Now Shipping: Oblivion GotY PS3 and Shivering Isles 360 retail disc


Throughout North America both of these games will start showing up on store shelves as early as today. The Oblivion GotY Edition for PS3 includes the original game, plus the Shivering Isles expansion, plus Knights of the Nine (which was included in the original version of Oblivion PS3 as well).

The Shivering Isles disc for Xbox 360 comes with the Shivering Isles expansion plus Knights of the Nine for $29.99, so given that Shivering Isles is $30 on Xbox Live and Knights is $10, you get them both for less on the disc. I know folks have said they’d like all the other DLC on one disc, be it the Shivering Isles disc or the GotY disc, but in this case we wanted to provide the two most popular and requested items on a disc and do it for a reasonable price.

We didn’t want folks having to pay for all this extra stuff when all they really wanted was to play the big expansion, and we didn’t just want to give everything else away for nothing, so we felt like this was the best option for people who don’t have Live or didn’t want to download it. Reminder, you do need a hard drive to play Shivering Isles and Knights…a mem card won’t cut it.

For everyone in Europe, I’ve been told the news will be out tomorrow morning about Oblivion GotY PS3 and when it’s coming, and it looks like early next week for an announcement on the Shivering Isles 360 disc coming out over there as well. No update yet regarding my post last week about Shivering Isles coming as a standalone for PS3 in some from (disc, PSN, whatever). Progress is still be made, we still hope to have good news very soon.

Reader Comments

  1. After i am waiting for a downloadable shivering iles version for PS3 my words can´t say enough how disappointed i am abot bethe.. U guys realy got nerves how to threat costumors. One thinkg is for sure i will not by anymore produkts from u until u bring this update out for PS3 in let´s say… u hab a few years time before so lets say a week should be enough.

    Clear message by U : Bethesda don´t care about PS3

    Clear message by ME : I don´t care ´bout U and ur unworthy Games

  2. Please fix the vampirism glitch!!! It is completely asinine and game breaking! I don’t care about a single other glitch in this game, just fix it so I can keep playing!

  3. Hello Bethesda,

    I have run into this GOTY Bloodgrass glitch as well. I really hate being a vampire. I wish that I could cure it, but I can’t.
    Is there some sort of workaround other than buying/renting the original Oblivion game? I heard that works but I shouldn’t have to to do that… It really needs to be fixed by you and it disappoints me that this bug has not been resolved yet. Is there any plan in the works to fix this bug? Are you at least considering fixing it? You all could save some serious face if you responded to your customer’s cries for a patch for this annoying software error.
    I can tell that alot of love went into making this game. It’s really amazing, but this bug is killing me and others. If this game was my creation then I would be embarrassed that I haven’t fixed this Bloodgrass bug in a timely manner. I would even have worked after-hours to fix this error.
    This is a PR nightmare on your part. Please fix this and prove that you still take pride in the games you have created and that you respect your many loyal customers that spent their hard-earned money on your product. Until you do, I cannot and will not recommend any other future products that you create.

  4. I am sad to say that I too am now one of the multitudes of users who has encountered the bloodgrass bug.

    After reading through countless web sites in which users are reporting this, and just seeing the large number of users on this page mentioning it, I am quite surprised (and disappointed) that Bethesda is so late to actually fix it.

    As someone pointed out quite elegantly – it would be nice if we could play the game how we wanted to, and not have our entire gameplay experience dictated by a frigging bug.

    Oblivion is still an amazing game, but this experience (as well as various other performance related bugs I’ve encountered) has jaded my impression of Bethesda. So yeah, you could say that I will be much more skeptical going into Fallout 3 now. 🙁

  5. well i was so excited when the GOTY edition came out,i had beaten the shivering isles and had the shadowrend/Duskfang swords and the sheogorath robes and all of the spells but, when i was turned into a vampire and was doing the vampire cure quest the witch didn’t accept bloodgrass so i went on the internet to find out how to fix it. It said to rent an origonal copy of the game to fix it, so i did and when i put the game in i didn’t have any of the shivering isles data, i knew that would happen, but then after it fixed the bloodgrass bug and I put the GOTY edition back in, I STILL DIDN’T HAVE MY DATA FROM THE SHIVERING ISLES BACK! So i’m asking is there a way to either get the data back or restart the shivering isles data without restarting the whole game?

