Elder Scrolls Modding Update


If you’re looking for some of the finest textures for Oblivion, you might want to give Qarl’s Texture Pack III a download. I got head’s up from one of our regular visitors, Chemicaes, who feels the textures are “absolutely amazing,” making the 2 GB zip file worth downloading. You can see how impressive the visuals look in the image above. Visit Planet Elder Scrolls to download

Another popular mod that we haven’t mentioned here is Oscuro’s Oblivion Overhaul. Currently the most popular download on File Front’s Oblivion Files, this mod is described as a “very complex and extensive modification to TES IV: Oblivion. It changes thousands of variables of this excellent game and also merges into it several very popular third party modifications.”

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Reader Comments

  1. Too bad he’s banned from the forums. Makes it pretty hard to mod. 🙁

    This mod was also featured in Game Informer and a few other mags and e-zines.

  2. I think both Bethesda and Qarl don’t really want to discuss this publicly any more. Qarl made a mistake and broke the rules and is very sorry. It’s a real shame that he’s no longer on the forums, because it makes it harder for him to mod and harder for us to hear about it. He still hangs out at other forums, though.

  3. Yay!

    For anyone who downloads this texture pack and has any performance issues, a great helpful guy named Bob Markinson created a mod for Qarls Texture Pack III that makes it run butter smooth on 256mb graphics cards. Even better, he offers 4 different downloads.

    Go to:

    and scroll a page or two down to “Qarl’s Texture Pack 3 Reduced”

    From the page:
    “QTP3R is nicely organized into modular sets which give more reductions as you add them. Start with the first one and keep adding until you get your VRAM usage under control!”

    I have a Radeon 1950pro 256mb, and I was having problems with stuttering in some areas. I installed the “Lite 1 and Lite 2” packs (there are 4) and my framerate is back up to the same as regular oblivion with minimal visual quality loss. Really all I lost was the very closest texture maps on some things, not the normal maps or parralax stuff. Still looks amazing, and I don’t waste as much time just staring at the walls with my nose against them 😉

  4. I didn’t like qtp3 reduced (that’s what i was using before) cuz it compressed the normal maps to like 1/4 of their original size, and did nothing to the main texture maps… it made things look a lot worse to me, both up close and in the distance. The one that reduces the texturemaps is better IHMO cuz it only reduces the closest colormaps and nothing else. Unless I’m right against a wall things look just as great – especially stuff in the distance.

    I also went back and replaced all the interior textures with qarl’s originals cuz I never had a problem with framerate on the interiors anyway, and things look beautiful 🙂 cuz really, the only time you’re really that close to walls is inside, i think. just a recommendation.

  5. I found a place to download QTP3 Reduced Lite. Email me at [email protected]. (Due to the nature of the comments above, I don’t know that right out mentioning the site is a great idea, as Filefront likely deleted the original mirrors because of that incident.)