Now I Know My Daedric ABCs


This blog post is sponsored by the Daedric letter for “O.”

In my inbox, I received a question not too long ago about learning the Daedric Alphabet. When I spoke with Pete, I was pleasantly surprised to see that The Imperial Library is sharing the alphabet on their site. If you’re dying to write your buddies, Unofficial Elder Scrolls Wiki has a great guide for studying the language.

Here’s an interesting tidbit: speaking with Todd, he wanted to emphasize that officially there is no X or Y in the Daedric Alpabet, although a a few may have accidentally shown up in Morrowind. Now if I could only get a Cracker Jack-like decoder ring so I could start deciphering Todd’s e-mails.

Reader Comments

  1. All any decoded message ever says is “Drink Your Ovaltine”, don’t bother GStaff. 😀

    Daedric’s such a nifty language. Half a thread in the mod forums (For Morrowind) was discussed in Daedric. Then the cops came. >

  2. @ian ya i downloaded the daedric font and it works just fine for my word processor, if ur having problems getting it in the font selection, you have to go to the control panel of your computer, find the font folder, and then drag the type oblivion font file into that, did this help?