  6. I was going to buy Oblivion for my new PS3, but on checking the reviews on Gamespot, IGN, Amazon etc., and reading here to find out that the Vampire issue has still not been fixed I’ll spend my cash elsewhere. You can bet hundreds if not thousands are doing the same. Release a patch. When you do I’ll gladly buy the game.

  7. Dear gstaff, This game is one of the best games I’ve played, but i can’t enjoy it anymore because of the Vampire Cure glitch. We would all appreciate it if you would work on this glitch and keep us posted.

  8. I’m shocked and disappointed that the bloodgrass bug remains after this long. How hard is it to release a downloadable patch on the PS3 Network? You have the technology people!

  9. I have to agree, the bloodgrass glitch relating to the vampirism cure is quite a pain. It really gets you down when you’ve spent a good many hours on the game, became a vampire, then only to find out the quest is bugged.

    It would be nice to see a fix for this. I know some of people want the downloable content, but most of us really just hope for the bloodgrass fix.

  10. This is a jolly debate. Now, i find that, other than not being able to ‘wait’ in order to autosave and replenish my virtual mojo everytime i do something exhaustingly spectacular, there isn’t any major drawback to vampirism. I even quite like taste. But tell me this my coy ‘I’ll talk to the developers…mumble mumble’ GSTAFF friends, can i complete the bloody game if i play on as a vampire? If so, i shall spare myself a cerebral aneurysm and get on with it. If not, cerebral aneurysm it is. And on your own head be it… or in my own head, i should say.

  11. Hey gstaff,

    Upon further review and reflection of my comments that I posted on 07/07/08, I think I overreacted.
    I still think that it’s not good to have taken this long for a PS3 bloodgrass patch to come out for Oblivion(GOTY Ed.), however I was wrong to have acted so “holier than thou”. I could have made my point in a more dignified, more intelligent, and less childish way.
    If I offended you or any of the readers of this blog, I sincerely apologize.

    P.S. Please come out with a Bloodgrass patch for PS3 soon! Thanks.

  12. you guys really want to put people in a fury do you?


    You can complete the main quest as a vampire.

    @aerohead88 – If/when any updates come to Oblivion, I’ll let folks know.””

    it’s one thing not to release a patch, but don’t go and give answers to bloggers like this. I’ve been watching this blog for about six months now everyday with the hope of finding news of a release, only to find this answer. Bethesda, I’ll go ahead with other bloggers here and simply boycott your products. Hope you eventually see (when your sales go down) that wath keeps a company running is costumer support and service.

  13. Hi im here at philippines, ive been playing oblivion most of my time. I think we deserve some patch to correct this vampire bug. Its no fun to play my character almost at night time. I think my character deserve some tanning.. lol! please update us when you have the solution for this problem. Tnx!

  14. PSS went from one of the best games ever to a game that isn’t worth buying or playing. Pretty big glitch. They shouldn’t even have put being a vampire in the game, whats the point? All being a vampire is is a huge pain. You have to feed every night on blood and can’t play during day if u don’t.. Stupid move

  15. Christ…. What has it been now? 9 month? Im Seriosly annoyed at ……….. Blood f’N Grass It got me suspended from the mages guild JUST FIX IT!!!!

  16. Same here, the bloodgrass bug. Such a shame to ruin such a great game when a simple patch doesn’t seem such an investment of time and resources. Bethesda losing fame points on this. Strange move.

  17. Also angered at the Bloodgrass problem. How hard can it be? I stopped playing the game as soon as i read about it. If you’re not going to bother then why should I?

