Fighter’s Stronghold DLC (for FREE!), Shivering Isles for PS3, and other Elder Scrolls happenings


First, I wanted to let you know that we are finally releasing the last piece of downloadable content we created for Oblivion. We had mentioned it a long, long time ago but we hadn’t released it, until now. Starting Monday, October 15 it will be available to download via Xbox Live (for Xbox 360) and (for PC). And, for one week, it will be free to anybody who wants to download it and play it. So mark it on your calendars and don’t forget.

Fighter’s Stronghold provides the last of four themed domiciles (along with Vile Lair, Thieves Den, and Wizard’s Tower) for the adventurer on-the-go. You inherit the rights to Battlehorn Castle, located on a lovely stretch of the Colovian Highlands, west of Chorrol. Dining Hall, barracks, wine cellar, training room, and your own private Shrine of Julianos. Update your castle furnishings, perhaps even a Dwemer Forge for the aspiring Armorer? Hire a taxidermist to tastfully decorate your new abode with trophies from your adventuring. You can read all about Fighter’s Stronghold here.

Since we’re talking about DLC, I thought I’d update you with what’s going on with the PS3 version of Oblivion. We are close, very close to working something out to bring Shivering Isles to PS3 owners. That may be in downloadable form via PSN, or as a standalone retail disc, or both. I can’t say definitively yet that it will happen, and I definitely can’t say when. But it’s looking good, and hopefully we’ll have good news soon. Don’t have anything I can tell you about any other DLC, but Shivering Isles is the one we get asked about all the time, so I at least wanted to update folks on that.

Next week sees the release of two other Elder Scrolls games. Shivering Isles Xbox 360 is coming to stores next week, so if you don’t have Xbox Live or waited to have your very own boxed copy, you’ll be able to pick that up next week in stores. The boxed copy of Shivering Isles does also come with Knights of the Nine as an added bonus. It does require a hard drive to play it, as well as the original Oblivion disc. If you don’t have original Oblivion, get the Oblivion Game of the Year Edition for Xbox 360 that came out a few weeks ago to get both in one box.

Also, Oblivion Game of the Year edition for PS3 is coming to stores next week. It includes Oblivion and the Shivering Isles expansion (plus Knights of the Nine, obviously, since that was included in original Oblivion PS3).

Reader Comments

  1. Yes, please…disc or download I don’t care. PS3 users want more content. Try to understand, many of us are searching every site we can trying to find some info on this. Any kind of update would be nice. It’s not going to happen… We’re working on it, but it won’t be available for months… It may come, but we aren’t working on it now… It’s almost ready… We can do it technically, but we are having problems with Sony. At this point I (and I think many others) would be happy with a definitive statement. It’s hard enough not being able to share in the mod community creations.

  2. I wholeheartedly agree with Jason.

    Some information, ANY information would be great for us ps3 oblivion addicts in the UK. If it was ‘We’re not releasing Shivering Isles alone and / or DLC for the forseeable future’ I’d be pretty depressed BUT at least we’d all know and would stop asking!

  3. Any info on the UK PS3 GOTY (too many initials!) edition yet? have even stopped listing it now!

    I’ve been itching to get hold of this for shivering isles for months now!

  4. My PS3 Oblivion GOTY has been sitting around unused since I bought it in October, because I’ve been waiting for the DLC. I’ve seen the Fighters Stronghold and a couple of the other items, and they are unbelievably awesome. It’s killing me not to have them available. I wish they were and I hope they are soon.

  5. Just to re-iterate what others have said – Oblivion GOTY PS3 has been out of stock with retailers for many weeks now… I had one on order but it got cancelled due to lack of stock… when will it be back in stock. More importantly; I’ve already got Oblivion PS3 and really just want Shivering Isles…. USA had the retail disc and download on PSN since last year… when will we get it… why won’t Bethesda announce anything or give us any news… not a nice way to treat your customers in my opinion

  6. Just chiming in to reiterate my interest in making all the DLC available to PS3 owners. I would think demand is high for the content. Put it all on a disk and sell it for $19.95–I’d buy it. I’d buy it for $29.95, but maybe that’s just me. At least give us some kind of update on the progress of it. Is it ever going to happen?

  7. i would just like to say how pleased i am to be playing Shivering Isles on the PS3, i downloaded it from the PlayStation Store.
    I really hope more of the Downloadable content that Oblivion gamers on other platforms have access to become available for the PS3.

  8. can you please tell me if YOU THINK that there might be DLC on the ps3 somtimes in the near future because i find it very unfair that xbox360 and pc get it and ps3 doesnt so can you PLEASE just tell me if it MIGHT just be possible

  9. I feel very disappointed about Bethesda attitude towards YOUR customers.

    Still no info about Shivering Isles for PS3 in Europe? (so, what was the deal with Ubisoft for them to publish the GOTY edition in Europe? 6 months until you publish Shivering Isles in the store?).

