Top Xbox Live Downloads: September 2007


If you’ve logged onto Xbox Live in the past month, you may have noticed Oblivion downloadable content appearing as featured downloads, notably The Vile Lair. Not surprisingly, it ended being the most downloaded Oblivion DLC for September.

Top Five Oblivion Xbox Live downloads for Sept. 2007*
1. The Vile Lair
2. Shivering Isles
3. Spell Tomes
4. Mehrunes’ Razor
5. Knights of the Nine

*ranked by number of times downloaded

Reader Comments

  1. And to think we’re not getting more content for this great game in the TES series, over Fallout development. 🙁

  2. Yeah what about content for the PS3?

    Oblivion is the only game I’ve got on the PS3 and I’d be more then happy to fork over cash and treasure (gold nuggets and imperfect pearls to be sure) for downloadable content.

  3. Please dear sir’s and mam’s of Bethesda – put out some info about upcoming expansions or new downloadable plugins for Oblivion XBOX360. Come on. You know ppl would gladly buy them so stop hogging the info.

  4. omg i was playing oblivion on my mates xbox and he has all the dlc…now im jealous when the hell is it cuming to the ps3..please dont tell me its not cuming to ps3