  18. Dear gstaff,

    Please add my name too to the Bloodgrass: Glitch of the Year MOB. 🙂

    Dear others: please understand the Bethesda surely very preoccupied by the releasing of Fallout 3. If the bloodgrass-bug disturbs you please use the known solutions, load older gameplay or borrow a standard Oblivion somehow (described detailed on ).

    I hope after the Fallout 3 release (and after corrected it’s major glitches :)) the Oblivion GOTY PS3 version got it’s patches too (because it’s deserve it). I know in this hasty times not easy to release a complex game without bugs.

    By the way anyone have information from Oblivion GOTY Platinum? It’s have the bloodgrass-glitch too?

  19. I am annoyed on behalf of those who are stuck as a vampire because of the complete lack of consideration that Bethesda has given.

    I have had a different problem with the game that involves the save games. I originally got Oblivion as a US version and then when I was on the verge of finishing, the GOTY edition is released. I buy the new one, an Australian version, and none of my old awesome save games will work.

    I realize that this is not the kind of problem that many will encounter, but seriously, what is the point of region coding save games. Surely it cant be that hard for them to fix all this rubbish with a downloadable update.

  20. Sideways11

    All content must be from the same region. Just as you can’t play Shivering Isles from the US PlayStation Store in other regions, save files won’t work either…sorry.

  21. Hey guys, is there any word on a fix for the vampire bug in the game yet? I’ve been holding off buying it until this problem has been fixed. Thanks.

  22. As a follow up to my own question, I actually did a lot of browsing and found an interesting solution. In the system menu on your PS3, change the language to French and try completeing the quest that way, then after you beat it, save your game and put your system back to English. If this is truly a wayaround it, it could be an error with the codes on the programmers part. But since I don’t own the game myself, I can’t try it out. So see if that works.

  23. gstaff, I have a bad feeling I know the answer to this but here goes. I have a character that I have been playing for several months (lots of time invested). The other day while playing I tried to load a previous save game to backup and try a section again and I would get to the loading screen and not progress. Unfortunately all of my previous save games (I was keeping multiple ones just in case) seem to all have the same problem. Is there any way to recover my character or any of these saves? How did they all get corrupted like this at the same time? The game appeared to be running fine when I tried to initially load the previous save. I have a couple of save games from another character that still load, but all of my saves for this one appear to have problems. This is on a PS3. Thanks for any help.

  24. this is appalling on Bethesdas behalf, still after all this lenght of time and ridiculous amount of posts from frustrated fellow gamers, there is no bloodgrass patch or even a note from Bethesda apologising for this faulty product. ive allways been a great fan of their games but am deeply dissapointed at this sheer contempt for loyal fans who fork out hard earned $$.
    im sick of playing “the vampire scrolls” as all i seem to do is spend my time running around trying not to be a vampire.
    GOSH !

  25. I left a post last night that seems to have been deleted. Is it that you guys allow us to say what we want as long as we don’t knock you to hard? I did not get vulgar or write anything that would offend anyone, I only spoke my mind as an unsatisfied customer. If you have intentionally deleted my post, then shame on you. The fix that your fans have been waiting for in regards to the bloodgrass bug is WAY over due, and you delete those responses that you feel are to hard on you? Maybe this post will get deleted as well, but I have a right to post it. Your game is fantastic, and that is why we are upset about the needed fix. But the time you have taken, and the lack of respect you show to your loyal fans by not addressing the issue in a timely manner, and choosing the posts that you feel are not to damning is terrible. Please, just address the problem so that we may continue to enjoy your product. Thank you.

  26. Um, yeah; lol. PS3, Bloodgrass. Maybe I’ll run to Blockbuster tomorrow to check if the original copy is in and actually works the glitch out. Sadly, I just purchased this game (GOTY), and after a google search I found this long list of complaints for the same subject. I spent so many hours collecting garlic etc, and just when I thought I made it to the end of vampirism, I realize I actually didn’t. So yeah; people still care and come to this blog and I’m amazed at how long this has been going on.