    Still no info on DLC, neither?

    If you are going to let PS3 owners without those contents, just let us know how much you care about us. But STOP cheating us with that “no news to report at this time” politics.

    I will surely reconsider buying Fallout 3 if you have turned to be that kind of company that let your customers feel frustrated and don’t move a finger to help them out…

    Take care you all,


  10. Like Bruno, I feel very strongly about Shivering Isles being avaialble since October in the US (on disc and on PSN) but not in Europe.

    There’s no such thing as no news – someone, somewhere knows what the strategy and schedule and/or barriers are.

    I realise that you are not the publisher, but frankly, I’m absolutely disgusted at the moment, disappointed and feeling extremly let down. Why can’t we have a definative statement?

  11. Please release all DLC for PS3. From this page it appears there are many of us and probably many more who would be extremely thankful.

  12. As I am only now seeing this blog post, I obviously did not know about the free download period for Fighter’s Stronghold. I tried to pay for it a few days ago, but as I have Vista, I was out of luck. What is the current plan to make this content available for Vista?

  13. Hello,thank you for getting the SI serious on PSN, I am puzzled as to why they would let SI on PSN but not all the other DLC, I relize that SI is a major patch, Though I would love to be able to have my own lavish castle… TALK ABOUT POWER AND RESPECT… When can I have it, oh and my armored horse to ride out of the castle gates and on to my noble crusades. Yes I obviously am a role player LOL. You guys are awsome I have never had a game take my breath away with the beauty and the mystery’s of all the TES games I have played. I will not critisize you or falsely accuse you of not care about your fans because if you guys hadn’t I wouldn’t be able to turn it on and tell how many hours and how much love you guys put into your games. Thank you. Plz respond on the other DLC for the PS3. Again thank you

  14. I’ve been playing Oblivion on the PS3 for several months now and I absolutely love it. However, I’d really like to be able to buy Shivering Isles as a standalone disc. I don’t want to waste money on the GOTY edition just for Shivering Isles. Are there ANY plans for a UK standalone Shivering Isles release?

  15. When my kids ask for something they know there is no chance they’ll receive, my answer to them is “We’ll see….”. The actual meaning of my response is “We’ll see…. means no!”. Though the end of the phrase is never spoken, it is always understood.

    After reviewing this blog, I am 100% convinced that the DLC FOR PS3, WILL NEVER, EVER BE AVAILABLE, EVER!!!

  16. I’m thinking that too, cragor. Shame, really. I love the game but it looks like I’m not going to be allowed the full experience due to owning a PS3. Kudos to all that have worked on the game though, it’s awesome.

  17. Still waiting! Any news?


    Living in The Netherlands we are still
    waiting for the GOTY edition for PS3.

    Will this ever be published?

    14 dec. should have been the European releasedate.


    Left by ard on December 22nd, 2007

  18. i have a nvida g force 8600 video card 1.2. gig of ram and a 3 gigahertz processor … should i get oblivion on my computer or my ps3

  19. I am displeased with Bethesda, I don’t understand why they can’t provide a 64bit installer for Stronghold. Its quite obvious there is alot of people who need this, but its better to provide content that some can’t have rather then take care of loyal customers. I bought this expansion so eager to play it. Just so they can protect the piracy of a 1.89 download. I understand all that but dang I know they got a crap load of emails so why not come up with a solution for us? I’d pay more for it so would most other Elder Scroll Fans

  20. im about to go nuts gettin really tired of waiting for these guys to get off there you know whats and get dlc for ps3 ive beat the game completley twice and that includes knights of the nine and the shivering isles so know provided my guy could do it we would be sitting here together twiddiling our thumbs but for know i guess it will just be me doing that but still its getting kinda troubling how you guys can come out with this stuff for other things so fast but you seem to be doing nothing about the dlc for the ps3. personally if i dont see anything gettin done then there obviously isnt anything gettin done.

  21. Well, since Bethseda have not got off their laurals and sorted out the Vista compatability issues with this game, I have taken my copy back to the shop with a full refund. The guy said that GOTY versions of Oblivion are being sent back regularly due to incompatability issues. Its a shame when you think that when I bought my PC last year, I did so for 3 reasons (other than uni). These were Neverwinter Nights 2, Medieval TW 2, and most of all, Oblivion. I had waited for the GOTY version of Oblivion so I was angry and disapointed that the game had not been adapted to come into line with Vista. Vista may not have been out when Oblivion came out originally, but it has been out for a while now. Not making a patch, workaround etc is just pure laziness to me. You can’t sit by and expect a dedicated core of fans to write it for you.

