“The Adoring Fan” Really Annoys You

Looking through some stuff on Digg this morning, I stumbled upon a funny post on the site Offer of the Day. One of their writers declares “The Adoring Fan” from Oblivion to be “The Most Annoying Video Game Character Ever.”

Aside from the video we shared a few weeks back showing the him being pummeled by 10,000 watermelons, the Adoring Fan has taken plenty of abuse from other fans. Above is a video of him being used as bowling pins. For a few more examples, take a look here, as well as here.

I’m sure somewhere, Tingle from the Legend of Zelda: Wind Waker, is writing the Adoring Fan a letter to let him know how to cope with his “celebrity status.”

Reader Comments

  1. I think the character’s voicing and the “By Azura…” line is annoyingly funny. He’s a character you love to hate and I hope he, or his spawn, is incorporated into the next installment so that the community at large can pick on mr. elf-boy some more.

  2. You linked to my video! I’m so proud right now I can barely type.

    Fargoth was in Morrowind, Adoring Fan was in Oblivion… I wonder what is in store for Elder Scrolls V, or even Fallout 3. 😀

  3. Awww, I love the Adoring fan, he follows me everywhere I go. Even though all the enemies seem to run after him, and runs away from me. I still like him. But I do have to leave him behind in safe places so he doesn’t get hurt. Like when I went to steal an Elder Scroll, I couldn’t bring him, all the Wraths would frighten him.

    I have no idea why everyone rips on him…