  27. Help! Martin will not follow me into the Temple District to light the dragonfires. I’m pretty annoyed with this seeing how many hours I put into the game and I can’t even finish it. Can someone please tell me a way around this? Thanks.

  28. Hi, I’ll make it quick. I bought the GOTY Oblivion w/ shivering isles and knights of the nine. Everything worked fine until i went to the shivering isles. I entered the gate, and after that, the only thing that anyone i approach allowes me to speak about it “rumors” and “the Prophet” thats it. I searched around abit and found the gate keeper, and about 6 men in armor around the gate keeper not moving at all. I tried to speak to the guys in armor and it said “character has no introduction”…….I decided to wait an hour….then everyone died in the armor and a quest poped up telling me to talk to the people about the gate keeper before messing with him. But nobody will talk to me. I’ve fought the gatekeeper for about 2 hours and nothing. I know I should have killed him by now. I looked on you tube for footage of the gate keeper, and it is totally different. People interact with you and the gate keeper dies after about 10 minutes. This is an american version of GOTY edition for xbox 360. A response would be appreciated, thank you.

  29. Well, it looks like I’m not the only one with a problem… I invested over 100 hours of gameplay into my character, and all of a sudden, I can’t play for more then 1 minute without the game freezing and having to completely reboot my PS3. I’ve tried every fix I can find online, and nothing works. All saves for this character are now corrupted. I loved this game… key word being “loved”. I have decided to no longer play ANY Bethesda games unless they decide to stand behind their products and release a fix for the many problems on this long list of complaints.

  30. A litle bit dramatic email I sent Bethesda months ago, just to add my voice to the chorus above:

    “Some months ago I bought my PS3 and together with it a game that I was wishing to play for quite some time: Oblivion GOTY (and believe that wasn’t cheap here in Brazil, it took me some months saving my salary)! I’ve played the other Elder Scrolls and wanted to know how they would look in the new generation consoles!
    I’ve played for several hours and it began crashing, so I found your site, read your FAQs and started the game over with another character following the tips I found in your site.
    I did all this and suddenly, after more than 200 hours playing, all my 4 save games went corrupt! I found too that in this version there was a bug and I couldn’t complete the cure vampirism quest, and a lot of Little bugs things here and there (but those ones didn’t pissed me of, since I’m a programmer myself and know that a huge game like this isn’t a simple thing to create especially in multiple platforms)!
    The game has been out for quite some time now and I don’t hear news about patches to correct those problems, that’s a shame for a company that year after year is winning the RPG of the year (and I really love your games, they are very immersing)! I was willing to buy the FallOut 3, but after getting many days of game play thrown out into “oblivion” I’ve changed my mind, since the same problems should happen in the FallOut game too. I’m eagerly waiting for some patches… If they come I will surely keep buying your games…
    There really won’t be any patches for the PS3 Oblivion GOTY?

    Thanks! I’m waiting for your answer! And sorry for my bad English (and if it’s not so bad I should thank you guys playing your games really taught me a lot)!

    Ps. If you are needing help, I could help you correcting those problems (I love “bug hunting” and am a developer myself), just give-me a call and hire me!”

    Bethesda answer:

    “We are aware of this issue, and it has been entered into our database. At this time, there are no planned updates at this stage for any version of Oblivion. Please check the website for any announcements if/when that changes. The game can be successfully completed without finishing this particular quest.”

    No comments… just hope!

  31. Some months ago I bought my PS3 and together with it a game that I was wishing to play for quite some time: Oblivion GOTY (and believe that wasn’t cheap here in Brazil, it took me some months saving my salary)! I’ve played the other Elder Scrolls and wanted to know how they would look in the new generation consoles!
    I’ve played for several hours and it began crashing, so I found your site, read your FAQs and started the game over with another character following the tips I found in your site.
    I did all this and suddenly, after more than 200 hours playing, all my 4 save games went corrupt!

