Now Shipping…in 3 New Flavors!


So we’ve got a number of new products headed to store shelves this week. First, Oblivion PS3 (above) finally comes to Japan this week. The Japanese 360 version was released several months ago and has done very well. Hopefully the PS3 version will meet with similar success.

Next, the Oblivion GotY edition for Xbox 360 is shipping this week throughout Europe. It was released last week in the UK and will be in stores towards the end of the week.

Finally, Oblivion GotY edition for PS3 is looking like it’s on track to ship in N. America mid-October. I think we’ve cleared the few remaining hurdles we had left (although I’ve been doing this long enough to know there’s an endless supply of hurdles and someone is apt to throw one out in front of you when you least expect it). We’ll let you know when we do.

Reader Comments

  1. Can’t wait for GOTY edition on the PS3. Bought my PS3 around E3, and I’ve been holding out to make the GOTY edition my first PS3 game purchase. πŸ˜€ Looks like my grades will go down the toilet in about a month. =\ Any word on how many Blu-ray discs the game will use?

  2. Just not one of those things we can go into E. We can, but that sort of thing ends up being headline fodder whenever we comment on it, and I’d rather not get dragged into that.

  3. I understand. If any game is worth the wait, it’s this one. It will be my second PS3 purchase. I’ve enjoyed every minute of the base game so far (rental), and even had my wife create a character!

    Keep up the great work.

  4. I’m really looking forward to the PS3 Oblivion GOTY. Only just bought the normal version for PS3 a couple of months ago and I’m loving it. Anyway, do we know when the PS3 GOTY will be released in the U.K yet?


  5. BRILLIANT! Full of extra Daedric goodness, and with the same great taste! I’m buying a copy of the original Oblivion this weekend (FINALLY! There’s poverty for ye)…I cannot live another day without the smell of new TES. It will take me some time to save for a console, though, but I still haven’t smoked a single cigarette! I know where my priorities lie. *cackle*

  6. Getting PS3 goty, first day. Already played original for pS3 for more than 300 hrs. I love it.

    PETE…. Please tell you are releasing ALL the other downloadable content onto the PSN… or mabye included on goty or something (for PS3). just as long as it’s released somehow. If not I’ll be ticked!

  7. @Notnerb
    I would love to tell you that, but right now I can’t say what’s coming to PSN. It’s in our best interest to get as much stuff out, as soon as possible, for PS3. It makes fans happy, if they buy anything we make money, etc. So the fact that it is not available isn’t because we simply don’t want to do it.

    Don’t have anything I can tell you on the PSP version.

  8. Hi, I’m coming in on this blog a little late but I just wanted to say that Oblivion on the PS3 is my very first experience with The Elder Scrolls series and I LOVE this game. I hadn’t had full access to a pc of my own until more recently (used a room-mates for any paperwork I needed to do) and I’m not into the xbox, so no Morrowind πŸ™

    Anyway, I really want to say that we need the extra downloadable content in some form or another. I’d gladly buy a Blu-Ray disc with just that content if the PSN was unavailable. Come on, make my strategy guide purchase fully worthwhile….I always flip past the “Downloadable Content” section and shed a single tear πŸ˜›

    You guys have done a fantastic job with this game, and some folks need to take a lesson from you on how to make a classic RPG. Looking forward to Fallout 3.

  9. If you say what those PS3 “hurdles” were in this little comments section it won’t make headlines πŸ™‚ Whatever could they be, hmm…

  10. is there any chance that content like Shivering Isles and some of the other content available for other platforms will be available for download through the PlayStation Store.

    i really do enjoy playing Oblivion, but i am loathe to pay full retail price for an expansion.

  11. Hey folks –

    Just want to congratulate you on an absolutely fantastic game. I picked up a PS3 back in July to watch Planet Earth in HD, and on a whim decided to also pick up Oblivion to see what everyone was talking about.

    The fact that I’m completely hooked isn’t all that remarkable, since I’ve been a “gamer” for quite a while. What’s astounding is that you’ve also managed to turn my *girlfriend* into an Oblivion addict. (She has NEVER been into video games, aside from the occasional [and brief] foray into things like Wii Sports, etc.)

