Fighter’s Stronghold credits


If you haven’t downloaded Fighter’s Stronghold yet, what are you waiting for? It’s FREE. Who cares if you’re done playing Oblivion or don’t own it yet – if Santa gets you a copy of Oblivion Game of the Year and you missed out on your chance to get Fighter’s free, well, that, my friends, would be a sad tale I wouldn’t want to wish on anyone.

As always, lots of blood, sweat and tears go into everything we do, and I wanted to take a moment to acknowledge the hard working and amazing team we have here, notably the ones made Fighter’s Stronghold happen.

Kurt Kuhlmann
Alan Nanes

Level Designer
Jeff Browne

Tony Greco
Jonah Lobe
Juan Sanchez

Jeff Gardiner

Kevin Kauffman
Chris Krietz
Ryan Ashford
James Costantino
Jon DeVriendt
Dan Geske
Mike McGinn
Aaron Mitschelen
Jennifer Noland
Matt Ouzounian
John Pisano
Ryan Salvatore
Chris Steidel
Alexander Tran
Jesse Tucker
Matt Weil
Fred Zeleny

Reader Comments

  1. I love this castle the trophy room is awesome and the living space is cool.
    Siegelink, this is out in Europe since I live in the UK and have been playing this this evening. Nice work bethesda guys, any word on elder scrolls travels for psp?

  2. i think this does add a lot to the game and is a very good house except i do think it lacks things that we have not seen, dont take this the wrong way i think you guys did enogh in “stock” oblivion i just think that the castle is a bit “blah”. again it is a very cool addition but i think that frost craig spire had a more original take then this DLC. frost craig had new things that you could not do before, like the summon a famiiar alter and it had lots of new textures and a garden that had a fantasy feel. this castle is just like walking into anyother castle in the game (with the exception that when i forget to take off the cowel of nocturnel i dont get aressted lol) the dwemar forge is a good addition aswell as the stuffed animals and training area. i just feel as if this DLC was made more for the Xbox 360 crowd because there arew mods that exsist already that are very simalar for PC (i have bot thogh =} ). but this DLC had more depth than the others because you felt like you were more a part of the house. For example, in the others you just felt like the upgrades were just a way to make you work a little for what was in the game. in this there is more a quest element **SPOILER** like when the muraders are attacking and the way that the forge is given at a latter datethan the others. Again dont take me the wrong way i think you guys did a great job and i feel a little bad for complaining about something you guys made free for us lol.

    by the way, what was the other DLC you guys had planned 😉 (that has been cancelled obviusly)

  3. Looks really good. How about a PS3 version? I have about 600 hours of Oblivion gameplay and I am really hoping for all the expansions to come to the PS3 is there any information about them you could give us like a Shivering Isles PSN release date?

  4. How come i can’t see this DLC on Xbox LIVE? There are the other mods like Spell Tomes and KotN but i can’t find Fighter’s Stronghold.

  5. Content: The Fighter’s Stronghold
    Price: Free
    Availability: Australia, Canada, New Zealand, United Kingdom and United States
    So you see it’s out in the UK but that’s it. What about the rest of Europe?

  6. Presumably it needs to be translated first. All of those countries mentioned are primarily English speaking.

    Pete has confirmed that whenever and wherever it comes out, it will be free for the first week, even if that’s not *this* week.

  7. “It needs to be translated first” ?? I don’t understand what this could mean, becouse the game doesn’t have for example any subtitle-options for those languages that are spoken in countries that does not give out the game on Xbox LIVE. And M$ translates the description text’s on their Live-system. So why is it taking so long?

  8. I couldn’t see from your credits list who did the interiors – special kudos to them (well, that’s the bit I’m always looking at). It’s beautiful! Of all the houses, it’s about the first where I’ve really thought, “I could live here,” and definitely has a lived-in feel once you’ve got all the bits and bobs in place. Like the “secrets” – nice touch. Thanks!

  9. I just don’t understand why they won’t release it in Finland since we don’t even need localization, every game that comes here is just the same english spoken game that everyone else gets in the USA or UK but guess I’ll have to blame the French and Germans for this mostly, damn dubber freaks, I have one game that’s totally in Finnish and I gotta say I HATE it (In games ofcourse, otherwise love the language), I’d prefer English thank you.