    This problems shoudn’t get so long to be fixed in a company that won so many “Game of the year!” prizes. Waiting for the fix…

  32. Vampirism cure on PS3 hit me as well. I avoided it for an entire year and have beaten every main aspect of the game up until the Dark Brotherhood, when it came time for the “cleansing” the Vincent guy infected me. I came here looking for a patch and to my suprise, there isn’t one. Add me to the MOB.

  33. Still no patch for bloodgrass bug? It looks like bethesda dont really care about the ps3.I was going to get fallout 3 but cant take a chance in case its as buggy as oblivion GOTY. Time to start caring about your customers bethesda!

  34. dear gstaff

    will there be a patch for ps3 oblivion game of the year? to fix the bloodgrass? if not i need to sell my game

  35. Hi I just have a query regarding the ‘infamous’ vampire glitch is it still present on the platinum version of the game on the ps3 as i have recently bought this. I also have to admit after playing this on my ps3 and having previously owned it on the 360 i was pleasantly surprised in how much better graphically this version was. Please help me out with my query as i have tried to look around and haven’t found an answer.

  36. Are you guys ever gonna do anything about this bug? or should I just give up hope for any patch and just play some other game

  37. Really disappointed with regards to the vampire bug on PS3. Surely Bethesda must realise how much harm they are doing to their image in the PS3 community? Still perhaps they’re satisfied with how much profit they make on other platforms, I for one won’t be parting with any more cash…

  38. Seriously guys, this vampirism bug is not nearly as serious as you’re making out. Bethesda certainly don’t consider it to be a show-stopper, or they would have fixed it!

    As long as you take a few simple precautions, you can play many hours of vampirism-free Oblivion.

    1. Make sure you always have some sort of “Cure Disease” capability in your inventory – either a spell or potion (or ingredients to make such a potion).
    2. If you get infected with the “Porphyric hemophilia” disease, cure it with your Cure Disease capability. Do this before 72 game hours pass. After 72 hours (and sleep) you will become a Vampire.++
    3. If you are fighting a number of vampires in a short space of time (eg. in a single dungeon), it is enough to cure your porphyric hemophilia after killing all of the vampires. Don’t waste your potions curing the disease after each individual vampire.

    Using these guidelines, you will never actually become a vampire and therefore will never encounter the bug in the vampirism cure quest. I played PS3 Oblivion GotY for 140 hours and have contracted Porphyric Hemophilia many times, but my character has never become a vampire.

    If you do somehow still manage to become a vampire, why not accept your fate and continue on? Vampires in Oblivion are seriously powerful creatures – you might discover that it can be fun to play as one.

    ++ Note: 1 minute real time = 30 minutes game time, so 72 hours game time is 2 hours and 24 minutes long (assuming you don’t wait, sleep or fast travel). That should be plenty of time for you to track down a “Cure Disease” potion or spell. You can also cure it by praying at a chapel altar.

    For more information, read here:

  39. Yeah but still, reading this fact on numerous sites is very disconcerting and appaling.

    I myself was thinking of getting Fallout 3 GotY Edition but I’m thinking more critically of it. If Bathesda refuses (or if Sony somehow has forbid them to make a patch available to fix as many issues as possible, which isn’t likely) then what about Fallout 3 GotY Edition with it’s even bigger amount of extra content conflicting with the main game and other expansions/add-ons. Although I have read that there actually is a patch for the PS3 version of Fallout 3 and I guess they (hopefully) will continue with them for that installment if/when needed. I highly doubt (although I suppose it’s not impossible) that Sony has forbidden patches/fixes for their console software. I would like to think that, such as GotY Editions for games (and Greatest Hits, such as this is now, no less) Sony would encourage to share things that would/will improve gameplay and allow all the main Oblivion, KotN and SI quests on PC and X-Box to be available and completeable (or at least decently) on the PS3 also. Hopefully this would apply to all games, as well as the Bethesda released titles.

