Now Shipping: Oblivion GotY PS3 and Shivering Isles 360 retail disc


Throughout North America both of these games will start showing up on store shelves as early as today. The Oblivion GotY Edition for PS3 includes the original game, plus the Shivering Isles expansion, plus Knights of the Nine (which was included in the original version of Oblivion PS3 as well).

The Shivering Isles disc for Xbox 360 comes with the Shivering Isles expansion plus Knights of the Nine for $29.99, so given that Shivering Isles is $30 on Xbox Live and Knights is $10, you get them both for less on the disc. I know folks have said they’d like all the other DLC on one disc, be it the Shivering Isles disc or the GotY disc, but in this case we wanted to provide the two most popular and requested items on a disc and do it for a reasonable price.

We didn’t want folks having to pay for all this extra stuff when all they really wanted was to play the big expansion, and we didn’t just want to give everything else away for nothing, so we felt like this was the best option for people who don’t have Live or didn’t want to download it. Reminder, you do need a hard drive to play Shivering Isles and Knights…a mem card won’t cut it.

For everyone in Europe, I’ve been told the news will be out tomorrow morning about Oblivion GotY PS3 and when it’s coming, and it looks like early next week for an announcement on the Shivering Isles 360 disc coming out over there as well. No update yet regarding my post last week about Shivering Isles coming as a standalone for PS3 in some from (disc, PSN, whatever). Progress is still be made, we still hope to have good news very soon.

Reader Comments

  1. Hey i have a problem. When i put the disc 2 in xbox, nothing happens. it just says unplayable disc.!??
    How do i install disc 2?
    oh and i have the GOTY version

  2. Hello,
    GOTY Edition on PS3;

    I’m lvl 25 or so and collected all the materials for the vampire cure. And came across the glitch, I’ve tried the “Deutsch” German language trick but it would only work on European consoles. I can’t afford to buy the regular version of the game to work around the glitch that way. With DLC available on PSN, can an update be released?

    Thank you,

    After I beat this game 100% I can save up for Fallout3!

  3. havent got the PS3 GoTY oblivion but i’m going to get it. i heard it was fabulous. cant wait to see the shivering isles expansion. ill write again after playing.

    -Oblivion Take You All.

  4. OMG!!!! I played Oblivion for the PC, no vampire glitch…. I Buy it for the PS3, yeah you guessed it….GLITCH!!!! I love this game, I have tried the PS3 menu language trick…. Nope! Didn’t work! I tried the original copy trick. Still nothing!! I understand that you can play and beat the main quest as a vampire, but what is the fun in having to constantly buy scrolls, potions, use the duplication trick? I think if this was a real company who respected their gamers, you would fix this terrible bug.
    Us gamers make your paychecks, without us, you wouldn’t have a company to run! Please fix this bug and listen to your customers. We as gamers don’t want to trash ona company, but with this many pleas for help, and cries for a remedy of the bugs, we cannot ignore being disrespected by not having this fixed or just getting the silent treatment. Please fix the bug and give us a ray of hope as we all on here love this game… I mean, look at the comments!!!

  5. Man I was jacked for skyrim, but if I have to pay $10 to rent a different version of a game i already own just to give some old broad a patch of grass so i can see daylight again w/o restarting my character, then i dont think i can hand any more of my money over to Bethesda.

  6. if this is the real blog for bethesda, ive read most of your comments all excited about this game but, WTF!! why is it sutch half ass. Its full of glitches and bugs and problems that im guessing can be fixed with a patch. I Mean I paid for the game just like everyone ealse did, but it seems none of you guys are pissed off that a game company that has come out with sutch bad ass titles and series like fall out and obivion, Dont Get Me Wrong I Am A Big Fan Of Both, BUT I MEAN WTF IS THIS I PAID FOR A GAME THATS HAS PROBLEMS I MEAN WHOS DECISION WAS IT TO SELL A GAME THAT DOESNT WORK RIGHT I WANT A PATCH!!!!!!. or A Reimbersment!!, Come On Now!!! Skyrim Better Be Good Enof For Me Not To Care that Oblivion 4 sucks but im guessing that it will be shitty and full of bugs jus like #4 was, I’m asking for a response and wont quit at this tell i get one from the company, ive emailed you and will continue to bomb on blog sites thank you for your time if your reading this