  22. WANT MORE MONEY SONY AND BETHESDA ??? Make another CD Game disc for the ps3 with all of the downloadable content and sell it for $20.00 a pop I’ll buy it and judging by the numerous people wanting it you could make a few more million for it!

  23. I understand fully how hard it must be to make the DLC for ps3, alot of us are mad about not getting the extra downloads via psn and me i know i would love to play the extra castles have the knights of the thorn do what i want and have my own castle in the game besides in shivering ilses im patient and i can wait i just wanted to say i understand and i believe in you guys that you’ll make it happen for us gamers playing on the ps3 if you need us all to talk to sony we will and even like somebody else said on here we’ll be happy to pay money for it you tell us we’ll pay for it but dont rush it spend time with it some of us gamers truly understand how hard it is to be fair with products lol but as i said im a patient one

  24. you know i like it but now i hate this frigin upddate castle i think it would be fun but soon after downloading it i can no longer get unlimited money from the count in skingrade i hate you people game is no longer fun. unless you can find a way so i can do well game sucks now.

  25. It sure looks like Bethesda has let us down by now. I would say it´s pretty obvious that there will be no DLC for PS3, ever.

    I don´t know about you guys, but I must admit that I don´t really care anymore. The train has left the platform and they missed it – bigtime!

    Talk about ignoring a fantastic business opportunity.

    Well, life goes on but honestly I´ll think twice before buying bethesda games in the future. What a total let-down.

  26. Helo,
    plese can you tell us if there will be DLC for PS3?
    Vile lair and the other mod would be great.It would be a great opportunity for you (bethesda can make more money if they release some mods) and the players will be happy.

  27. I got a question to who ever can help me… I plan on buying Oblivion G.O.T.Y and I would like to know do I need a hard-drive to play shivering isles and Knights of the nine or will my memory card let me play them? w/b asap please

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    I love how easy it is for most people here to be manipulated these days, people just dig in to paying for these shits? 2 Dollars for virtual horse armor? Have any of you EVER processed a second thought at any time whatsoever?

    Thank you for being puppets of the N.W.O. May Reagan’s spirit bless & protect you, you will need it during the revolutionary struggle for sure!

    If any of you consider this a good deal consider selling your mother to me and I will show you a “good deal”!

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  29. On Moderation doesn’t matter, I will copy / paste the message to other sites if I feel like it. Do whatever you like, it will not stop the truth!

  30. Every thing is awsome except 1 thing…. on the shivering isles. why is there only 1 main city just tought that was wierd but every thing else i give 5-out-of-5 way to go bethseda Softworks you guys RULE!:)

  31. Come on Bethesda its been about two years and no dlc? Im not even gonna get fallout 3 because your not releasing dlc for that either!!!!

  32. I’ve been reading and looking and reading and it has become clear to me…we will never be getting PS3 DLC content because the people of bethesda are lazy! they would rather never release any content to the ps3 if they had the chance to make love with xbox360, i’m even betting that elder scrolls 5 will be only for xbox360 since bethesda will be so far up microsofts butt that they will no longer care about the PS3 and the fans who once supported their company! “but oh bethesda wont die they have xbox360 and the pc” well once the xbox360 gets crushed by the PS3 and the pc is no longer marketabe ol bethesda will return to the ps3 and you know what? WE’LL TURN THE MORONS AWAY HAHA! bethesda this is your last warning stop screwing the PS3 people you can make DLC for the PS3 your problem is your just too lazy!

  33. I too would like to see PS3 DLC, however, I imagine since Xbox is a Microsoft product, it’s way easier to port than PS3. They also have to slate precious Dev time for it when they could be working on their 2010 ES release. If leaving it be now means we’ll get ES5 for PS3 sooner, then so be it.

    On another note, maybe we could start a petition for DLC and therein pledge to buy it.

  34. Hi there.
    Bethesda, where is the DCL for PS3??
    I’ve been looking all over the place, from PSN to google.
    I did all kinds of search, but i still coulnd’t find any news about this matter.
    So how will it be? I think i remember seeing SI on a Blu-Ray disk, but i can’t find it, people say they exist, but i can’t find it in Europe (Portugal).
    Is there even a PAL version of SI for PS3?
    If there is please tell me, i’m tired of searching and not finding.
    I’m a fan of Bethesda, i played a couple os Bethesda games, but if you keep treating the PS3 users like this, i won’t keep a fan of you guys.
    If SmackD*** vs. Ra* 2009 has DCL why can’t you have? Is it THAT hard??
    XBox has it, PC has it, but what about PS3???? I want to buy SI, but i won’t buy GOTY just because of it