Job Fair Tommorrow


Just a friendly reminder that tomorrow ZeniMax Online Studios will be having their job fair in Hunt Valley, MD. You can take a look at the job listings here. As Pete mentioned before, there are some opportunities at our office as well, including the World Art intern posting that Ash alluded to yesterday.

So if you’re interested, drag a comb through your hair and head on over to the Baltimore Marriott. And no, dressing in Elder Scrolls cosplay isn’t recommended…this isn’t Balticon.

Here’s a map of where the fair is being held…good luck to all that apply.

Reader Comments

  1. It would be amazing to be able to attend that, but being in the UK it’s a bit of a bummer! Obviously not for myself… I don’t think game studies have any need for geologists! ^_^

  2. Yeah, I only live about six or seven hours away but Anthropology really isn’t a “must have” when it comes to game developement. 🙂