Oblivion is #8 most played on Xbox Live to date


According to data released by Microsoft today, Oblivion is the 8th most played game on Xbox Live since November 2006 [edit:  this should be 2005. Most likely typo on Next Gen], when the Xbox 360 launched. Fairly remarkable when you consider Oblivion is a single player only game.

Here is the rest of the list:

01. Halo 2
02. Gears of War
03. Hexic HD
04. Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Vegas
05. Call of Duty 3
06. Call of Duty 2
07. Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter 3
08. Elder Scrolls: Oblivion
09. Crackdown
10. PGR3

Reader Comments

  1. Since there was a contest for the “Oblivion Iron Man” I’m sure it’s skewed the results greatly. I wonder how many of them left their box on for days or weeks with the game running.

    Still not a convincing stat that Oblivion is a hit.

  2. I thought I was getting deja vu reading this article, very similar to this one! (http://bethblog.com/?p=192)

    I’m surprised at the stat. due to the single player nature of the game, and that therefore it even shows up on xbox live. I myself am loving gaining the achievements on the 360 version at the moment. I wonder if OB would be a lot higher if you could count the hours played on those consoles not hooked up to live (which I saw posted on the forums recently, is a large proportion).

    Anyways, that’s a great stat. for the Dev’s of oblivion. Nice going 🙂

    Incidentally, It’s nice to see Hexic HD up there. I love the xbox live arcade, I’m glad to see it reflected up there.

  3. fallout screenshots! even blizzard gets faster updates than you guys for christ sake! give something to the fans! WE WANT MORE GOD DAMN SCREENSHOTS

  4. Still not a convincing stat that Oblivion is a hit.

    Oblivion IS a hit… What you mean it is that it’s “still not a convincing stat that Oblivion is a RPG”… To me, it’s a convincing stat that Oblivion is seen as an action game, as all the games in the list (except PGR3 and HHD) area action games…

  5. I agree with Morbus. Oblivion is hitting the top spots in the weekly AND all time charts. How much more proof do you need that hundreds of gamers love playing, and are STILL playing, Oblivion – which surely qualifies the game itself as a great success?

  6. Economical success, mind you. Britney Spears was also successful (for a time), as well as Three Doors Down and all the rest… Shakira… Yes, Oblivion is a success, it’s easily proven by both sales and players.