As if there were anything else to talk about today…

Kudos to the folks at Loading.Ready.Run for creating this. It’s genius. You might want to grab a sandwich while it loads up.

Me? I’m running to the store today at lunch to try to see if I can fight through the mob to get a copy of Company of Heroes: Opposing Fronts. Kurt, Bruce, Jeff, and I still play multiplayer at lunch every day we can (Jeff and I had a stunning come-from-behind victory in Point Du Hoc yesterday) so we’ve been eagerly awaiting this day for a different reason than most of the rest of the known universe.

Reader Comments

  1. It’s an .. okay shooter, but it’s horribly overrated. I prefer games that have some depth to it, like Deus Ex, or even Stalker. It may have been the best shooter on the x-box, but that isn’t saying much.

  2. The blog has to be related to Bethsoft? I think not! 😛

    “The purpose of our blog to create a online space where fans of our games can learn more about us – from what we’re working on to our favorite brands of cereal.”

    I like the randomness ^_^

  3. That was sort of frighitng, The part were wars were settled through gaming was a neat idea, But overall i hope to god the world doen’st becom obsessed with a Vidoe game. Also I think the reason it’s the top xbox game is becuase it was made by the same company that made xbox. So obviosly every company will be proud of there product.

  4. I love how over the top it is. Even though I already had the game shipped to me (my trusty helmet sits next to my Michigan helmet above me), I stopped by a Best Buy last night…crazy how you see everyone walking to the counter with the game.

    So far, I’m digging it…took me a little adjustment since I just wrapped up Bioshock two days ago. I think I’m going to love the Forge.