Going GameCrazy in Vegas

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You may have noticed that I hadn’t posted anything new on the blog for a few days. I was out in Las Vegas for a GameCrazy retail event. The event pulls together folks from their stores around the country, and gives them an opportunity to take a look at what game companies have coming out.

Above is our booth from the event. There was some initial panic on my end because it took awhile for our monitors to arrive, and when they did, I realized they didn’t have any speakers. Thankfully, everything came together before the show started.

For our booth, which was pretty crowded once the event started, we were letting folks get hands on with Oblivion: Game of the Year on PS3, Star Trek: Conquest, as well as AMF: Pinbusters! — which is a game being published by Mud Duck, another one of the ZeniMax publishers. We also had the Fallout 3 teaser playing. It was on loop, so I must have seen it run a couple hundred times.

On our end, the event went well. I talked with plenty of Elder Scrolls fans that work at GameCrazy, but mostly, everyone was psyched about Fallout 3 and were happy to leave the booth with a Vault Boy sticker.

During my downtime at the event, I enjoyed my time looking at some of the other titles that were being shown. Some of the games I really enjoyed playing included Super Mario Galaxy, Guitar Hero III and NBA2K8. I wish I could have played some other titles there, including Rock Band, Assassin’s Creed, and Unreal Tournament 3…should be a lot of good titles this fall. When I wasn’t at the event the Mandalay Convention Center, I spent my time walking up and down the strip, losing on Wheel of Fortune slots, and thoroughly enjoying Cormac McCarthy’s The Road — though I now realize Pete was kidding when he said it was a “feel good” book.

Below are some other images from the event.

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Here’s a woman dressed as Heavenly Sword’s main character. Towards the end of the show, I got to pose with her for a custom cover to the game.

vegas 006.jpg

Above are two of the infamous Frag Dolls — squaring off against each other in Guitar Hero 3.

vegas 004.jpg

Not to be outrocked, here’s a few guys playing Rock Band.


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