Creating Screenshots


Within our forums and elsewhere, I’ve seen where fans have posted some pretty amazing screenshots from Oblivion, including some of their modwork. I’ve found some pretty amazing ones (like the one above from FileFront’s forums).

If you haven’t learned how to create screen grabs, it’s actually pretty easy, but I still see it asked an awful lot. Below are some directions on how to capture your favorite moments from the game, which you can also find here.

1. Exit Oblivion

2. Find the Oblivion.ini file in My Documents\My Games\Oblivion

NOTE: Oblivion_default.ini in Bethesda Softworks\Oblivion is NOT the one you’re looking for!

3. Make a copy of the .ini file. It is very important to make a back-up copy of the .ini file in case of errors.

4. Open the Oblivion.ini file in Notepad

5. Find the line “bAllowScreenShot=0” and change it to “bAllowScreenShot=1

6. Save your changes and close Notepad

7. Start Oblivion as usual

8. When you want to take a screenshot, press the “Print Screen” key on your keyboard – it’s usually to the right of your F-keys. If successful, you should see a large message in the upper-left of your screen that says “ScreenShot: File ‘ScreenShot0.bmp’ created.” Everytime you take a screenshot, Oblivion will create a new .bmp with a new filename (one number larger than the previous screenshot).

9. All screenshots are stored as .bmp files in the root of your Oblivion directory. Unless you changed the install directory during the installation of Oblivion, it should be in C:\Program Files\Bethesda Softworks\Oblivion

Reader Comments

  1. Good to know that you guys take a look on screenshot threads sometimes! Screens are excelent showcases of the capability of the game engine and what modding can make with it – and there are several screenshoting communities within various TES forums with very active members showing truly artistic works (like Floydian and Chimera, as you can see in Filefront’s gallery).

    Take a look at [url=]Trollf’s themed loading screens replacer[/url]and you’ll have a pretty good idea of what I’m meaning – it’s a mod that replaces all the vanilla loading screens with beautiful screenshots with a very similar tratament of the original ones, and are among the most beautiful pieces of work I’ve saw to Oblivion.

    A good alternative to the method cited above to take screenies is use a little program called [url=]FRAPS[/url], that can store the screens in a user-defined folder, as well as make movie caption with a chosen hotkey. There is a free-version that can be used to store .bmp images, and a paid one that uses several formats as .jpg, saving the time of convert the images!


  2. I wish I could take screen shots on my console(360). I would love to apply some of the things I’ve seen in Oblivion to my console background. Hopefully, future ES games will have that nifty feature built in just like “that halo game” that recently came out.

    I would think taking pictures of beautiful Tamriel sunsets and the occasional random dead beast/bandit in a funny position would win out against pictures of funny dudes running around painted red and blue…

    Meh, I guess it’s just me.

  3. see im a 360 owner
    bethesda is so lazy!
    please show em some love
    and start making better graphic for
    the poor 360 owners
    LIKE ME!

  4. just please make add ons like mods and put it on 360 marketplace

    because these dorks in the basement are way more responsible

    please once again let me have some like ive been asking you
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  5. Then get the PC version Tru 😉 or wait for several years for laws and technology to allow Beth Soft to put gamer made mods onto the 360 or give the 360 a friendly working editor