Michigan Loses in our “Big House”

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So as some of you may know, I’m a huge Michigan Wolverines fan. I grew up cheering for them, went to school there, and have suffered as Lloyd Carr would say, “tremendously” following the upset loss to Appalachian State as well as last week’s blowout loss against Oregon.

Cheering for another crummy team this year, Todd Howard is a Notre Dame Fighting Irish fan. The Irish have been outscored 64-13 in losses against Georgia Tech and Penn State. Even worse, the Irish’s offense hasn’t found the end zone yet.

Given that our teams, who are #1 and #2 in all-time win percentage square off tomorrow (for the first time both with 0-2 records), we decided to have a grudge match of NCAA ’08…in our theater, on our 121″ x 215″ HD-formatted theater screen (see below for more pics and details).

Now I’ve been playing this game since NCAA ’96 on the PS1, but apparently Todd takes it a little more seriously. The game started off with a few people watching, and for almost two quarters my defense came to play. But around halftime, Todd began to dominate, and eventually won the game 28-0.

Todd was pretty excited because he said I’d have to sing the ND fight song at our next team meeting, but I reminded him that the bet is actually for the real game tomorrow. So I might get to see him sing Hail to the Victors…but I’m not holding my breath.

Check below for some more details about our theater.


As mentioned above, this HD display from Sony measures in at 121″ x 215.” Soon we’ll be playing 4-player Halo 3 co-op on this bad boy.

theater 013.jpg

Here’s a look at the theater’s seating, which comfortably seats about 150 people. The theater uses a 7.2 surround sound setup using Mackie SRM450 speakers for the front of the theater, with satellite speakers, center channel and subwoofers from Polk Audio, and a Denon 2807 receiver.

theater 002.jpg

This is the command center perched above and off to the side of where folks sit. This is where our guys played the Fallout demo for the press. Themixer used here is a Mackie CFX16 MK11.

theater 001.jpg

Behind the command center, we have a nice lounge area with a pool table and Gauntlet 2…I’m not sure if it works. Gauntlet 2 is dying…Gauntlet 2 is dying.



Reader Comments

  1. Glad to see you guys are using a quality sound system. Too many people get the super visuals, and settle for sub-par sound.

    But CFX? Pffft, go Mackie Onyx w/Firewire. 😀

  2. Ironic, though, that MY team (and school), Michigan State is 3-0 when Michigan has generally been considered to be the better of the two in football.

    So, next week hopefully WE get to defeat Notre Dame. 🙂

    Oh, and then, November 3rd, hopefully we also defeat you.