Elder Scrolls Modding Update


Here’s a couple new mods I wanted to share that are over at Planet Elder Scrolls.

Yesterday the site honored their September Hall of Fame inductees. From Morrowind, the Tamriel Rebuilt Team’s TR Morrowind Map1: Telvannis was the lone addition to the Hall. This massive mod adds over tons of new exterior and interior cells, over 2000 new dialogue responses, as well as new NPCs, creatures and equipment. Above is a screen of of Tel Ouada, the home of Mistress Rathra that is included within the mod.

As for Oblivion, three new Hall of Famers have been added: Leviathan Soulgems by Star Boi, Blades Ceremonial Armour by Axeface, and The Black Cat Jewelry Store – Daedric Statues by Cinnamon & Trey Leavens. Leviathan Soulgems takes inspiration from Morrowind and makes changes to how Soul Gems work in the game. Blades Ceremonial Armour adds a new armour set made available at Could Ruler Temple. Finally, the Black Cat Jewelry Store mod allows players to embrace the ways of the Dark Side (err, gods of Oblivion) by purchasing statues of Daedra Princes.

Please join me in congratulating these new Hall of Famers!

In other modding news, Christian Barrett brought to my attention a new mod from Cid88 & Werewolves Dev Team that adds werewolves into Oblivion, as well as the ability to have your character become one. Based on the amount of e-mails about werewolves being in Oblivion, I figured this one was definitely worth sharing.

Reader Comments

  1. Just another word of praise for a game that has given me hours upon hours of pleasure. I love the open, free playing, i.e. to ignore the main story line for a long time) and still have lots of things to do. After a stressful day, I just love to either walk or ride through the country side, enjoying the superb graphis, the atmospheric changes. At other times , when I am not in a fighting mood,I spend hours decorating my various houses with the items I have stolen, or go about with the staff of corruption creating havoc among the populace, or sit by the fire in one of my homes and read through the books…so many different things to do…WONDERFUL! Totally ADDICTIVE!
    I sincerely hope you are all working fast and furiously on another, equally engrossing, versatile RPG (not a shooter) like this and Morrowwind.

    Meanwhile, thanks for the pleasure!!!!