Strong Debut for PS3 Oblivion in Japan


Maybe it was all the Pocky I ate over the weekend courtesy of Pete, but I was anxious to see the PlayStation 3 release of Oblivion did in Japan. Turns out folks really took to it. In its first week of sales, the game came out atop the weekly Top 5 sales list, including Minna no Golf 5, which I’ve been considering importing for a couple of weeks now.

The 360 release of the game continues to fair well in Japan as well, with only Halo 3 ahead of it (in regular and collector’s edition flavors). Looks like folks over in Japan might be opening up to Western-developed games.

Reader Comments

  1. great job guys it is hard to get a western game to sell well over there glad to see you guys are up in the charts now if only the goty edition would come up cough cough lol.

  2. even blizzard is presenting each unit that will be in Starcraft2 and you cant even put a single screenshot?……….

    UPDATE FALLOUT 3 WEB PAGE WITH MORE NEW SCREENSHOTS, people is losing interest, its almost like you didnt care at all!! we are ansious for the game i have seen every interview, give us some respect!

  3. Good to hear it’s doing well. Hopefully we see them NOT ONLY taking a liking to more Western games, but actually doing their own renditions of these types of games.

  4. Is the japanese version in japanese or english with subtitles? I run the Narashino PS3 club and every one is to scared to buy it! Being a Gaijin though, I hope its in english