    Now she and I (and her son) are fighting for our daily ration of screen time. Sure, this limits my time with the game, but that’s far outweighed by the fun of watching them play… and seeing her get the crap scared out of her in dungeons. πŸ™‚

    Very much looking forward to any and all additional content for the PS3 version of the game. Keep up the good work!

  12. The hurdle is probably that the ps3 sucks and the 360 is a much better machine.

    Left by Jake on October 6th, 2007

    Poor Jake, what an idiot you are. I have a 360 too but guess what the PS3 version is a lot better then ours. Maybe your tourette’s is acting up today.

  13. I hope as well that DLC does show up eventually on the PSN store.

    I’m also hopeful for a fix of Elder Scrolls for the PSP. I don’t own one, but this will be the game that makes me own one.

    I’ve never really played a Fallout game or even heard of it really, but I imagine I’ll buy it once it comes out simply because of how much ass TES:O kicked.

  14. Hey guys,just wanted to say I think its
    great what uve done with the GotY edition for PS3,believe me,I have one…But all I can say is that it would have been a hellova smarter move to open up an emulation type of program that changes modds from exe. to ps3 format,even if you charged for it!!!PLEASE BRING OUT THE DLC FOR PS3 NOW!!!!MY FAITH IN YOU GUYS IS WITHEREING!!!!

  15. one thing BETHESDA
    next time dont pay attention too much on graphics or popular actors
    just focus on what you did on tes 3
    and tes 2

  16. yes the dlc is essencial for ps3 users it would be nice if u guys could release something on the psn network, its gonna make u guys alot of money im sure

  17. I bought a PS3 a couple of months ago and now have seven games, including Folklore, Resistance, Warhawk and TES 4 Oblivion. I have hardly played six of the aforementioned games because I found Oblivion such a rewarding, addictive and superlative experience. I also enjoyed the short Knights of the Nine quest and am getting tired of waiting for the Shivering Isles expansion. Gripes aside, can PS3 owners expect to see the Frostcrag Spire add on and a Buying a House in Skingrad patch thrown into the Blu Ray Game of the Year mix? I am currently a level 50 Dunmer Battle Mage and Dagon be damned if I am starting the game again to reach the suicidal Orc Real Estate Agent from Hell, before he does his Quantum Leap from the game. You know what I am saying. Need next fix soon.

  18. i have given up on dlc for ps3…its just not going to happen by the look of it…which is a shame as oblivion is such an amazing game which would be made even better with sum dlc

  19. Well I have both Oblivion and Oblivion GOY for my Ps3. I also have the PC version will all the official plug ins and I think its a shame if we do not get them available to us on the PSN.

    I love Oblivion but on the PC it just does not feel right thats why I keep going to back to the Ps3 version.

    Shivering Isles is awesome on both my machines (PC and PS3).

    Please, Please give us the other plugins such as horse armour, repairing the orrery, Mehrunes Razor and the rest on the PSN. These are brilliant on the PC but I’m sure that they would kick ass even more on the PS3.

    Well done on such a freaking Brilliant game. Only gripe is that my wife complains that I’m giving Oblivion more time then I do to her!.

    Keep up the good work and please put some extra DLC on the PSN for all of us to enjoy.

  20. ARRGH! PS3 DLC! Well, I’m not going to be really pestering….. but i did play Mehrunes Razor on the X360 (my friend’s), and really want that DLC…. maybe if a DLC disc was made for all systems for simplicity… although i’m sure you’ve all thought of this stuff there at Bethesda so I don’t want to insult your (clearly amazing) intelligence. But, as you know Bethesda…. we’ll just keep on posting threads asking until we hear news that it’s coming out on a specific date πŸ˜€ I’m on my third game through and am saving all the quests for after i’m nearly maxed out in level mwaha…..

  21. Purchased GOTY edition for the PS3, after playing many months on friends xbox360, and am wondering if the DLC availability for PSN will reflect the same content available on Microsoft’s Marketplace. I’m feeling so left out of all the great content available for XBox owners.

    On a side note, will the construction kit ever be available for Linux and allow for custom mod installs, since PS3 is easily capable to run as a Linux Box using Ubuntu or Yellow Dog for PS3 as an alternative OS?

