Pocky Pocky Pocky


While I was in Tokyo for TGS I had a chance to finally experience the craze known as Pocky. Previously I only knew of it through others, but it’s the real deal. Very addictive. I mentioned to Myung Suk, from our Japanese publisher Spike, that I thought it was really good and maybe when she sent me some copies of the Japanese version of Oblivion PS3 maybe she could throw in some Pocky.

Throw she did, my friends, as my office is now resplendent with the stuff. I’m gonna have to start passing it out for fear of eating it all myself. I think I spotted Matt drooling at it earlier and I’ll dump some on Ashley for sure, as I believe I recall him professing an affection for the confection.

Reader Comments

  1. My ex-wife was absolutely obsessed with the stuff, ordering it from a Japanese candy website routinely, along with some stuff called “Melty Kiss.” From all reports, pocky is awesome, but I wouldn’t know. Accursed allergies!

  2. Pocky? It’s a stick made of cookie/crackery stuff (somewhere between the two I’m told; like I said, I can’t eat it), coated in chocolate except for one end (for holding). There are other flavors, too.

  3. I’ll uhh… stick to Miller Lite.

    Joking aside, I tried Pocky years ago in College, and didn’t understand the craze.

  4. Oh yeah pocky are great for anyone wondering what they are its basically stick size crackers with melted chocolate on the top. They come in many different flavors like strawberry, vanilla, and etc. Very addictive and fun to eat except they run out :P. Oh to you guys I would like to recommend you guys eat the giant size pocky they are about 10 or 20 x bigger than the regular ones 😀

  5. You can buy it here in Minnesota, at Cub foods, and at Super Wal Marts. So stores were you are at might have it. Just look in the Asian food section. I can only get strawberry and chocolate, but better then nothing.

  6. Im in Ireland and youcan get pocky here aswell. i like bannana flavour and its the only flavour I can get so go figer lol