/helmet you are wearing? It would be awesome to have special interfaces for power armor, or to be able to see the inside of the helmet you’re wearing.

    Can the graphics scale back so that playable framerates can be achieved on older computers? I had some trouble with this playing Oblivion, my computer struggled despite the fact that it can run quite a few games with higher system requirements.

    Will Fallout 3 be released worldwide simultaniouly, or will certain regions have a delayed release?


    Although I have read a few negative comments, I still believe that Fallout 3 will be an excellent game. The people complaining about changes most likely have not yet played the game, and shouldn’t attack the creators for making changes that are probably necessary to improve the game. For example, one of the medical skills in the original games was made redundant by an almost identical skill, which is why the skill might have been removed.

  6. I think fallout 3 will be great. I mean If you look at games like f1 and f2 do you really see those graphics and stuff in stores? I mean daggerfall (tes2) had better graphics as far as 3d goes and you can’t find it stocking the walmart shelve or even at a used game store mostly. You get lucky to find morrowind where I live (wyoming) and it is pwnzing at graphics it is like HL1. I mean these classic games are cool but I think Bethesda is taking the game out of the dark ages, digging it up from the grave.
    Don’t get me wrong I love to play f2 but I felt an unfair advantage over graphics, I mean Im all for 3dish-2d style of fallout 2 but the turn-based was anoying me as fps is more realism and to me I can see it more realistic to be aiming myself and not being “babyed” like a 5 year old. turn-based seems to me like the computer is doing all the gaming, all you do is chose the target and where to move basicly. anyway my question is:

    Why will you not have vehicles, it would add some more advantages over mutants and it could cause problems too, like lets say you are in a vehicle with a squad of men and you hit a roadblock and are ambushed, well you could try to ram the block down or you could use the vehicle as cover and ditch it, like in some other post apoc games you have motorcycles, you get a skill corrisponding to that vehicles and you have different problems dorrisponding to low skills, like with a motorcycle you fall off easy with a low skill in it, or on a bmx bike you pettle slower with a low endurance or something, it builds skill like strength, and you gain agility from tricks or navigating through the wreakage to find a giant drop off a building you had had preseved as a road, and cars would require a fuel, different vehicles have different fuels and ecomomy like as carA as a medium tank and it has a 20 mpg(miles per gallon) and car2 had a small-med tank but gets 30 mpg or something, you car skill would differ if you are good at turning, are able to drive faster at higher speeds (turning and high speeds are also determined by the cars handeling and speed ratio) and different cars take dammage differently and are better or worse at raming trash out of the road, like a “bug” and a tank, the bug goes faster but it can’t really ram shit out of it’s way, but the tank is slower and can really “pave a path”. this would require fuels that you could produce (no idea how you could do this) or you could be supplied and pay for it or something, such as the brotherhood of steel is more likley to have vehicles and a decent gas supplie then the citizens. Possibly horses because fallout 2 is 80 years after f1 and this is 100-sum so x+80=y x*is greater then or equal to* 100 so radiation should have cleared enough for the country side outside DC to produce life and allow possibly horses and other creatures to live there. and I wanted to know also would we have some use of misc clutter like forks and knives and broken glass and other random objects, like use them as weapons or something? create Molotov cocktails or other weaponry that common man could produce? (my brain is all cluttered sorry if this makes no sense and everything is misspelled and puncuation is crap)

  7. Question

    Wuld you perhaps consider releasing a teaser gameplay demo before release?

    Wuld be nice too try out the VATS system
    and get a feel of the game itself.

    Im defenatly going too buy Fallout 3 no matter what.. and every Fallout fan will probably aswell.. plz give us a tease.

  8. Nvm the Question About the demo, saw an intervju about the no no. nonetheless.

    Id like too see an area in the game that has nearly impossible fiends and monsters too defeat.. kinda like certain death but with slimm hopes of survival.
    a maze or something mayhap?

  9. Are we going to have those leveling monsters like in oblivion, please no to that, that made me mad that I could beat the game at level 1. It also made me mad how long it took to train up a level.
    The point is leveling monsters suck,I mean at level 1 you kill a rat and a goblin, then when your level 20 you are still killing rats and goblins cause everything levels up with you basicly.( I know that was a bit of a over reaction although I feel it was o/k to be used to prove a point.)

  10. I wish you guys would stop hiring overpriced celeb voice actors and spend that money on a real dialogue system, talented animators, more content, a deep story-line, more quests and REAL consequences and choices instead of pandering to the brain dead console crowd who want to blow stuff up and see everything on the first play through.

    Have some respect for yourselves as a gaming company!

    I order all Bethesda employees to go and play Arcanum until you finally get how to make a decent RPG.