  10. Hope it gets on Xbox Live for Asia soon. And i don’t understand the thing about “English” versions and having to localize. I’m in Singapore, and 99% of the games here are in English. I’m quite sure our main language is English, and the “localized” English is supposed to be UK English, and its out in the UK, so why can’t i download the English version? Or does this have something to do with the NTSC-J and NTSC-U and the likes, like the games?

    Anyway i hope it gets out soon, and still has the 1 week free download. (read somewhere in the blog that the 1 week will still apply for localized versions, hope so.) Screenshots look great and features too! Can’t wait to get the Dwarven Forge and that combat trainer, seeing that i hardly even level up my Blade skill once by training manually since i got it to the 80s.

    Thanks and good job devs!

  11. Yeah all games are in english here. I don’t understund why isn’t it on the marketplace. Or is this intentional so we can’t get it for free and it comes later when it is not free anymore?

  12. i have recently beaten two worlds and when i saw that there was a new oblivion download out, i popped it right in and was amazed… it still stands the test of time… i love this game and it will probably go down as one of my favorites of all time… i have about 320 hours into it, done every quest and discovered every location and expliot i could… please grant me one wish… dont stop putting out downloadable content for this game… even little things like spell tomes and horse armor keeps it fresh… (shadowmere looks great in armor) these things keep the game fresh and alive for us “faithful” gamers… thanks ~ solkran

  13. let me just say, i was very wrong with my last post after playing it ten more min ***spoiler***
    i found the EXTRA stuff like the sword and such.

    ok now that that is out of the way, i think (and i know it is a lot to ask especaily with fallout 3 on the way) but i think you guys should realese a weekly quest for oblivion that are just little simple quests that dont even need new textures and stuff. but DLC for oblivion was much more than any other game had to offer and the game alone was soooo huge i can see why you guys want to stop. However i do think strongly that you guys should put the top ten PC mods in your opinions onto the market place, i do not know if this is possible with playdurism and such but with the concent of the makers who knows whats possilbe lol.

    also there are some things this castle needs: benches in the trophy room, and a secret entrace directly to the private quarters from the back.

    i am working on a mod this weekend to do so. =)

  14. yooo juss played the random mod and wow im so happy to find the lil lich person hiding away 😛 juss wonderinggg if any1 could tell me the script to make my person drink or something coz its cool 😛 peace

  15. Fighters Stronghold has now been released it Euorpe! (Iäve only checked sweden tough)
    This rocks, tough I havent played it yet
    Love you Beth!

  16. Theres a glitch with the fighters strong hold release (im in europe) everytime since that content has being added to my game , when i go to imperial city and the mystic emporian . the mystic emporian is locked past its opening time which and all thorugh the day and night and it just wont open up what so ever and ive waited and waited till opening time on alot of diffrent day in game time , and it just wont open unless i use a lock pick to get in , but that just gets me a bounty , but the shop keeper and the last from the wizards tower content are still there. just thought id give you the heads up on it. i like the fighters strong hold so far , apcept for that lil glitch.

  17. Ive the x-box360 version and thats the one the glitch is on , sorry for doing a second post , i forgot to mention i have it for the x-box360 in the first one.

  18. Yawn, big yawn. Kill some people, some people give me complete ownership of the castle for some reason, pimp castle, that’s it. Oblivion is the most half baked game ever.

  19. I bought shivering isles in singapore, does not load on uk ps3, why? gets to a screen saying replace origional oblivion disc and then crashes!

  20. Is it cos when the uk disc is released then psn will bring out a patch/update to fix? I thought that ps3 games were not region specific

  21. Lista

    You need a EU version of Shivering Isles for your PS3. Any other versions (US or elsewhere) will not be compatible.

    For Europe, we’ve only released Shivering Isles by way of the PS3 GOTY disc. When we have more details on how to get the expansion separately, we’ll let folks know here on the blog.

  22. my game keeps freezing whenever i try to fast travelto to the imperial city from the battlehorn castle