Kvatch Reborn

With Fighter’s Stronghold being the final piece of the downloaded content we’re providing for Oblivion, the hopes of many that we would one day rebuild the city of Kvatch can be put to rest. Wipe away those tears though, as our modding community has taken upon themselves to resurrect the popular city.

Above is one of many videos showing the Giskard’s “Kvatch Aftermath” mod, which beautifully restores the city back to how it was before the gates of Oblivion opened. Keep in mind this is an earlier version of the mod. To download the latest version to your PC, you can visit here.

Reader Comments

  1. Yes, Kvatch Aftermath is definitely a great mod, and with Kvatch rebuilt almost released, there’s really no reason to mourn the fact that Kvatch never got ‘officially’ rebuilt;)

  2. You know that you really should never, ever start a blog post with that heading (particularly on the official blog), right Gstaff? 😉

  3. I never cared much for a DLC recreating Kvatch. Instead I was actually hoping for an official patch that would add lycanthropy and werewolves to the game. Ah well…at least you guys can add it from the get go in Elder Scrolls V!

  4. Grrr….suddenly I hate my 360 version. Having the patch put in that takes the glitches away (at least the money ones) was bad enough. Now I don’t get to see the new Kvatch unless I feel like putting another $30 down and I don’t….blahhhh

  5. Yeah, but what you can do is delete the GOTY downloadable content, then use the original Oblivion game disk and play on that, get whatever you want glitched. They redownload the GOTY content. That way you have all that you need and you still get the extra content (which im not too impressed with:(

  6. Hi is there any way we can change Bethesda’s mind about making a Expansion pack of Rebuilding Kvatch for 360 or Playstation it would be nice to have it for my 360. Thanks

  7. why cant the 360 version have an expansion pack for kvatch being rebuild all you would have to do is make a cd that has kvatch rebuilt on like the GOTY version just download kvatch being rebuilt from a cd onto the 360 how hard can it be also it isnt very fair that only the pc’s can have kvatch rebuilt and get their city when all us 360’s get is a burned up town.

  8. I wish people would stop complaining that the PC people have an edge over the 360/PS3 people. Newsflash: the PC community will ALWAYS have an edge as far as mods go. Always. If you want it that badly, just buy the PC version of Oblivion then download this mod. Simple… as… that.

  9. you guys should really make kavatch a official plug in cause like many people who dont have a good pc and cant run oblivion and have it for 360 stop telling us to get the rebuild mod not all of us have pcs and cant have mods make it for the 360 market place its unfair it was my favorite town ever and it never gets rebuild it just rubble on fire u should have made it bravil that place sucks kavatch had an arena so stop working on fallout3 its finshed surely more people like oblivion more than fallout3 at my last request just work one more time on oblivion and make kavatch rebuilt a plug in im sick of looking at its rubble crying for it plzzz respond and also make necromancy guild for it

  10. someone make kavach a damn plug in for kavatch rebuilt i dont have a good pc not enough ram or memory so i cant have mods for my 360 no offinse but why would u make the best city in the game get burned turn down that is really gay u cant even become a count on that game im fitted to be one i have unlimeted money cause i used the skull of corrupion to make some clone me until i had 10000000000000 billion gold but the point is stop working on fallout 3 make the plug in for the 360 people we cant have mods and stop telling us to get the mod for pc u guys have more plug ins for fallout3 than oblivion everyone i know likes oblivion better all the 360 people get is a great citys ashes make plz and make a necromaner guild i love necromancy make the damn city rebuilt

  11. it enen had unique doors gates and a purple bed make it as a plug in kavatch rebuilt official mod could make a lot of money make it its what the 360 people want