  22. First I would like to congratulate you guys with the success of Elder Scrolls 4: Oblivion. It is one of the few games I recommend to everyone. Now onto my question. Why don’t the playstation 3 users have the add-ons yet? We would all like them, and I understand that you are looking into it, but I would like a release date soon. All of us playstation fans feel left out and would love to spend our money on these add-ons. Please tell me when the add-ons will come out. Is it also true that oblivion is going online? I have herd rumors about this on other web pages, and I was wondering if it was true. It would dominate or rival world of warcraft if it did.

  23. Please let there be dlc for psn! Would dearly love to find all those locations and weapons and stuff! Would Happily pay up to £5 per add-on!!
    The psn needs a boost, and ur the guys to
    do it!

  24. Brilliant game – this is only game I bought – after 3 months the 4 I got with my PS3 haven’t been played (1 still in wrapper!). Great voice actors – esp TS!!!! My god (sorry, Zod) he’s awesome!! Count me in the campaign for SI for PSN; love the game but did not know about GOTY so won’t buy this vers only SI what a shame.Keep up all good work!!

  25. You have to fix this bug in Vampire cure quest.

    I have played over 90 hours and got infected by vampire. I was resting at bedroll and then i slowly started to transform into vampire. I can’t even fast-travel, because I’m taking health damage! Unbelievable! I did not want to become a vampire, I was forced to transform in to one!

    I don’t have any friend who has original version of Oblivion for PS3, and in my hometown is not any store, which is renting games. Since Bethesda is not releasing game updates through PSN, I have only one choice: buy original version of Oblivion and hope, that it does not have that same bug.

    I looked through Take 2’s support and it does not mention anywhere about PS3 version of Oblivion

  26. Thanks for answering my questions… I am now selling Oblivion since it is not online on the ps3, we do not get the updates, and I ran out of stuff. 150 hours of game play on one character alone… Thanks Bethesda, it’s probably the last time I will buy a game from you, unless you make the next one online for the PlayStation 3. Then I might.

  27. I really love oblivion but this whole DLC thing not being on the psn is really cheesing me off!

    I spent well into 90 pounds on the original oblivion (release date) and then GOTY edition just to get the shivering isles, whereas xbox owners can get this and plugins for 60 to 70 pounds…it’s just annoying how a company that can produce one of the greatest games of all time can’t produce something that seems, in comparison, relatively simple.


  29. So, I’ve been scouring the internet looking for information, but I cannot seem to find ANYTHING regarding the DLC packs (the extra homes and such that are featured on the 360 version) being released for the PS3?

    Is there anywhere that this information can be found, or possibly a release date given?

  30. Seriously I would like to know a better answer for not releasing the plug-ins for the ps3 version. And why is bethesda focusing so much on Fallout when Oblivion is better in every way. Oblivion is beautiful…Fallout worlds are ugly as crap becuz it is wasteland. I just want all the plug-ins to expand my ps3 oblivion even only marginally. 2 expansions for a game like Oblivion is a disgrace only one with new world. Why is fallout getting so much and a stand alone expansion.

  31. One more thing give us elder scrolls 5! Or a Equivalent to Fallout New Vegas( Stand Alone expansion) Any tidbits would be appreciated. If not authorized to give info tell me if its gonna be amazing.

  32. Hi guys i know its 2011 and Skyrim is out soon but i NEED vile lair! All ps3 owners are even prepared to pay like 5 pounds for it! If you can’t can we have some cut and dry reasons please? I mean Oblivion is a great RPG but after you have got Rosethorn Hall it kinda dries up.

    We would also like to know what all these rumors about Sony and Microsoft are. If you have any info on release dates or reasons why it can’t be done please say so. Thanks!

  33. Ok, I am a HUGE fan of you guys! I love Oblivion and Fallout 3 so much and pre-ordered Skyrim. But, I was and still am VERY ticked off that you guys wouldn’t make most of the DLC available to the Xcrap and not the PS3. Now, if you pull the same crap again with Skyrim you can bet I will NOT be buying any more of your games. What I want to know is there a reason that you aren’t bringing it to the PS3? Is it because Microsoft paid you off? Do you hate the PS3 for some strange reason? Is it really hard to code on the PS3? Give me an answer please.