    However even though it’s a couple of years after the release of Oblivion GotY Edition, it would be nice for them to officially address it with something (like a good patch) other than a suggestion of having to rent or borrow one to get past that glitch/bug. I purchased a brand new, factory sealed copy of Oblivion GotY Edition for PS3 a few days ago and was really entushed. Now though, after doing a bit more research I’m leaning towards feeling like we’ve been/still are ignored, disrespected, underappreciated and disapointed. I’m wondering what other bugs may be lurking in our (seemingly inferior and disregarded) PS3 version. I fear that if there are any more significant enough bugs and if they do happen to crawl into view, they may not be exterminated.

    Kuddos though to great visuals, content, vastness, sound and so on. Now please, please, please have patches for your popular (past, present and future) games on ALL platforms/consoles. If you would do this it would be greatly appreciated and I would likely purchase future titles without such hesitance, and not be seriously considering returning them. This copy of Oblivion GotY edition is not readily availbe for purchase where I live, therefor was not very quick and easy to come by. I would rather not return it if I were more confident it would run as smoothly as it should. This would be greatly improved (for all, especially PS3) with current and consistently updated patches/fixes and be aided by giving much better technical support in general.

    In closing, it’s kind of a shame that a game that has received very many reviewers and fans in general sing it’s high praises, has such a flaw that, thus far can’t be smoothed over without having to obtain (temporarily or permanently) another copy.

    Thank you for your time and attention . Peace to all. Later. 🙂

  40. @Hooowwwler: I hear your concerns, and I shared them when I first started reading about Oblivion online, after I started playing the PS3 GotY version.

    I got over it though – there was really no need to worry! Oblivion is such a fantastic game, and you’ll get many many hours of enjoyment out of it, even with the very slight amount of extra care you need to take to ensure you don’t become a vampire. You don’t even encounter vampires for 98% of the game anyway! And if you never become a vampire, you’ll never have to obtain a copy of the original release.

    There’s no point asking for a PS3 Oblivion patch. If I recall, Bethesda are basically a one-team company – they only work on one game at a time. It’s very unlikely they will return to work on bug fixes for Oblivion for any platform.

    As for Fallout 3, I also have this for PS3, and several patches have been released for it. Bethesda even added trophy support after release, and will soon be releasing the DLC that was previously XBox360/PC exclusive.

  41. To Matt: Thank you kindly for your polite and friendly response. 🙂

    To some, such as your polite self, I imagine it is very easy to overlook. I suppose it isn’t the hugest dilemma in gaming history, but man does it ever suck! I’m just saying that the option should be there for people who want to complete all quests as much as possible (in orders of their choosing) and should they want to become part of the undead family they should have the right to do so without borrowing (or the Gods forbid) having to temporarily rent or actually have to purchase another copy of the original edition. I suppose another way could be to locate and buy the original and just get the expansion on a seperate disc and installing it at a later time. It’s just very frustrating that this seemed to be overlooked after it’s been pointed out quite a while back.

    To summarize it’s a blemish on what I am to understand (while having a few glitches/bugs) is a wonderous experience. I guess with a game as complex and grandiose minor ones are to be expected but I hope these are far better addressed for Fallout 3 for the PS3 (and hopefully still may be addressed for Oblivion GotY in the near future.)

    I’ve read of another option though. Do you know, for say Canadian residents and abroad, if changing the system language to a foreign language, such as French would work? Thus help solve, and ultimately bypassing this particular refusal of bloodgrass/permanent vampire glitch. I do really want to keep this game, but I’m weighing options here.

    Thank you, and everyone else kindly for your time and attention. Peace to all. Later. 🙂

  42. Sorry for any bad grammar and spelling that may have made it a bit more challenging to read. I think I spotted a run-on or two. I hope the spelling was overall, very sufficient as well. Peace to all once again. Later. 🙂