PS3 Game of the Year headed to Europe


With the PS3 release of Oblivion Game of the Year now in stores here in the US, we’ve been getting plenty of questions and comments as to when/if it will ship in Europe. Pete pointed out in a comment yesterday that MCV and other sites have the press release announcement that Ubisoft bringing the game to Europe this December.

Let the (final) countdown begin!

Reader Comments

  1. Clearly off-topic but Europe’s drummer is from my small hometown and went to the school I’m going to now. 😀

    I just had to say that. Now, I’ll join Shades: Dah-dah-dah DAH!

  2. where the hell is it then? Its now february and I havent seen it in the shops. Why dont you just hurry up abd release shivering isles on the eu psn? Then pretty much everyone waiting for GOTY won’t have to bother….. GOTY is a rip off, pure and simple.

  3. Shivering Isles. PS3. Expansion Disk. Europe. Do these words make any sense if combined into a sentence together with ‘when’ ‘does’ and ‘for’? Yes. Good, then perhaps someone, somewhere will let us know because everything I’ve read so far has said ‘North America this’ and ‘GOTY that’ blah blah blah. OK so most Americans aren’t really aware that London is in England and not the other way round, and when we talk about football it’s the sport that uses spherical balls and we use our ‘foot’ to kick it with nearly all the time and we’re not talking about gridiron, but you take our money off us when we like your products so you might as well give us an answer somewhere. OK Rant over! So please tell us please.

  4. HI
    i might buy this for ps3… but only on the grounds i can import my saved characters from the original..
    can this be done?

  5. A trailer for SI was was released on the EU PSN last thursday…..Doe this mean it’s coming soon? If so, when exactly is “soon” and how much will it be?